The God Virus


Volume 3 - 159 When Greed Exceeds A Certain Poin

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Nevertheless, she continued trying her best to comprehend this unknown light inside Virus' eyes.

However, to her disappointment, she didn't even come close to understanding this emotion other than having this feeling like the light could only be comprehended if she went through a certain experience.

'How is this possible? What's that look inside his eyes? Why can't I understand it at all?' Astes began contemplating to herself as she stared at Virus in a daze, lost in his eyes.

'With my memories... I'm usually able to easily read other people and discern what kind of personality they have... but... since the day we met, it was extremely difficult for me to read junior apprentice-brother...' She continued her deliberation.

'However, even if it's been difficult, at least I had some clues as to how he was feeling, but right now...'

Seeing Astes lost in herself as she couldn't take her eyes off of him, Virus opened his mouth and voiced, "Oh right... apprentice-sister, I've been meaning to ask you something for a while..."

"What is it?" However, even with Virus' voice, Astes seemed to be still dazed as she replied absentmindedly.

"Hmm... what does the number 'Three' engraved on the wooden ticket I received while signing up represent? I understand that number doesn't represent the section of the disciples since other inferior disciples also have the same number as me..." Virus uttered.

Then, he continued, "And If I'm not mistaken... it should be a system to arrange the disciples and the matches from the weakest to the strongest... right?"

By now, Astes' attention was at least drawn to Virus' question, so she began explaining, "Yes, you're totally right, junior brother..."

"The matches and the disciples are not simply separated by the section they belong to, because if it was like that, the results would've been too inaccurate and thus, the match results would be very unreliable."

"Instead, in order to make the match results more reliable and fair, the sect decided to arrange the disciples' matches according to their cultivation level by separating them into three groups of number 'One', number 'Two', and number 'Three' engraved on their wooden ticket."

"Now, even though I'm sure you can already guess by yourself, the Number 'Three' ticket holders are those with the weakest level of cultivation, mostly consisted of the Inferior disciples."

"And next, the Number 'Two' ticket holders are those with an average level of cultivation which mostly include normal disciples..."

"And at last, there is the Number 'One' ticket holders who are the strongest cultivators with almost all of them being Superior disciples..." Finally, as she was done with her description, Astes looked at Virus and queried with clear eyes of focus, "That was it, is there anything else you want to know about, junior brother? Because if there is... don't hesitate and just ask away..."

"I see, it's just as I expected... So like this, the first day of the contest was held among the Number 'Three' ticket holders, which is followed by the Number 'Two' ticket holders who join the next day. And finally, there comes tomorrow, when the Number 'One' ticket holders will be also joining the fray, right?" Gazing at her eyes, Virus related.

Nodding her head, Astes confirmed, "Yep..."

Virus was just about to open his mouth and say something again, when he was interrupted by a familiar voice calling his name, "Vee."

As a result of hearing the call, the three looked in the direction of the voice in order to find the source.

"Master!" Astes uttered while Virus gazed quietly at the new person who was approaching them.

"Ay... it's just been a few days since I accepted you as my disciple... but you've already caused so many troubles." As the Alchemy paG.o.da master arrived in front of Virus, the first thing he did was to start grumbling.

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However, Virus didn't say anything in response as he just continued staring at him with an expressionless face as the atmosphere turned completely silent.

One of them was a very old person with wrinkles all over his face, while the other one was a rather young man with a b.l.o.o.d.y aura around him.

"So Howar, you're saying the Alchemy paG.o.da master has already accepted him as his personal disciple right?" Deeply frowning, the old man questioned.

"Yes, master." With a very respectful tone, Howar affirmed.

"I see, that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d was one step ahead of me... well, at least I might not need to be worried about the other elders now... I hope he doesn't eye his ring though... the ring and all of his other heaven-defying secrets belong solely to me!" Muttered the old elder with clear greed noticeable in his voice.

"Her her her, Now now, PaG.o.da master Fernan, calm down... you can't seriously mean you want it all, don't be like that and let's just share." Abruptly, a burst of creepy laughter was heard as a very haggard old lady with messed up white hair appeared beside the wrinkled Fernan out of thin air.

"You! Murray! Stop sneaking around people like a creep. Also, what do you want with me? Just leave me alone." PaG.o.da master Fernan bellowed, feeling a headache coming his way.

"Her her her, I know those eyes better than anyone, don't you wanna dig those precious secrets hidden inside his body one by one and make it all yours?" Murray whispered after abruptly changing positions as she appeared right beside the PaG.o.da master Fernan's ear.

"Hmph, even if what you're saying was true and I was after his secrets, why would I need your help?" Fernan stated while harrumphing coldly.

"Her her her, think about it, a lot of eyes are currently zooming on him, how are you going to make your move like that? Also, you're not going to actually lose anything from this cooperation since I don't want anything tangible he has like the ring... all I ask for is a chance to learn the secrets and techniques which might be hidden inside his body and brain." Murray proclaimed as a wide grin appeared on her wrinkled and toothless mouth.

"Alright, but first, elaborate what you have in mind." Listening to her rather harmless proposal, Fernan decided to hear what she has to say before deciding.

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