The God Virus


Volume 3 - 184 No Suspence

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By now, Virus had already come to himself, however, seeing the situation he was currently in, scratching his head, with the minimal amount of eye-contact, he uttered, "Ah… sorry, Lil Belle… why didn't you resist?" Then, with that mortal body of his, with the fastest speed he could, he promptly stood up.

The golden beauty could've probably easily defended against that pull of his, however, she didn't… either because when it came to her master, she wasn't on guard at all… or because she willingly chose not to do so!

"Ah… It's okay master… you know how my body works… it's not like I'll be harmed that easily… while you on the other hand… anyway, it's fine master, don't worry about it." With a smile that reaches the eyes, the golden beauty replied, while internally, she thought, 'Of course I wouldn't try to defend and instead go with your flow master… what if I had used my strength to resist your abrupt pull and that caused your body harm? If that happened… I would've never been able to forgive myself. Idiot master… hmph!'

To Virus though, listening to the words she had uttered was enough to a.n.a.lyze her words and instantly arrive at the conclusion as to why she hadn't made any kind of movements whatsoever, not even in the slightest, 'So you were worried you would harm me…'

As he knew the answer to his own question and seeing how she didn't even want to mention and clarify the reason as to why she hadn't made the slightest of movements or resistance, made Virus think, 'Maybe… her mind recognized making any kind of resistance even in that kind of situation a type of betrayal since there was a very meager possibility of harming me with that kinda resistance… hmm, that's probably it.'

As he arrived at the most likely possibility, nodding his head, with one hand he took the golden beauty's hand into his own and with the other, he patted her head softly and whispered, "It's okay, Lil Belle… next time, you can resist!"

And with that, while the golden beauty stood there daydreaming and stunned by Virus' gentle touch, he had already walked beside a specific bag which contained those special clothes he wore before triggering his ring.

Afterward, abruptly, without any care in the world about being seen naked by the two girls in the room, just like the previous time, Virus began to undress without any kind of warning whatsoever!

First, he took off his dress…

Then, he took off his pants!

And at last, just as he was about to take off his underwear too… the golden beauty finally jumped out of her stupor as she clearly understood what was going to happen next if she did not make a move at that very moment, so, charging toward the stunned and blus.h.i.+ng Astes, she proclaimed, "A… Astes! Don't… don't look! Let's go out!"

With that, at the same time as Virus who was pulling his underwear down, the golden beauty also began to pull Astes outside the room.

As a result, fortunately, she couldn't witness what was underneath that underwear…

If Ella knew about what had just happened and how her boyfriend was okay with casually getting naked in front of any girl without any care in the world, she would've probably fumed to death in anger!

Actually, to Virus, being naked was something completely normal as he felt no sense of embarra.s.sment or shame at all from getting naked in front of others, nor did it matter to him if his nude body was seen or not.

This might be due to the reason that he had lived for a very long period of time and that at some point, either his sense of shame and embarra.s.sment toward concepts like being naked had disappeared entirely, or that he had accepted that nakedness was a part of who he is, something that didn't need to be hidden at all!

Or it might have another reason entirely… who knows.

Knock~ knock~ knock~

"Master! Are you done changing?" Almost right after he had changed, the door of his resting area was knocked as the golden beauty's voiced was heard from the other side.

"Huh… yes! Come in…" Virus said as he invited them inside.

"Why did you two leave?" Seeing them back, Virus questioned casually while fixing his clothes, without bothering himself to think about what had just happened in the least.

"Ah… bec… because… we just wanted to give you… your privacy!" As the two girls' faces were flus.h.i.+ng red by now, the golden beauty responded.

"There was no need for that though…" While proclaiming in a very relaxed manner, connecting to his ring, he sent it a command.

'Trigger Median Configuration –– Fragmentary Integument!'

'There is a need for that!' Both of the girls thought scoldingly as Virus' arms and legs were covered in pitch-black scales as usual.

"Okay… I should get going and end it in the fastest speed possible…" Muttering this, Virus started walking toward the door.

"Wait, junior brother!" However, abruptly, he was stopped as Astes obstructed his path toward the door.

"What is it, apprentice-sister?" Asked Virus wearing an half-smiling face.

"I… I just need to tell you... to be careful while going against Rossefin! She's not the second most powerful person among the Superior disciples for no reason…" In a rather tense voice which was obviously somewhat distressed, Astes reluctantly expressed, while she thought to herself, 'Astes… you idiot! Ask him if he's really leaving… what's this nonsense you're rambling on about?'

"Hmm… wait… I'm not going to face the number one disciple in the Superior Section? Isn't this the final match…? Could it be that… he lost?" Puzzled, Virus suspected.

"No way… if he was partic.i.p.ating in the Martial Contest… there would've been no suspense for the spot of the champions.h.i.+p… it's just that he's been outside the sect for some time now and hasn't returned ever since." She briefly elaborated.

"I see… anyway, okay, I'll be cautious, thanks apprentice-sister…" Appreciating the advice, Virus left the room.

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"Me three!"

"I wanna bet every single Peridoto Qi Gemstone I have in my possession!" An Inferior disciple uttered.

"Hmph, you're going to bet your Peridoto Qi Gemstones? I, your father, am even going to bet the only two Jasper Qi Gemstones I have on my G.o.ddess Rossefin!" Another Normal disciple said proudly.

"Well, since all of us gathered here are already aware of senior sister's power… it's not like there will be any suspense or doubt remaining as to who would come out victorious… so let us men just bet everything we have on her and continue watching the entertaining show!" A Superior male disciple who was always seen following Rossefin around stated.




"The Match… begins!"

As the judge elder announced the start of the final match, Virus, once again looking at her, waited for Rossefin to make her first move.

However, no matter how much Virus waited, Rossefin appeared to have no intentions of moving in the least as she only stood in her previous location with a shy smile still covering her face.

'Well, if you're not going to make your move… then let me!' As this notion pa.s.sed through Virus' head, it transformed into determination as he charged toward Rossefin in an extremely quick speed.

The next moment, as he was almost upon her, he sent a punch flying exactly toward Rossefin's face as the very next moment, the punch was going to make direct contact with her face.


In the very last moment, just as Virus' fist was only a few centimeters away from Rossefin's face, however, abruptly, a rather wide grin replaced that shy smile of hers…

And the next instant, the incoming punch… stopped!

"Hehehehe~" Afterward, the sound of amused laughter reverberated throughout the entire Colosseum.

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