The God Virus


Volume 4 - Chapter 208: True Skin Conversion

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Chapter 208: True Skin Conversion

As the temperature of his skin began to decrease, Virus chuckled in contentment before phrasing, "Haha… finally, I've broken through to the initial phase of the True Skin Conversion!"

"Lil Belle, let's rest for a short while before proceeding. You can stop now." Saying this, Virus stood up before walking toward his clothes as he started wearing them temporarily.

Seeing him abruptly stand up, the golden beauty was obviously startled before promptly closing her eyes, then she questioned, "Master… you said [True Skin Conversion]… moreover, the ma.s.sage targets your skin, previously I didn't ask about this since the situation seemed urgent. But why is the first level related to the skin… could it be you need to break through ten times like the previous stage? That would need a lot of time, no?"

Looking at the golden beauty whose eyes remained closed, Virus let out a grin of amus.e.m.e.nt before replying, "Hehe, actually… it's not ten levels anymore. Because unlike the Purifying Stage, the Corporeal Tempering Stage is systematic… so the adjustments my past world could make to this stage was very limited."

"Then… how many levels are there in this stage?" She inquired in doubt and curiosity.

"Hmm… it's a bit complicated. But you could say there are only five levels. Though it's not exactly that either. Anyway, you'll understand later." Putting his finger under his chin, Virus proclaimed in a deep tone.

Hearing the response, the golden beauty was clearly confused by his ambiguous response. So, somewhat frustrated, she wondered, 'I'm so lost. What's that supposed to mean...? Is it five levels or not?'

"Oh… right… the first three levels are respectfully called, [True Skin Conversion], [Altering The Flesh], and [Viscera Renewal]." Remembering that he was previously going to tell her the name of the three foremost levels of Corporeal Tempering Stage, he added further.

"Hmm… I see. Alright, you can rest now, master. I'll go cook something tasty for you." Uttering this, turning around, she left the room for the time with a half-smile at the corner of her mouth.




After a short rest, once again, they resumed the ma.s.saging session and just like that, two hours later, the surface of Virus' body's temperature began to increase for a very short moment before he finally experienced a minor leap from the initial phase to the middle phase of the True Skin Conversion Level.

Thus, clearly jubilant, a row of pleasant white teeth displayed itself as Virus exclaimed in glee, "Haha… True Skin Conversion, mid-phase… if it continues like this, I'm going going to breakthrough to Altering The Flesh level in at most a day!"

"Ah… master… your skin just got a lot softer!" Greatly shocked to an exaggerated degree, the golden beauty's shouted the next moment.

Letting out a peal of amused laughter, Virus began elaborating on that, "Haha… of course, with each small leap, the skin's quality increases to a noticeable degree! You wouldn't notice most of these changes happening to me since the external appearance of my skin was already in its optimum shape prior to now, though that's only in appearance and internally, my skin's quality is also like a normal person's skin. Anyway, if a middle-aged woman was practicing this True Skin Conversion Stage instead of me… most of her wrinkles would've disappeared by now and she would've transformed to how she looked at her prime age. One of the reasons why this happens is because the extracellular matrix increase-" By the end of his explanations, Virus suddenly paused as he realized that the golden beauty's eyes were burning intensely while she stared at his skin with an odd light that was yelling 'I'm so jealous!'. So in mirth, Virus shook his head helplessly as he thought, 'She's a woman by a true definition, alright?'

"Let's continue." Afterward, vocalizing this prompt, Virus began the rotation of the [Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution] once again. The moment he revolved this method to a complete cycle a few hours ago was the moment he successfully broke through to the initial phase of the True Skin Conversion level as he officially crossed the threshold and entered the Corporeal Tempering Stage. Now, with every full rotation, the duration required for each complete cycle decreased by a small margin while it also got a bit easier to revolve the method.

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However, before he could finish that notion pa.s.sing through his head, it was interrupted by the astounded golden beauty who exclaimed, "Ah… master! Your skin's like a baby's now… it's so soft… but oddly, it highlights the charming and manly demeanor of your muscles even further now…"

"Give me a knife." However, without responding to her exclamation at all, wearing a broad smile, he threw a seemingly random request her way.

"Uh? Okay… please wait." Although she didn't quite understand why he needed a knife all of a sudden, she did as she was told and promptly brought a knife over quietly.

However, what she witnessed next left her dumbfounded as she let out a worried exclamation, "Ah! Master!"

This happened because the moment Virus received the sharp knife, without any hesitations whatsoever, he sent a direct slash at the palm of his right hand!

Unfortunately, this was not the end of her being surprised silly as what she witnessed next made her feel a bit more speechless… because she realized there were no wounds on his master's palm! Not even a scratch!

"Wow… master! How is this possible? Is your skin very hard now? But I clearly just felt it… it was so soft!!! Um… could it be because it's now extremely elastic?" At first, she didn't understand what was happening with his master's skin. However, after using the scientific knowledge she had at hand, she was able to immediately arrive to the most possible conclusion.

"Haha… even I'm surprised by this result to be honest! Yes, you've almost arrived at the right conclusion, though it's not complete. The knife can't cut me because my skin's now abnormally stretchy and elastic. But that's not all… because other than it getting very stretchy and soft… it's also a lot harder than before. Hmm, how should I put this... let's just say it has retained its softness while also increasing in its hardness. Just think of this extraordinary outcome which goes against the norm as a result of cultivating." He explained in the simplest way he could. At the same time, internally, he was processing everything in deep shock, 'How could this be? The hardness of my skin increased and astonis.h.i.+ngly… it got softer! Not just that… my strength also seems to have improved a bit… could it be…'

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