The God Virus


Volume 3 - 135 The Light Of Anger

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The Security ugly, on the other hand, was already almost at the end of the dark alley by now with Ella on his shoulder.

At the same time, Electro was done giving her orders to Skin as she began charging toward the two like a bolt of lightning.

Then, when the Security ugly was finally out of the dark alley, there was a still turned on car waiting just outside the alley, this was because when they had previously entered the dark alley, the security ugly was in so much hurry that without even trying to turn the car off, he dashed toward the alley in secret when he saw it stop there.

In fact, before they had made a turn into the alley, the Security ugly had thought that Ella had entered the car because she recognized a friend or someone else she knew, and that's why she hopped in the car.

And it wasn't until they stopped in the dark alley, that all of the alarms went off in the Security ugly's brain as he dashed into the alley.

In any case, after arriving beside his car, he immediately opened the back door of it as he put Ella there in an extremely quick manner before going into the driver seat as he put his foot on the gas pedal until the very end.

By now, Electro had almost caught up to the car when she witnessed it whirl away as she missed it with just a few meters distanced from it.

But fortunately, at the same time, Skin had also driven the car to her side. So, without delaying for even a second more, she hopped in the car too and yelled, "Drive! Don't lose them!"

During this time, inside the Security ugly's car, Ella was bombarding the Security ugly with questions, "What's going on? Who are they? Why would they wanna kidnap or harm me? And who are you?"

Listening to the chain of inquiries though, the Security ugly only replied with, "This is not the right time to be answering your questions... I will answer them when this is all over...and right now is not the time because they are still following us... however, as to your question of who they are... even I have no idea about it..."

Then, after responding like that, the Security ugly took out his phone and called someone.

Listening to his words, Ella looked back to check if they were following them, and was shocked to see that they were truly still following them.


The CEO ugly was currently very busy even at this time of the night, while he was dealing with some doc.u.ments which needed his signature as the CEO of the company.

'Good thing I don't get tired unless I want to...' This thought just went through his head, when his phone on the desk began to ring.

Taking a look at the caller ID, he was surprised to see that it was actually the Security ugly calling him, so after a momentary surprise, he immediately picked it up as he responded, "It must be something important for you to call at this time of the night, tell me... what is it?"

"Hey, I'm having a bit of a situation going on here... you know master has given me the task of protecting Miss Ella while he was gone right?" His voice came from the other side of the line.

"Yes... I heard some things about it, you must be happy to be finally out of that island, right?" The CEO ugly voiced with a smirk.

"It's not the time to... anyway like I said, I'm in a bit of a situation here and I need your help to deal with it..." His voice came from over the phone once again.

"Go on..." With a bit of frown, he uttered.

"So, just now, I was secretly following her when someone tried to kidnap her... now she's safe with me. However... those people who tried to kidnap her were both really powerful... and they had some kinds of superpowers or something similar." He continued describing the situation, "Now, saving her was not that much of a problem but they are still following us currently... I could lose them if I want to, but, that's not a solution as they will definitely try kidnapping her again."

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The CEO ugly was astonished to hear that there were actually two people with strange powers, but understanding the dire situation he probed no further on that matter for now, as he asked, "So... why aren't you dealing them? Are they even more powerful than you?"




Soon, the CEO ugly was standing on the rooftop of the building beside 4 Times Square patiently.

And even two minutes didn't pa.s.s when the Legal ugly also arrived, but seeing the CEO ugly standing there alone, he was surprised as he questioned, "Where is that person who's trying to harm master's woman?"

"The Security ugly's leading them here as we speak, so wait for now." With a very serious face, the CEO ugly responded.

"Them? Who are they? And why are they trying to harm her?" The Legal ugly asked further.

"I have no idea who they are or why they want to harm her... but according to the Security ugly..." Then, he began telling him the exact information the Security ugly had pa.s.sed on to him previously while he also explained how they seemed to have some strange abilities.

Listening to his description though, the Legal ugly was quite indifferent to the strange powers part as always, but his eyes which usually lacked any kind of light in them seemed to be emitting some kind of intense light in them, which the CEO ugly interpreted it as being the light of anger.

Seeing this rare reaction from him, even though the CEO ugly was surprised inside, he totally understood it, as he was also filled with rage since the moment he was notified that his master's woman was in danger.

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