The God Virus


Volume 4 - Chapter 204: Corporeal Tempering

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Chapter 204: Corporeal Tempering

"Ah!" Unfortunately, the golden beauty was unaware of this reaction as she kept her eyes open.

"Finally, it's ready!" Then, opening his eyes, Virus exclaimed with some enthusiasm as he looked at the finished product inside the 'MDA' which was automatically poured inside a futuristic-looking syringe.

Picking up the syringe, Virus gazed at it carefully as the golden beauty also walked beside him and looked at the colorless liquid inside the syringe while muttering in some confusion, "How did it become colorless?"

"Hmm?" Hearing this Virus offered the syringe to her before phrasing, "Here, put it directly under the s.h.i.+ning light of the lamp."

Although the golden beauty didn't quite understand why she had to do this, still, picking the colorless syringe, she raised it above her head and kept it right under the bulb of the lamp.

"Ah… am… amazing! How can it be so beautiful! What is this?" The next moment, her eyes began to s.h.i.+ne brightly as she looked at the scene in front of her in fervor. Before putting it under the bulb of the light, the liquid was only a tasteless liquid without any color. However, after she placed it underneath the lamp… as if it had come to life by itself, it transformed into a chaotic rainbow, as a variety of colors began to twinkle and flicker inside the liquid itself!

Staring into the golden beauty's obviously curious eyes, Virus began explaining patiently, "This is the final result of all those materials fusing together into forming a type of perfect fluid through my method of combination. In my previous world, it was called the Rapid Concurrent Crystalline… however, that would've been its name if I had used the Stabilizer Rapid Essence. But now, because I used the Brisk Balance Fruit instead of that… I have the right to give it a new name since a combination like this was never tried before. You see, it's truly something nameless and entirely brand new."

Afterward, Virus seemed to have sunk into a deep state of contemplation, 'Considering all of its attributes and benefits… I should name it…'

Two seconds later, having decided, he uttered in a relaxed manner, "I shall name it the Synchronous Transformations Crystal!"

Hearing the novel t.i.tle, the golden beauty was amazed at first, but a moment later, a light of uncertainty covered it as she queried further, "Master… this is clearly liquid... but why would you still add the word Crystal at the end of its label?"

Hearing the logical inquiry, a knowing grin of amus.e.m.e.nt showed up on Virus' face as he uttered in a clear tone, "You will understand later." That was all he mouthed before going silent again.

"Uh, okay… I won't ask about that for now. But if I'm not wrong this is what you need for your next stage of cultivation, right master?" Wanting to understand further, she asked.

"Yes." Came the simple response from Virus.

Wearing a pitiful expression on her face, she began mumbling, "Um! So now… can you please tell me what's the next stage called? I mean… master hasn't even told me what's the next stage's name is since you like to be so secretive all the time!" By the end of her words, it was as if her face was yelling that she has been greatly wronged.

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"Hahaha… of course… it's finally the time for you to at least know this stage's t.i.tle. However, I'll only tell you its name and some general info regarding the first three levels of this stage. I won't be telling you the more specific details about it until its appropriate time arrives." With a peal of loud laughter, Virus stated.

Secondly, this stage was considered a very time-consuming one which would take years to finish and only brokenly at that! So, considering the fact that by the time some of the levels of this stage was done, those young talents would lose the best time to start cultivation and cultivating which simply wasn't worth it at all!

Thus, with this mindset, most cultivators only took what purification materials and pills they had at hand before no longer even bothering with this stage anymore. This was also the reason why they mostly cared about the natural purity of the body and considered those inborn with less filth in their bodies talents and even geniuses!

However, coming to the next one that is called the Corporeal Tempering Stage, most of those cultivators with a more common background or sect wasn't even aware of the existence of such a thing!

Of course, there were those ancient clans and sects who had the knowledge regarding this second pre-stage. However, even most of them didn't bother with it since it was even more time-consuming and wealth-burning stage than the previous one!

And so, those who actually did this second pre-cultivation stage were gigantic clans in the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi who had enormous wealth to burn for their talents and children from a very young age!

But even some of them couldn't complete this stage and could only conclude it until for example the second, third, or at most the fourth level. Furthermore, even those levels they did were not completed to their utmost limits since that was considered almost impossible for them in the first place!

A distinction the Corporeal Tempering Stage actually had with the Purifying one was that in the previous stage of removing the impurities, one could first do the fourth level randomly before coming back to the third or even the second level to finish, so it couldn't be considered systematic at all. However, the Corporeal Tempering Stage was different in that one had to foremost finish the first level before breaking through to the second one and continuing to higher levels like that! Nevertheless, they could still abandon this stage whenever they felt like in order to officially starting Cultivation.

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