The God Virus


Volume 4 - Chapter 206: Six Results

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Chapter 206: Six Results

"Let's get to work!" Uttering this, he continued, "Call the Island ugly over, I require some things first."

"Yes, master." Promptly, the golden beauty disappeared before returning in around ten minutes.

"Master, please state your orders." Bowing respectfully, the Island ugly said.

Seeing them back, Virus took off his pitch-black ring from the finger of his left hand as he looked at the small crack on it for a moment, 'That attack from the guest elder was too much and it even resulted in my ring cracking…' As this notion went through his head, he extended his left hand and offered the currently defected ring to the Island ugly while mouthing, "Here, take this and fix it as soon as possible."

"Yes, master." Taking the ring obediently, the Island ugly said.

"Also, I need to use the spare White-Ray Device for a moment… lead me to it." Virus stated further.

"Yes, master. Please follow me." Heeding the command, the Island ugly turned around as he began to stroll out of the room.

"Let's go, Lil Belle."

"Eh, master… you need to use the WRD again? Why?" She asked in doubt.

"I need to inject the Synchronous Transformations Crystal directly into my heart… and currently, WRD is the safest tool that can inject it directly into my heart without damaging it." Virus explained patiently as he stood up.

"Ah… okay, let's go."




Around ten minutes later, all three of them were standing in front of the spare WRD at the First Floor of the Underground World of the island.

Seeing the Island ugly standing there without moving at all, Virus reminded, "Okay… Island ugly, you can leave now, go fix the ring in the meantime."

"Ah, yes…" Feeling a bit awkward, the Island ugly left the vicinity at once.

After he left, walking beside the WRD, Viurs inserted the syringe to a specific entry in the WRD as he proclaimed, "I will make it so you can watch what's happening inside my body throughout the process…"

"Eh, why-" She was about to question the reason behind this particular action when she was interrupted with a chuckling Virus, "You will understand soon enough. Also, although with these many worker robots around, there won't be any dangers threatening me… still, be careful and don't let anyone disturb me while I'm inside."

"Yes, please rest a.s.sured master." With that special resolve starting to burn inside her eyes, she agreed.

Afterward, laying down inside the WRD, Virus closed its cap. A few seconds later, a hovering 3D screen displaying the interior s.p.a.ce inside Virus' body showed up.

At the same time, tens of needles, which were even thinner than a strand of hair, began to move by themselves as they directly p.r.i.c.ked Virus' heart.

Instantly, all of the needles began to simultaneously inject that colorless liquid into Virus' heart to the very same spot.

The next moment, all of the liquid were emptied into a particular spot inside his heart to the very last drop. However, shockingly, the instant all of the liquids joined together and made contact with his blood inside Virus' heart, it began to solidify and a second later, it turned into a crystallized form!

"Ahh…" Watching all of this from outside, the golden beauty was startled and worried at first as she thought something had gone wrong in the process of injecting the Synchronous Transformations Crystal into his master's heart. However, as she pondered about it a little more, promptly, a light turned on above her head as she understood what was going on, "Oh, so that's why it's t.i.tled as the Synchronous Transformations 'Crystal'… I see. So that's what master meant all along." Heaving a sigh of relief, she mumbled to herself before continuing, "But… will it stay like that inside master's heart? Won't it be dangerous?"

At this moment, the process was quickly finished as the door of the coffin-like WRD was pushed open as Virus raised into a sitting position. A few minutes pa.s.sed, but Virus was still sitting in that frozen state as if he was deeply contemplating something.

In the meantime, inside Virus' mind, 'Ah, it's wonderful! I feel like every cell inside my body's being energized… like I'm immersed in a hot spring after a day filled with hards.h.i.+ps and fatigue.'

"Master? Are you okay?" Seeing her master stay quiet for a long time, the golden beauty began to grow worried once again as she muttered anxiously.

"Huh… I'm fine… actually, I'm feeling great. Let's return to our room now." After that, as they were strolling back to their own private s.p.a.ce, they happened to into the Island ugly, "Great, I was just about to summon you again… good thing you're here."

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"Please pa.s.s your orders master."

'Now… let's remove those with no potential according to their description.' Thinking this, the number of techniques was reduced substantially once again as the remaining number was… 87,210.

'Let's also remove those techniques that are not suitable to the properties of the Synchronous Transformations Crystal, of course after also considering the special attributes of the Brisk Balance Fruit… hmm… so many were deleted… only 1,089 remains. Although the ranking of each technique was roughly given by our own world itself… let's eliminate the low or mid-grade ones too…' Looking at the final result after going through this elimination session, Virus realized there were only six techniques remaining.

〈1. Five Diamonds Bodywork 〉

『Introduction: This is an ancient technique specifically utilized in the Corporeal Tempering Stage. It is rumored that if it's trained to the fifth level of the Corporeal Tempering Stage, one's bones' hardness will be close to the hardness of the diamond itself, but due to its difficulty in exercising this technique, there was never a successful case for this particular one. Rough Grade according to the criteria of the Technology Civilization: High.』

〈2. Buddha Corporeal Destruction 〉

『Introduction: This is a body strengthening technique invented by a very ancient clan. It's said if this technique is cultivated to the fifth level of the Corporeal Tempering Stage, the person who has utilized this technique to achieve the fifth level will have a golden body like Buddha's. Since there are more suitable Buddha techniques, this has been never trained by anyone in the Technology Earth. Rough Grade according to the criteria of the Technology Civilization: Top.』

〈3. Dark Dragon's Metamorphosis Revolution 〉

『Introduction: An incomplete fragment of the Corporeal Tempering Stage Technique discovered in an ancient site of an abandoned planet by the Technology Civilization. Only a mysterious and odd revolving method remains from this technique and the rest seems to have been lost in the countless years of that planet's destruction (the name of the technique is actually only the name of the revolving method and it's real name has been lost too). There is simply not enough information regarding this technique and since there are countless other complete techniques using the word 'Dragon' in them, no one in the Technology Civilization has ever chosen this technique. However, since every technique using the word 'Dragon' in their t.i.tle seems to be averagely among the high-grade ones, the rough grade given according to the criteria of the Technology Civilization is…: High.』

〈4. Beating The Fragility Into Lonsdaleite 〉

『Introduction: This is considered a legendary technique by many cultivators. It makes the body stronger by getting the body beaten up. It is rumored that if this technique is exercised to the fifth level one would have a skeleton which can even be considered harder than a diamond! However, unfortunately, since the requirements of getting beaten up get harsher at every level, there has never been a successful record of this technique being trained to the fifth level since all of its pract.i.tioners are doomed to be beaten to death as they join the majority. Rough Grade according to the criteria of the Technology Civilization: Top.』

〈5. Divine G.o.d Physique 〉

『Introduction: Obviously, the naming has been greatly exaggerated. But, according to the records of the past pract.i.tioners of this technique, their bodies grade seem to get elevated to a higher degree as their strength increase considerably to the utmost limits of a mortal body! So it can also be said this technique will be of great a.s.sistance for preparing the body for Cultivation. Unfortunately though, this technique is incomplete and the rest of it is lost. Rough Grade according to the criteria of the Technology Civilization: Top.』

〈6. Bodily Qi a.s.similation Technique 〉

『Introduction: This technique requires an astronomical amount of resources as it absorbs those materials Qi and a.s.similates a specific percentage of it in order to strengthen and improve the body. Rough Grade according to the criteria of the Technology Civilization: Top (One of the better ones even among the top). 』

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