The God Virus


Volume 3 - 144 No Cultivation?!

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Listening to Virus' words, everyone was greatly surprised as they began to murmur in disdain.

"What?! He doesn't have a cultivation stage?"

"Then, how is this trash partic.i.p.ating in the Martial Contest?"

"How is this even possible?"

"Well, there are no rules stating someone who hasn't cultivated can't partic.i.p.ate... so..."

"Tras.h.!.+ Utter trash... And these many disciples were asked to... this is just humiliating..."

Virus' opponent who was standing on the other side facing him was also very surprised, as he asked in doubt, "But... if you have no cultivation, why are you partic.i.p.ating in the Martial Contest? I mean without Qi, you can't even use the tras.h.i.+est of the Mortal Techniques... then why? Are you only seeking death?"

"Nope, the reason is simple... and that's because I don't need 'cultivation' to defeat stupid monkeys like you." With a wide grin plastered on his face, Virus answered.

Listening to his reply, a light of anger flashed through the eyes of Virus' opponent, but immediately afterward, it stopped as he began to laugh like a maniac, "Hahahahaha...!"

Finally, stopping to laugh, he uttered, "It seems other than being a useless trash... you're also a r.e.t.a.r.d... well, let me knock some sense into that head of yours..."

As he voiced that, he began to calmly walk toward Virus as he added, "But I don't even need to use any kind of techniques to beat a trash mortal..."

Some of the other disciples nodded their head agreeing with his words, "He's right... with just his cultivation alone, he would be even able to kill him if he's not careful enough."

"Their difference is just too much."

Virus watched as his opponent walked half the distance between them as he thought, "Well, let's begin."




As he thought that, his mind immediately connected to the pitch black ring in the middle finger of his left hand as he transmitted his direct command to it.

'Trigger Initial Configuration –– Handgun!'

Instantly afterward, the pitch black ring seemed to start transforming as it got bigger and bigger in the palm of his left hand as it turned into that futuristic black matte handgun Virus had previously used in his trip to Russia.

The moment the handgun with its two long blue lines and its ten pairs of vertical blue lights appeared in his left hand, with a very quick speed, Virus raised the gun and shotted at the person in front of him.

But before shooting, he didn't forget to give the handgun one more command, 'Paralysis mode.'

Then, after he pulled the trigger, a blue light shot out of the handgun with an inconceivable speed as it directly hit his opponent who instantly fell on the floor, paralyzed.

Watching this whole process of some kind of black metal suddenly appearing in this trash's hand, everyone was astonished, but then, to their shock, they watched as a blue light suddenly shooted out from that strange metal as it hit the other disciple, who fell to the ground the next moment.

Watching this whole scene, everyone was stupefied, the elder included, as they looked at the handgun in Virus' hand in confusion and shock.

Looking at the elder who seemed to have forgotten where he was, Virus reminded, "He can't move or stand up, aren't you going to announce the results?"

As he uttered that, the handgun in his hand also began to change back as it went back to its ring form in Virus' middle finger.

Finally, coming out of his daze, the elder looked at the other disciple in amazement and seeing him unable to move even though he was conscious and his eyes were clearly open, he announced, "Disciple number 'Sixteen' wins!"

Listening to the results, everyone felt like their hearts tremble as they unconsciously remembered Virus' previous words, 'Nope, the reason is simple... and that's because I don't need 'cultivation' to defeat stupid monkeys like you.'

Then, they began to whisper among themselves, still in shock, "What was that black metal?!"

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"Moreover, what was that blue light which came out of that thing and hit Gonia?!?"

Now, it seemed the elder was also calling the disciples' name other than their number like he was saying they were finally worth being called by their names.

Though, the moment everyone heard the two announced names, their attention was all fully drawn to Virus and the so-called Ifen who was already walking above the stage with a face filled with hostility.

"Oh, who do you think will win?" One of the disciples who had beaten his opponent previously asked his apprentice-brother who had also come out victorious in his own match.

Putting his palm under his chin like he was a.n.a.lyzing and pondering very deeply about the question, the apprentice-brother replied, "Probably Ifen, that trash's previous opponent underestimated him and didn't even use his technique, but Ifen won't do that now... so it's probably going to be Ifen winning."

"Yeah... most likely..."




Virus began to walk on stage again, but the moment he was there, before the elder announced the start of the match, he once again connected to the ring on his finger.

'Trigger Initial Configuration –– Handgun!'

Seeing him produce his weapon even before the match started, Ifen looked at him in disdain as he said, "Are you that scared? Hmph, well, that's understandable since I'm not like that previous idiot who totally underestimated you as he relaxedly walked toward you like a practicing target... let's see if you can aim at me like that."

It was also at this moment that the elder announced the start of the match with interest, "Begin!"

Then, the second the match started, Ifen began to run with a very fast speed in a circle with Virus at its center.

Seeing him run at the corners of the stage in a circle as he slowly got closer and closer to Virus, the other disciples whispered, "This is truly a good strategy, like this... with his mortal body and mortal reactions, his hand won't be able to aim at Ifen at all... it's truly a good method..."

"It seems that trash is finally going to lose... Huh, so there was no need for me after all." Some else mumbled.

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