The God Virus


Volume 3 - 118 The Pagoda Master

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Seeing her anger, no longer beating around the bush, Viper replied, "There is something... well, it's just a rumor... but it could be considered the most important piece of information we discovered that would be of use... that info reveals that the Chairman has a girlfriend... and we know her exact ident.i.ty!"

"Hmm... how were you able to get a hold of this information?" Frowning, Electro questioned.

"... One of the Private Investigators we hired was able to find a girl who claims her best friend is dating the Chairman of the Virus Industries." Viper explained.

"That's most likely only a rumor though... probably some drama queen spreading rumors trying to be the center of attention... " She uttered putting a contemplative expression on her face.

"Maybe... but there is a good chance it's true... because after hearing this rumor, we went to the college that girl was studying at and began an investigation there and questioned other students about it... then, we found that... there is truly a rich man with G.o.dlike features and devilish charm around twenty-seven years old who comes to their university and picks up that specific girl from time to time... each time stirring the hearts of all of the girls there. Oh, also... they know he's rich because he always drives different models of the best cars of the Virus Industries... dotting this with another rumor among the employees of the 4 Times Square which states the Chairman is an out of this world devilishly charming man who seems to be also around the age of twenty-seven or twenty-eight... you know where I'm going with this right, leader?" Staring into his leader's eyes with an evil grin in his face, Viper stated.

At last, hearing something useful, her eyes began to s.h.i.+ne in excitement mixed with hate, as she had finally found a target she could vent a little.

Inside, she thought, 'Great... you ma.s.sacred the people that I care, it's my turn and I will begin by slaughtering the person you care about the most in this world. Just wait... I swear I'm gonna let you understand what true pain means! First, I will start by showing you your girlfriend cut into a thousand pieces bit by bit.'

"Good job! There is a big chance that her boyfriend is truly the Chairman of the Virus Industries... but even if it was just a long shot and we weren't certain at all... I would've still chosen to make a move. Okay, now first, tell me more about his girlfriend..." She inquired with a new found motivation.

"She's called Ella Dell, the daughter of Daniel and Megan, currently studying at the Columbia University... we were able to identify four of her best friends called Jessica Sheen, Grace Hill, Faith York, and Mary Brown

... and the best friend through which we learned this rumor from is..." Then, he began to report everything he had learned about Ella and everyone around her in this period of time when they were investigating.

After he was done, Electro sank into deep thought. Eventually coming out of it, she uttered, "Okay... let's think of a good plan."



After that Elder left the library, he directly began walking to the inner parts of the sect where you had to at least be a Superior Disciple in order to have the permission of entry.

But the moment he entered one of those inner territories, everyone began to treat him differently than the treatment he received in the Inferior Disciples section where almost no one knew who he was.

All of the disciples here began to recognize him immediately and without any exception, all of them bowed from their waists in respect and spoke with clear reverie showing in their eyes and tone, "Good morning, PaG.o.da Master."

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Nodding his head in response, he pa.s.sed by the disciples who greeted him until he was in front of a paG.o.da half the size of the main paG.o.da in the sect and entered it.

There are even sects or schools which follow a lot more paths all at once like the sect Virus was currently at which was divided into many sections with each section focusing mainly on only one path, but these kinds of schools or sects were either very powerful or very ancient in history.

Now, in Virus' current sect, every section was provided a paG.o.da.

Furthermore, each of the paG.o.das had a master which was called the 'PaG.o.da Master'.

The paG.o.da master of each paG.o.da was the strongest cultivator and the best expert in his own field among the elders in that specific paG.o.da.

Everyone in the sect revered the PaG.o.da Masters in different paG.o.das because to their knowledge, they were the highest authority in the sect right after the sect master who lived in the biggest paG.o.da which was the main paG.o.da at the center of all of the other paG.o.das.

Entering his own paG.o.da, the elder was just about to enter his own study, when a feminine voice stopped him in his tracks, "Master."

Turning around, the elder saw a very beautiful woman with a very pale skin with plump chest who seemed to be just in her mid-twenties.

She had the tranquil features of an extraordinary beauty who had big eyes and long eyelashes together with a small nose and thin rosy red lips which would calm any person who looked at her with anxiety, but at the same time... this tranquility had the effect of making their heart start pounding faster and faster until a burning desire of never wanting to separate their gaze from her would be born inside them which would force them to look at her as long as they able to.

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