The God Virus


Volume 4 - Chapter 207: A Decision Made

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Chapter 207: A Decision Made

'Hmm, the first one simply doesn't catch my eyes… it's just an ordinary one among the Corporeal Tempering Stage's techniques.' Looking at the first one, he immediately rejected it as his line of sight dropped on the second one on the hovering list in front of him, 'Hmm… a golden body? First of all, I don't want my body to become golden like Buddha's statue… secondly, according to my data, even though the influence isn't to a great extent, I believe techniques with the word Buddha or other similar terms in them progress the best when they're utilized by extremely righteous people… and I simply don't believe I fit that criterion, so… denied.'

As his eyes fell on the third one, he began the contemplation, '[Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution]… hmm, it was found in some destroyed planet's ancient site by our own people… no one has ever practiced it since it's risky and there is literally no information regarding it other than it's mysterious revolving method's name, and so, the other cultivators always chose another dragon technique rather than risking themselves by trying this… so the introduction or the rough grade can't be relied upon or trusted at all… let's put that aside for now and check the other techniques before considering further…'

'Let's directly discard the fourth one too since I don't want to be beaten black and blue all the time just to get a bit stronger… it's just too much of a ha.s.sle in exchange for rather ordinary results. Although it would be able to make my body's defense much better...' With a slight frown, he directly proceeded to the following options as he no longer bothered with it.

'[Divine G.o.d Physique] and [Bodily Qi a.s.similation Technique]… hmm, by far they are the most eye-catching ones among the six results. Both of them mainly increase the strength of the body and also seemingly improve the physique itself by a slight margin…' As his lips were pressed together, he pondered with a serious expression appearing on his face.

Finally arriving at this point where he had to consider all of the remaining candidate techniques in order to pick the best one with the most potential among them, he continued, 'Number 3, 5, and 6 remains… so, I have to choose between the mysterious [Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution], the exaggerated [Divine G.o.d Physique], and the luxurious resource burning [Bodily Qi a.s.similation Technique]… before making a decision, first, I should compare their methods of… eh?' The moment he made the decision to study the methods recorded inside each technique, Virus had already looked through them a few times. However, the reason why he abruptly stopped his deliberation was that among the three techniques, there was something very odd about one of them that piqued his interest immensely.

Thus, with dilated pupils, he thought, 'Both [Divine G.o.d Physique] and [Bodily Qi a.s.similation Technique] begin their starting point of rotation from the stomach itself since it would be significantly helpful in case the cultivator consumes particular resources as it would aid in digesting those materials which would then help bring their energies to a specific part of the body in order to have a special effect…'

After a short pause, shaking his head, he resumed his deep deliberation, 'No… it's not just them… almost every other Corporeal Tempering Stage technique follows the same pattern at their beginning point since that's the most rational route that has the best results…'

'However, this [Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution] is… different! It actually begins its revolution from the heart!? That doesn't make any sense at all! And, it basically seems to go against the mainstream completely. Not only that, but the other parts of the revolution is also strange and entirely divergent from the rest of the techniques… why? Could it be that the Techniques with the term 'Dragon' in them follows this…' At this point, he had already begun going through thousands of different techniques which contained the word 'Dragon' in them, like the [Golden Dragon Scales Imitation] or the [Blood Dragon's b.l.o.o.d.y Figure]. However, to his surprise, soon he realized none of them began from the heart!

"Hmm… truly mysterious." Without realizing, he muttered these words out loud, while a strange light was burning in his eyes.

"What… what did you say, master?" The golden beauty who was still ma.s.saging the back of his body was startled out of her own world hearing her master suddenly mumble something. A moment later, for some unknown reasons, her face flushed deeply as she promptly distanced her jade-like fragile-looking hands from his master's bottom.

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"Uh, nothing. Please continue, Lil Belle. You're doing a fantastic job!" Realizing he had lost control for a moment, he responded with a half-smile before sinking into his own thoughts once again.

'Anyway, let's begin the initial revolution.' As this notion pa.s.sed through his head, his eyes were closed as he began to concentrate at the interior world of his body with his own unique awareness.

'Hmm, actually, successfully revolving any of these methods for the very first time are tens of times easier since I have a huge advantage over other cultivators… my sense of awareness!' Actually, Virus' distinctive awareness was of great a.s.sistance to him at the moment because he could clearly sense everything that was happening inside his own body and that simple fact decreased the difficulty of revolving the technique for the first time by multiple times. This was also the phase the other cultivators struggled the most since they were as blind as bats at first and that resulted in them committing a lot of mistakes.

By now, as a result of the golden beauty's exceptional ma.s.saging method, Virus' skin had grown a lot warmer. This was the aftermath of a slight amount of the Synchronous Transformations Crystal's potency gathering on the surface of his body. However, after the revolution of the [Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution] started, his skin's heat began to shoot up to the point that if Bella was an ordinary person, her hands would've been burnt by now!

Finally, at this moment…


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