The God Virus


Volume 3 - 133 The Trio

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"Anyway, Jess and I were talking about those CEOs when she mentioned that the Chairman of the famous Virus Industries which those CEOs plotted against is your boyfriend, shocking me to no ends!" Mary concluded.

"I see... by the way, Faith and Grace really can't make it tonight? I mean... it's been a long time since we went out together..." Ella questioned as she changed the subject to tonight.

"Sigh... they are both busy with something so they can't make it tonight, though they were both dying to come and join us too..." Jessica uttered.

"That's a shame... anyway, let's order something..." Said Ella as she signaled the waiter to come and take their orders.

Afterward, they had a nice dinner together as they began to chit-chat about everything in life cheerfully.

But, the dinner wasn't finished without Ella bending the p.r.o.ngs of the fork unintentionally.


When they were finally done eating, the trio decided to walk on the streets of the crowded city which was absolutely beautiful at nights.

They also stopped at some shops too as they began to look at different kinds of merchandise such as clothes, perfume, etc.

In the end, when they were finally finished with their night, they decided to separate from each other and leave for their own houses.

So, saying their goodbyes, the trio separated as each of them took a different route which led to their houses.

After parting ways with them, Ella decided to walk alone in the crowded city for a while before taking a taxi.

So, she started to stroll down the streets as she began thinking about Virus at the same time, 'Ai, when will you be back... I miss you...'

As these kinds of thoughts were pa.s.sing through her mind, a woman suddenly appeared in front of her as she stopped Ella.

Seeing Ella stop, the woman spoke, "h.e.l.lo, Miss Ella, I'm sent here by Mr. Vee, your boyfriend, to take you to him right now."

Listening to this woman who had a pitch black hair and black eyes as dark as night sky, Ella got excited as she uttered, "Ai is back?"

"Yes, Mr. Vee is back and he's currently waiting for you, please get on the car." Saying this, that woman respectfully pointed at a Virus car which was parked right beside them a couple of steps away.

Knowing that Virus was back, Ella was too exhilarated and thrilled to meet him as soon as possible that she totally forgot to ask herself why Virus didn't contact her through their special connection first after coming back. Though even if she wasn't excited, it was unknown if she would've suspected anything in the first place at all.

So just like that, without doubting anything or trying to make a call to Virus first, she hopped in the car, too eager for meeting him.

Then, as she sat in the back seat of the car, she realized that there was a man dressed in a suit beside her in the back seat, but a.s.suming that it must be a bodyguard or someone else who works for Virus, she decided to not mind him.

Seeing Ella already in the car, the black haired woman also went into the car as she sat in the front seat.

After the car began to move, Ella happily decided to call Virus to see where he was and where these people were taking her to.

However, as she tried contacting him, much to her surprise, she realized that no call went through at all... which meant...

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"What's happening? Ai said I would be able to call him if he's anywhere close by... could it be he's not back? Then who are these people? Uhh... I trusted them too easily, why would Ai send them to pick me up without telling me first?" Immediately, Ella began to suspect everything that was happening and realized something was definitely wrong here.

Afterward, when the mist was fully formed, he uttered, "Just don't move and let this mist touch you...don't worry, it'll only make you unconscious..."

Saying that, he began bringing his right hand closer and closer to Ella, while on the other side, Ella felt more terrified the closer the misty hand was getting to her.

She was so afraid by seeing the approaching hand which had a strange mist revolving above it that her body was completely frozen out of fear.

' I have to fight... I can't just stay still while doing nothing... but what do I do? Ai... what do I do?'



The golden beauty had just come back from slaughtering the 'Snake to dragon' gang when she witnessed Ella kissing Virus on his cheek in front of her.

After hearing the report of the matter regarding the golden beauty's successful slaughter, Virus' attention was once again fully focused on Ella, "Anyway... with your potential now opened... if a day comes when you are in danger... punch... punch with all your might... alright?"



Suddenly remembering those words of Virus, she discovered new-found courage in herself as she closed her eyes and punched toward the man in front of her while making a loud scream, "Ahhhhhhhhhh..."

"Little miss, what do you think you can possibly do with..."


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