The God Virus


Volume 3 - 124 The Glowing Wooden Table

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Witnessing the percentage bar completely filled up and show a hundred percent, everyone's eyes widened to the extremes!

The elder couldn't help but gasp as he was having quite the difficulty in believing what had occurred in front of him.

Astes too was shocked very much, and if anyone else from the superior disciples' section was seeing her features right now, they too would've been astounded, because this level of shock was something that the King-level beauty had never shown on her face before.

As everyone was still staring at the orb, the door to the next floor was finally opened as Virus walked out of it and strolled before the elder with the most casual of the expressions.

Seeing his relaxed way of behavior like he had achieved nothing special, everyone felt quite annoyed inside.

The elder though, couldn't help but admire his calm way of behavior even after he had achieved something unbelievable.



At the center of the sect, there was a paG.o.da with the biggest size among all of the paG.o.das around it.

Currently, inside the highest floor of that paG.o.da, an old bald man with a very long white beard was sitting with closed eyes as if he was in deep meditation.

There was also a very long scar on the right side of his face which began from his eyebrows and continued to the right side of his mouth with just a few centimeters away from it.

As the old man seemed to be persisting on his peaceful meditation, his eyes abruptly opened in surprise, and soon, a wooden tablet appeared on his hand which was currently glowing with light.

Seeing it, the old man couldn't help himself but mumble, "What's going on...? Why would the sect's main tablet glow with light all of a sudden?"


After Virus came out of the door, everyone changed their gazes from the orb to Virus, with an entirely different look than before he had entered the door.

Before he had entered the door, they all looked at him like they were looking at a crazy person, but now, they were looking at him in shock like a monster was walking in front of them.

Alice who was truly despairing at this point didn't know what to do anymore as she was feeling a very intense grip in her chest, like someone was pressing her chest with all of his might, making it extremely difficult for her to breathe.

At the same time, she kept thinking to herself inside, 'This isn't possible, this is absolutely impossible!'

Afterward, before anyone could say a word, looking at the elder, she broke the silence as she voiced loudly, almost screaming, "Elder... he must have cheated just like how he did in the first evaluation!!! You gotta see that! Expel him... no... you have to kill him as punishment for trying to fool the sect! You know this result is simply something impossible to achieve... or maybe the 'Examination Door' is broken by him..."

Listening to her desperate voice, it was like the other inferior disciples were enlightened all of a sudden as glimmers of understanding pa.s.sed through their eyes, and some of them also began to voice their minds one by one.

"Oh.. so he cheated on the first examination just like I thought, huh?"

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"Is he just a cheater after all? For a second there, I thought he was one of those monsters..."

Seeing Alice and the rest of the disciples calm down as they seemed to be able to think clearly for themselves now, the elder changed his line of sight toward Virus and thought, 'He is truly a monster... even though it's still hard for me to believe he had truly achieved this result... there is no way it wasn't correct either...'

Everyone was now looking at Virus, when suddenly they heard a sound from the door which draw their attention to itself, so looking over, they saw the list on the door change by itself as a new name appeared at the highest place of the ranking:

Number one - Vee - [Thousand books] - [Hundred percent of knowledge mastered]

Just looking at this number, everyone's heart couldn't help but begin to pound faster.

The elder too looked at the door before taking it back as he looked at Virus once again and uttered with a grin, "Congratulation Vee Junior, you've truly achieved something that was never seen before by someone at your level of cultivation... just as a mortal..."

Listening to the congratulation, Virus continued his expressionless way of looking at the elder as he lacked any kind of reaction whatsoever.

Witnessing this, not bothered in the least by his behavior as he had seen even weirder people before, the elder continued, "According to the disciples, you've skimmed through every book in the library in almost a day with an extremely fast speed... tell me... were you memorizing every book you saw at that time?"

As the paG.o.da master waited for Virus' response, he finally received it, "Yes."

Hearing this response, the elder and the others were amazed once more as the elder declared, "If that's true... then... that means... your memory is even stronger and greater than those with the so-called 'Photographic Memory'... because... they can't even compare to half of your capabilities when it comes to the power of memorization and comprehension... they aren't even close."

After a short pause, the elder opened his mouth again with eyes full of admiration as he remarked, "You're truly amazing!"

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