The God Virus


Volume 3 - 138 A Tear That Never Rolls

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Electro's eyes were as wide as it could be as she stared at the headless body in front of her and mumbled, "Ugh... No... this can't be... Tom..."

Obviously, the CEO ugly wasn't going to give her the opportunity to recover from her state of shock as he charged toward her to cut her head off too once and for all, in order to get rid of any kind of future trouble.

And so, with the Katana in his hand, he was almost instantly upon Electro as he raised his weapon and slashed at her with very fast speed.

Unfortunately though, in an instant, Electro's body was abruptly covered in electricity as even her hair stood up on its end, then the next moment, she just disappeared from her spot!

The CEO ugly was surprised by her sudden burst of speed which was almost three times faster than before.

However, he quickly began looking around to spot Electro in order to continue attacking.

Then, turning around, he found Electro standing beside the headless body of Skin as she murmured in a low voice while gritting her teeth, "I will definitely avenge your death just like the others... I promise." A drop of tear then gathered in her eyes but before it could even begin to roll down her face, it was vaporized as she was currently covered in electricity as it also coursed through her body.

By now, the CEO ugly was once again upon her as his own speed had accelerated further too, but Electro dodged again, though with a little difficulty this time.

After that tear had gathered in her eyes and vaporized, she turned bizarrely calm to the point that her face no longer wore any kind of expression as she pondered, 'I cannot go on for long like this in this form... it seems the wisest choice right now is to retreat. Even though I hate to do that to the last bit of my existence, I have no other choice if I really want to take revenge as it would be too hard for me to deal with all of them at this moment.'

'Sigh... it seems I have no other choice but to contact master... it's been years since we last talked, I wonder what he's been up to all these years at that place.'

While this thought was pa.s.sing through her mind, she was constantly under the barrage of attacks from the CEO ugly, but unfortunately, none of it successfully hit her.

Now that she had made a decision, she looked at Skin's cut off head one more time before changing her gaze at Ella who was being tightly protected by the Legal ugly to the point of her not even being able to see Skin's dead body.

Then, she began running toward the entrance of the rooftop, not even bothering to leave a few words of hatred before going away.

Seeing this, strangely, the CEO ugly didn't chase after her, which made the Legal ugly question, "Why aren't you following her? Go!"

Shaking his head, the CEO ugly replied, "I just checked, I'm not as fast as she is... she would be long gone before I arrive at the parking."

"I see..." The Legal ugly muttered, understanding the situation.

He also had just compared her speed with his own and knew he too was incapable of chasing after her, so he knew they had no other choice but to let her go for now.

Then, almost a minute later, a loud sound of an engine car roaring was heard as it soon disappeared into the night of the city.

"You bring miss Ella away from here, the Security ugly and I will deal with the mess here." The CEO ugly voiced.



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'Even though you're all horribly ugly... but still... is it okay to call yourself ugly?' Ella thought awkwardly as she sweated a little.

"Anyway, what was with his robotic arm? Some kind of advanced technology?" She questioned again, this time her eyes s.h.i.+ning a little.

'Why do you a.s.sume everything is some kind of advanced technology...' He wondered, before continuing his thought, 'Though what you said isn't false either, as that hand 'is' truly an advanced technology... so, guess I'll stick to that for now, at least until master comes back.'

Instantly being done with his thought process, he confirmed, "Yes... it is, anyway... if you have any further questions regarding the arm, you can ask the chairman yourself when he comes back."




"d.a.m.n it! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d!!! How dare he steal my little sister's thunder again!" Deadter Ilon yelled with an enraged voice as he shattered the table in front of him with a simple slap.

"Big brother... calm down, I'm not done yet... he achieved a hundred percent completion. Moreover, he's a superior disciple now, which means you need to be careful from now on and make no rash movements when it comes to him, he's not a n.o.body anymore." The skinny male who was previously interrupted by the enraged Deadter continued.

Listening to him, he became speechless for a moment as he went completely silent, it wasn't until a while later when he finally mumbled, "Hundred percent...? Superior Dusciple? That b.a.s.t.a.r.d...?"

"Yes! That's why... maybe it's better if you forget about..." The skinny male was just about to finish his sentence when he was interrupted again.

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