The God Virus


Volume 3 - 156 Very Uncomfortable

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In the meantime, Virus was a little surprised seeing Hadelia's sword starting to burn all of a sudden as her speed seemed to increase too, so, with less leisure than the previous times, he raised his hand once again to block the slash with the scales covering his arms all over.


The moment the burning sword and the scaled palm clashed against each other, a rather loud noise of metal hitting another metal was heard as Virus grabbed the burning sword and refused to let go while Hadelia struggled to free her short sword from his grasp.

Amused by her struggle, Virus said with a rather broad smile, "Haha, this one was much better... Show me more techniques like this one." After he was done with his words, he finally let go of the sword.

Seeing how easily he could still defend against her attack, Hadelia gritted her teeth, as she uttered again.

"The Burning Sparrow – Exploding the Fire!"

Listening to her words and watching the incoming burning sword, Virus felt like it would be rather dangerous if what he was thinking really happened, so, at the very last moment, he dodged, making the short sword hit the ground.


And as a result, the sound of a rather loud explosion was heard as dust rose and rocks flew around.




When the scene was clear once again, the disciples were breath taken to witness a meter deep hole on the ground at the same spot the sword had just connected to.

"Oh... that was a lot more powerful than your previous attacks... if that attack hits anywhere near my unguarded body parts like my chest... I would instantly die..." Virus uttered.

Listening to his words, Hadelia couldn't stop herself as a strange sensation of pride swelled up inside her as she replied, "Of course... that is expected of my bloodline technique! You should feel proud for forcing me to use this much of my power."

Looking at her proud face while listening to her words, a grin found its way on Virus' face as he was unable to stop himself from wanting to tease her a bit, so he voiced, "However..."

A frown appeared on Hadelia's face when she heard Virus say 'However'.

Then, after a short silence, he continued, "Though it's true you would win if it really hits an unguarded part of my body... however, unfortunately for you, that technique would never be able to hit me..."

"Anyway... if you have any more powerful techniques left, reveal it now... otherwise, this fight is already over." He concluded.

"You..." The enraged Hadelia voiced as she stared in Virus' eyes like she just wanted to devour this arrogant man right in front of everyone.

But, unfortunately, she was aware that anger wasn't going to help her win against her opponent.

Moreover, Hadelia was clear that she was already at her limits and 'Exploding The Fire' was the most powerful technique she could use at the moment.

So, she just stood there staring at Virus while clenching her fist in anger.

Watching her just stand there without taking any action, Virus opened his mouth again, "Hmm... was that really your limit? Well, you weren't half bad..."

As he was talking though, Hadelia interrupted him as she charged at him with all her might while yelling, "The Burning Sparrow – Exploding the Fire!"

"Sigh..." Seeing her not even waiting for him to finish his words, Virus sighed as he charged toward Hadelia too.

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Soon, when the short sword was almost upon him, Virus dodged it easily with the use of a strange kind of footwork which made him able to go behind her shortly afterward.

'Just as I thought, it was about this.' Virus thought with a smile showing itself on his face, then he uttered, "Haha, before we talk about that... do you have any of my clothes with yourself right now... I mean, as you can see, I'm almost not wearing any pants at the moment and I would really like to turn this ring off... it's very uncomfortable."

Listening to Virus, the golden beauty was surprised for a moment as she glanced at Virus legs which was mostly only covered with pitch black scales, then, she abruptly began to laugh in amus.e.m.e.nt while Virus looked at her with a poker face, "Hahaha..."

After she was done laughing, she ran into a room before coming back with a bag, "... Since you've already told me to carry some of your clothes with me all the time... I do have some, here..."

After that, taking the bag, Virus turned the ring off as he changed into a new set of clothes.

Seeing him in new clothes, Ella inquired again, "Now, master... tell me about that cool ring please!"

"You like it that much, huh?" Virus asked back with a grin.

"Yes, I like it very much! Can I try it on too?" She questioned with bright stars s.h.i.+ning in her eyes.

However, looking at her eyes which were filled with lots of enthusiasm, Virus replied with a little bit of difficulty, "Uh, actually... you can't try it."

Hearing this, the golden beauty's expression turned dispirited as she mumbled, "Oh... is that so?"

"Well, you would be able to try it on when you have your own real body... so don't feel down." Watching her dispirited expression, Virus couldn't help himself but try cheering her up.

"Oh, really??? Okay, I'll try it at that time then." Then, just as he had antic.i.p.ated, talking about the 'Real Body' truly seemed to work as she turned a lot less dispirited.

However, the topic of the 'Real Body' seemed to create another confusion inside the golden beauty's mind as she questioned, "Speaking of 'Real Body', master... Didn't you say you weren't strong enough to defend yourself against danger and that you would make me a real body when you're strong enough?"

"But, with that ring, you are already very strong! And... you had it for a while now. So, why haven't you made me a real physical body yet?"

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