The God Virus


Volume 3 - 189 Find Him!

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"Is that so? But… did you say the Sun elder? Is he going to accompany us himself? Why?" Afterward, Astes inquired in confusion and wonder.

"Who knows… anyway, let's go… he's waiting for us already." While saying this, he also reflected, 'I hope we're not after the same thing… because in that case…'

As they walked out of the Colosseum, they saw that the Sun elder was waiting for them just like he had told Virus.

So, after Astes greeted him with the utmost respect, they were led toward the main paG.o.da with the Sun elder in the lead. However, the closer they got to the main paG.o.da the taller it seemed in their eyes and so, looking at the gigantic paG.o.da in front of them, the golden beauty whose eyes were s.h.i.+ning in some amazement finally couldn't stop herself from questioning, "Wow, master… I think it's even taller than the tallest skysc.r.a.per on the other side… how can they make such a thing without… ?" She wanted to say 'Technology' at the end of her question, however, remembering that the other two should also be listening, she decided against uttering it.

'Master? So, he's her master…'

'And did she just say the other side? What is that? And what did she want to say at the end of her words? Why did she stop?' The Sun elder pondered to himself in skepticism, however, this confusion didn't last for long before he wore a kind smile an elderly would show to a junior as he began responding to her question instead of Virus, "Actually… making this kind of paG.o.da requires lots of cultivators in a certain stage of cultivation… and this paG.o.da you see in front of you was made by our ancestors and the founders of the sect in the past… and right now… our sect is incapable of making paG.o.das as high as this one…"

"…" Listening to him provide a reply instead of her master, a pout appeared on the golden beauty's face as she thought, 'Tch, old geezer… who asked you! I wanted to talk to master!'




Around twenty minutes after that, the four people finally arrived in front of the main paG.o.da as the Sun elder spoke, "Let's go."

Next, as Virus entered the paG.o.da by closely following the Sun elder, he spotted a person sitting behind the counter right beside the entrance of the first floor.

However, oddly, even after spotting the Sun elder entering the paG.o.da, that person didn't show any kind of greeting or respect as he continued ignoring him.

Afterward, they were brought to a cabin-like room inside which the Sun elder put his hand on a big orb as he started to directly inject a large amount of his Qi to it.

"What is…" Seeing this, the golden beauty was just about to ask what it was when the cabin began to move up in a rough manner. So instantly understanding what it was, she exclaimed in surprise, "Oh… so it's their elevator! Hehe…"

"Who was that person sitting behind the counter?" Finally unable to stop his curiosity, Virus inquired.

Listening to his question, a somewhat dark expression seemed to display itself for a moment on the Sun elder's expression before it disappeared entirely as he replied in a casual manner, "That was the Moon elder… three people have the authority to live in the main paG.o.da… the moon elder is one of them."

"I see…" Even though he still had some suspicions as to why he didn't greet the Sun elder who was like the current head of the sect, he decided to leave it be for now since it seemed to be a sensitive matter.



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"What? You still can't determine the location of Virus Industries' Chairman? How can you all be so useless?" An unknown figure proclaimed in anger.

Soon, walking in front of a giant door which seemed to be made purely out of a special type of silver iron, the Sun elder stopped as he once again placed his hand on the orb in front of the door before closing his eyes.


A few seconds later, a rather loud sound was heard as the door began to open by itself.

When the door was finally completely open, Virus saw a rather big environment filled with different kinds of objects, materials, and even ingredients in it.

"This is the main treasury of our sect… hehe… there are some amazing things inside… however, there are also some unknown or worthless objects too… so be careful with your choice since I won't be guiding you…" The Sun elder began talking the instant the door was wide-open.

Surprised by the Sun elder's words, Virus queried, "What do you mean when you say worthless objects? Why would you place useless or unknown stuff in here?"

The Sun elder started explaining, "Well… I wouldn't say this normally… but since it's you… I'll make an exception and elaborate… so you see, there are reasons for unknown or worthless objects existing in the main treasury… the most important being that we place them in here ourselves so the disciples who win a contest like you or gain entry to the main treasury through other special means would pick them when they come here… this is like a tradition that has been going on for countless years now."

"So you deceive your own disciples." With a harsh and direct tone, Virus uttered.

"Haha… well… that's not wrong... but it's not entirely true either… because we have two purposes by doing that… the first one is to teach the disciples various lessons related to luck, trickery, deceiving, not judging something by its appearance, and many others which are purely for the good of the disciples themselves… and the second reason is for the good of the sect itself… in order to make the main treasury of the sect last for a long period of the time for generations to come…" Replied the sun elder with an awkward laugh.

"You said 'there are reasons for useless things existing' what's the other reasons?" Remembering his exact words, Virus inquired further.

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