The God Virus


Volume 3 - 179 Cheers To That!

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Chapter 179: Cheers To That!

Their hugging continued for a rather long time as the best friends seemed to have truly missed each other very much these past few days, however, finally separating from each other, they turned toward the Security ugly as Ella introduced, "This is Security bro everyone! He's super strong and he's going to protect us tonight!"

"Hey Security bro!" Faith stated with a smile.

"h.e.l.lo." Grace too greeted while the other two only nodded their heads which was accompanied by their half-smiles.

"Security bro, umm… how should we enter the nightclub now… I mean, I didn't think the line was this long… it's going to take us forever like this… should we go to another nightclub?" With hesitation apparent on her face, Ella inquired.

"No need to do that, miss. I'll deal with it, follow me." Uttering this, he began walking as the five best friends began to closely follow him as they walked directly in front of the gigantic guard who was in charge of the entrance.

"Stop! Go to the end of the line if you want to enter!" Just as expected, the guard stopped them.

"Here." Hearing this, the Security ugly took out a hundred dollars bill and offered it to the guard.

He was just expecting for the money to be accepted, when something somewhat against his expectations happened, "You think I care about small cash anymore? The world's freaking ending! I need big cash in order to have the funs I want!" The guard voiced.

'Sigh…that's right… it seems the end of the world has affected the guards too…' As this notion pa.s.sed through his head, he took out nine more bills just like the previous ones as he pa.s.sed it over to him.

This time, just as expected, the guard's att.i.tude changed entirely as he opened the entrance and mouthed, "You guys can enter. Have fun!"

And so, just like that, they entered the nightclub!

"Ahh, it's so crowded!!!" Looking at the crowded scene in front of her, Ella exclaimed while people continued dancing according to the music the club DJ was playing currently.

"Let's go have a drink first!" Grace uttered in a loud voice as excitement was already apparent in her expression.




After that, the five first began to drink for a while, when finally, they were all almost drunk and ready for some dance.

However, before they could go for a dance, Ella offered them the lollipops with a smirk on her face.

Seeing her smirk, the four girls instantly understood what the lollipops were all about as three of them smirked back in response as they took the lollipops. However, one of them, Mary, asked with a rather anxious face, "Is this really okay?"

Before Ella could say anything though, Grace answered, "Mary! The world's ending for G.o.d's sake! Who cares if it's okay anymore? Just eat the f.u.c.king lollipop already!"

"Ahh… okay." Thinking what she said made sense, and a little afraid that she might ruin the night, Mary too grabbed the lollipop as she ate it.

"Okaaay b.i.t.c.hes! Let's go daaaaance! Wooohooo" Screaming in excitement, Jessica proclaimed as she charged toward the dance floor with her hands raised high up into the air.



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"Thank you, boss!"

"Cheers to that!"


Immediately, tens of vulgar voices filled with grat.i.tude were heard which was then followed by them drinking even to that.

"Boss… those girls seem to have a bodyguard though… what if one of them has a powerful background?" That suited man asked.

"Who cares if we offend someone great now! It doesn't matter anymore! Nothing matters really… as we're all gonna die nonetheless! Hahaha…" Drinking a big mouthful, that man stated while laughing hard.

"Okay… how should we deal with their bodyguard? Should I just order some of our men to drag him away, leaving us just with those five girls?" He queried.

"No need to make it that messy… actually… the other three can't compare to those two beauties… though one of the other three has a really hot and s.e.xy body and the other one is also could be called a beauty, there's no need for them since we already have lots of others like them." In a rather calm voice, the man stated.

Looking at his boss, the other man inquired, "Boss… then you're suggesting…??"

Turning his head toward his underling, the boss of the group explained his plan, "Isn't that obvious? Just send some of our men to bother one of the other girls… and just like that… while the bodyguard's away and busy dealing with them... we will get what we want!"

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