The God Virus


Volume 3 - 173 Suspicion

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Following the bodyguard who was in charge of guiding them, the two uglies arrived in front of the door of a particular room inside the mansion, "Please enter, the President is waiting for you inside."

Thanking the bodyguard, the two opened the door as they entered together.

"h.e.l.lo Mr. Greg, It's a great honor meeting you in person like this! Come, come, come! Please sit down!" After seeing the CEO ugly enter, the President seemed to be greatly excited as first, he shook hands with both the CEO ugly and the Legal ugly before inviting the two to sit down shortly afterward.

"Haha… Mr. President, you're exaggerating things… it's me who should be feeling honored right now, not you. Anyway, this is like a dream come true to me… It's hard to believe I'm even meeting the President himself personally right now..." Flattering the President, feigning excitement, the CEO ugly proclaimed.

"Haha… no, no! I mean it… actually, it's you who's exaggerating! I'm excited and honored because I'm possibly meeting the CEO of the company which is going to save the whole world! Who am I compared to that kind of person!" With a chuckle, the President stated.

Then, finally looking at the Legal ugly, he questioned, "And this sir is…?"

"Ah… he's Robert James… the highest authority in the legal department of our company." The CEO ugly introduced him as the Legal ugly greeted the President once again before turning silent entirely as meeting the President was considered nothing special or noteworthy inside his mind.

'He's like the greatest joke in the world when he's compared to Master.' At the same time, he couldn't stop this notion from pa.s.sing through his head.

"I see… anyway, welcome, both of you… now, let's not talk about the unimportant stuff… let's talk about… saving the world, shall we?" As his eyes shone, the President voiced with a very brilliant smile appearing over his face.

"Sure… about what exactly would you like to talk about, Mr. President?" Abruptly, the CEO ugly's expression turned entirely serious as he asked back.

Seeing him turn serious, the President also became much more serious as he stated, "I ask for forgiveness for the things I'm going to inquire about in advance… but these questions are things that I have to know the answer to in order to clear the possible misunderstandings between us…"

"I understand… please go ahead, Mr. President." Nodding his head, the CEO ugly agreed.

"Thank you… so… how did your company find the cure to HIV so soon, right after the whole world was infected with the Mutated HIV?" The president opened his mouth and inquired about the most important question as his face turned extremely grave by the end of his sentence.

Hearing the question though, a rather wide smile showed itself on the CEO ugly's face as he replied with another question of his own, "You suspect we've released the Mutated HIV to the world, Mr. President?"

"Well… excuse me for saying this, but, isn't this whole situation too much coincidental? That right after the whole world realized they were sick with a disease called the Mutated HIV, you coincidentally happened to have the cure to it? It's only natural that anyone would suspect about this, no?" Still wearing his grave face, the President uttered.

"Haha… I admit that anyone would have come to this conclusion if they were in your shoes, Mr. President… However, you're wrong… and I can easily justify and prove how you are wrong." Looking at his eyes, the CEO ugly stated.

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"Please continue."

"And what is that?"

"You are not considering the fact that this 'cure to HIV' can be only considered a temporary solution for the Mutated HIV… and that in a few years, our bodies will probably develop an immunity toward this so-called temporary solution of ours… now, I'm not sure how long that'll take… but slowly… our body will most likely develop an immunity toward the 'cure of HIV'… and even worse, the Mutated HIV itself might learn to fight back soon and render the cure completely useless… or that the Mutated HIV might Mutate once again, right? I mean, It mutated once, what's keeping it from mutating again?" Elaborated the CEO ugly, as he finished his words with a question of his own.

Listening to the CEO ugly's logical words, the President's face suddenly changed colors as he thought, 'd.a.m.n it, he's right… they definitely wouldn't be crazy enough to risk their own lives for the sake of more profits, especially since they are already one of the biggest companies in the world… so money shouldn't even be a problem to them anymore… d.a.m.n it… It would've been better if they 'were' truly behind this… because in that case… at least I would've been sure that the world lives one way or another… but now… the world might end sometime in the future… like this… it would be a race against time from now on… with the question of… would humanity be able to find the true cure to the Mutated HIV or would the Mutated HIV kill us before then.'

'However, at least now, we might've bought ourselves at least a decade or more with this… or even better… our bodies might not find immunity to the cure or that we might be able to find ways to stop our bodies from developing immunity… anyway… this is going to be like a s.h.i.+ning ray of hope and light in our times of despair and darkness, and that's adequate for now.'

Finally, as he was done contemplating, his eyes began to s.h.i.+ne as he looked at the CEO ugly as he stated, "Your explanations make total sense… I believe you! Thank you for trying your best to justify your company even though it was rude of me to interrogate you, Mr. Greg… I understand the situation clearly now."

"Haha… as long as it makes things clear between the country and us, it's okay… now is there anything else you would like to know about Mr. President?" Laughing shortly, the CEO ugly stated.

"Yes, actually… there is another important question in my mind, Mr. Greg." The president replied.

"Go on, please." Signaling with his hand to continue, the CEO ugly mumbled.

"So here's the deal… please give me an honest answer as this is a very important matter both to the country and world as a whole…" Talking until here, the President went silent for a short time before continuing, "Will you be offering the country your technology for making the cure?"

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