The God Virus


Volume 4 - Chapter 205: 'Synchronous' Transformations Crystal

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Chapter 205: 'Synchronous' Transformations Crystal

"So it's called the Corporeal Tempering Stage…"

"Yes… actually, in the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi, it usually takes years for a cultivator to finish this stage… but for me… hmm, well, this brings us to another question. Do you know why I was so adamant on traveling to the Cultivation Multiverse and getting my hands on the Brisk Balance Fruit?" Questioned Virus with a mystifying look.

"Um, if I remember correctly… in the past, master said that one of the uses of the Brisk Balance Fruit was to fuse two extremes of complete opposite… like fire and ice. Isn't that why…?" Putting her index finger on her lips, the golden beauty uttered in doubt.

Nodding his head with a chuckle, Virus voiced, "Yes, that's one of the benefits the Brisk Balance Fruit has… but do you really believe that I wouldn't be able to find another easier alternative in order to fuse two ingredients of opposite substances? Do you honestly think I would go through so much trouble just to get my hands on a simple Brisk Balance Fruit that's only usefulness is to combine the cold and the heat?" With an inquisitive s.h.i.+mmer pa.s.sing through his eyes, Virus asked.

Letting out a funny sound as if she had just realized something very unexpected, the golden beauty's eyes shone with some lights of curiosity before mouthing, "Eh… now that you say it, it seems a bit odd. Could it be that master has another use for it and that there is a much more important reason behind it being so valuable to you?"

"Hahaha… of course, as I phrased before, that's only 'one' of its benefits. There is actually a much more essential reason behind why I had to definitely find the Brisk Balance Fruit and get my hands on it. This reason was actually my true objective all along and that's why I called the Brisk Balance Fruit a heavenly fruit on a few occasions." With a loud burst of laughter mixed with delight, Virus began to talk.

"Umm, and what is that reason, master?" With stars reflecting itself in her eyes, the golden beauty inquired while bringing her jade-like face closer to his face.

"I like that look inside my Lil Belle's eyes, so I'll elaborate on it for you a bit! Hmm, so… you see, as I said before, it takes many years for a normal cultivator to finish the so-called Corporeal Tempering Stage, and that's mostly because you have to finish this stage in a systematic way… by breaking through from the first level to the second, and from the second to the third… it continues like this till the stage is completed! I mean, it's no longer a matter of resources! Even if one had the complete set of resources enough to finish this stage, that would still require many years to complete. That's mainly because it takes a lot of time and effort to break through each level, and the difficulty together with the time needed for each breakthrough increases the further someone advances-" At this point, in order to see her reaction, Virus paused.

"Um, master still hasn't clarified why the Brisk Balance Fruit is mandatory to you…" Said the golden beauty with some uncertainty.

"Haha, wait for it, I'm getting there… so you see… since this stage being systematic was the main problem and the reason behind why it consumed so much time… I just needed something in order to bypa.s.s that problem! And that's exactly where the Brisk Balance Fruit comes into the play." With a pleased look displaying itself on his face by this point, he continued, "And this actually brings us to another major question… do you know why I named that rainbow liquid the 'Synchronous' Transformations Crystal?"

"Ahhh, master! We only arrive at another question after sooo much? Just tell me already, hmph!" Pouting very seriously, the golden beauty phrased in a frustrated tone.

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"Haha, patience Lil Belle, patience… we're almost there." Tickled by her adorable behavior, Virus continued by another question much to her exasperation, "But first, tell me… what does 'Synchronous' mean?"

Hearing the rational question, Virus began to explain in fervor, "Haha, don't worry, that would never happen… because first of all, it gets harder to break through the more one advances. This means more energy is required for every new level the further someone goes! Secondly, the emphasis of the Brisk Balance Fruit lays in the word 'Balance'! It means every level will gradually improve in a balanced way with stability and equilibrium!"

"Moreover, there is another more vital reason as to why that won't ever happen… " At this point, a rather deep contemplative light showed up inside his eyes as he stated this confusing sentence.

"Umm, and what is that, master?" She asked while experiencing incert.i.tude as some imaginary question marks popped up above her head.

"Well, I have other special means by which I would be able to reduce the time required for each level I'm trying to break through…" Phrased this ambiguous sentence, Virus went quiet.

"Can you please explain more clearly, master?" Annoyed by the broken description, the golden beauty pursued the topic.

Nevertheless, seeing this impatient reaction from her, as if he had succeeded, Virus vocalized, "Haha, nope, sorry Lil Belle, you will comprehend what exactly I'm connoting when the time comes! Anyway let's not talk about that anymore. Let's get to work!"

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