The God Virus


Volume 3 - 145 Brooc

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Watching Ifen get closer and closer to him, Virus didn't move at all.

And this made other disciples, including Ifen, think he truly couldn't follow Ifen's speed.

"Hahaha, what is it? You can't aim at me anymore?" Ifen uttered as he ran around him with that speed as he got closer to him every second.

But suddenly, everyone watched as Virus raised his hand to a random location where Ifen wasn't even currently at.

More oddly, he wasn't even looking at the location he was aiming at nor was he looking at Ifen.

And this made most disciples confused and think that he was struggling to aim at Ifen to no avail, "What is he doing? Has he gone nitwit cause he can't aim at him? Hehe."

By this point, Ifen was almost upon Virus as he opened his mouth and began voicing, "Fist Of The White..."

But, amazingly, when he arrived at the word 'White' of his technique, Ifen was exactly in the same spot as Virus was aiming for, though he was going to pa.s.s it soon.

However, it was exactly at this moment when Virus pulled the trigger as a blue light instantly hit Ifen, who lay paralyzed on the floor the next moment.

Next, an absolute silence covered the whole stage as everyone's eyes went as big as saucers as they watched the paralyzed Ifen on the ground.

They couldn't believe nor comprehend how the situation had changed so much as one moment, Ifen was about to hit Virus with his attack and the next moment, they saw Ifen defeated.




Indeed, just as some of the disciples had guessed, if it were a normal mortal, that person's hands' movement speed truly wouldn't be able to compare to Ifen's running speed who was at the fourth level of Qi Pa.s.sage Opening Stage.

But that didn't include Virus, since he had purified every single part of his body, to the point of purifying even his nervous system and cells.

And one of the effects of that was some increase in the movement speed of the body.

Now, with this speed, even though he couldn't compare to the moving speed of Ifen, but, following him with his hand to aim at him was no problem at all.

Furthermore, since he was basically an Artificial Intelligence in essence, his reaction speed almost wasn't restrained by anything at all, as long as his body's movement speed could keep up and follow.

Moreover, his precision was also extremely high, because of the natural great control he had over his body.

However, none of these mattered, since Virus didn't use his speed to hit Ifen at all.

What he had used and done was that before he had raised his left hand, he began to calculate every factor regarding Ifen, including his running speed, acceleration, how his speed changed the closer he got to him, his mental state, etc.

And the next moment when he was done calculating, he knew exactly at what time, where Ifen was going to be, and that made it extremely easy for Virus as he had to just raise his left hand and pull the trigger at the right time without even looking at Ifen anymore.




Even the elder seemed to be astonished by what had happened as he once again forgot to announce the result for a while.

But as his cultivation stage was higher than others, he was quick to come out of his daze soon as he announced, "Number Sixteen, Vee wins!"

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And with this announcement, the other disciples also began to come out of their daze as the noise of murmur once again covered the stage.

The two opponents walked on stage as they looked at each other until Brooc finally opened his mouth, "You've offended someone you shouldn't have... now you gotta pay for some of it in my hands..."

Listening to Brooc's arrogant voice, Virus didn't reply anything as he only grinned while looking at Brooc before activating his handgun.

This made Brooc think that Virus was mocking him with that grin of his as he ignored him which made him extremely enraged inside, 'I might've been a little easy on you if you weren't this arrogant... hmph... just wait then.'




Shortly afterward, looking at the two for a moment first, the elder shouted in antic.i.p.ation, "Begin!"

Next, the instant it started, Brooc began to charge at Virus with a speed a lot faster than Ifen as he got closer and closer to Virus while moving in a zigzag-like movement.

Seeing this, Virus grinned once again as his mind began to calculate once again as he raised his hand to aim at the location where Brooc was going to be at.

But, seeing the location he was aiming at, Brooc immediately changed his direction as he got away from the location where Virus was aiming at as he voiced in mock, "Hahaha... do you think I'm like that previous idiot who couldn't control his speed nor realize that the place you're aiming at has to be avoided at all costs?"

At this point, he was only a couple of meters away from Virus as he came closer and closer to Virus with a wide grin as if he had already won.

However, seeing only calculation wouldn't work anymore, Virus thought, 'It seems I can't aim prior to him being at his destination anymore since it's a big giveaway. Well, that's fine by me though...'

As this thought pa.s.sed through his head, Virus began to calculate once again, as he again knew exactly at what time, where Brooc was going to be at.

But, unlike the previous times, he didn't aim at the location where Brooc was going to be at prior and instead, at the very last moment of his calculated time, just as Brooc was almost upon that place, he aimed toward that location with his fastest speed as pulled the trigger at almost the same time.

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