The God Virus


Volume 3 - 115 Stolen Thunder

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And at this moment, he was finally finished. By now, exactly seventeen hours and fifty minutes had pa.s.sed since Virus began the process of turning the pages as no more books remained in the library which he hadn't touched.

At this point, no one was paying him any further attention as their speechlessness had dissipated long ago. Because now, they were certain he was a madman, and it was better to not look at a madman.

Knowing that he was done, he began walking outside the library, no longer wasting any more glances at the library of books.

When he was outside, he immediately spotted the golden beauty who was waiting at a corner beside the entry of the library and as soon as she saw Virus, she hurried over and voiced, "You're finally back master! Exactly as you said, around eighteen hours... "

"Haha, yes. You must've gotten bored waiting for me... isn't that true, lil Belle?" Virus asked with a chuckle.

He was feeling mentally tired now that he had turned page after page for eighteen hours.

'A true body has it's downsides too...' He thought.

"Not at all master, you must be tired, let's go back to that place which is reserved for the volunteers..." She replied after seeing her master's face which seemed to be tired.


After that, while they were on the way back, the golden beauty couldn't help but ask, "What did you do in the library master?"

"Hmm... I read a thousand books in the entire eighteen hours I was gone." Virus casually answered her question as they were walking side by side.

But hearing the response, the golden beauty couldn't help herself but get shocked as she uttered, "You read only a thousand books in eighteen hours, master?"

"Haha, that's too few in number right? Well, I had my reasons for reading them the way I did... anyway, no need to concern yourself with that." responded Virus with a short laugh.

Honestly, he had other means to read the books in a much shorter period of time, but if he had used any of his other methods, it wouldn't have the same effect he was looking for.

If he had, for example, used another one of his methods to scan through the books without even opening them or touching them, the elder and the other people in the sect might think he had already memorized the books before coming to the sect, suspecting that he was specifically getting ready for this evaluation since a long time ago.

And, that would bring their level of amazement to a lesser degree thinking he was just a person who had put lots of time and effort into trying to be an exceptional genius in the eyes of the others.

Though even with that his result would be shocking, he wasn't after just being shocking, he wanted to create the a.s.sumption that he was the best talent in regards to comprehension and understanding as he suspected that was the true purpose of the second evaluation.

Otherwise, other than that, now that he was done skimming through the books, he clearly saw that lots of the basic information had already existed in his memory prior, though it was imperfect. But still, if he wanted, he could've bypa.s.sed some of the books which had existed in his mind already, but he didn't do that, because he wanted to create the illusion that he had read every book at that very moment by just looking at it once and pa.s.sing from it without stopping in the least.

Now, he had all of the knowledge in the first level of the library in his head without losing even a single word, and the only question remaining now was if the examination would limit him in any way so that inputting all of the information regarding the books would be impossible.

For example, if the examination made it so he had to p.r.o.nounce and voice everything he knew and comprehended in a specific amount of time, even he wouldn't be able to input all of the knowledge regarding the thousand books.

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At most, he would only be able to input some more knowledge than the current number one on the ranking, because even he had a limit of how many words he could produce with his own mouth in a limited period of time, especially now that he had a true body.

He had been planning for his sister to partic.i.p.ate at the best time possible in the Inferior Disciple Recruitment and come out as the champion of the genius group, so she would be directly apprenticed to one of the best elders who took fancy of her talent.

But now, he was hearing that another person had stolen her sister's thunder which made him quite furious and grudgeful.

"No... I heard he made the orb turn pale white... twice." The skinny male replied.

"I see, so he achieved only pale white..." Just as he was nodding his head, he suddenly ate the rest of his words as he turned completely silent like he was processing something.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence later to the skinny young man, the other male shouted in shock, "WHAT?! Are freaking kidding me in this kind of situation?"

"No... I wouldn't dare big brother." He answered shaking his head hastily for a couple of times.

"..." "Pale white... pale white... what kind of monster is he... and he was tested twice... d.a.m.n it... my little sis won't be seen in any way if things continue like this..." He began talking to himself a little nervously.

But by now, his hostility toward Virus who had used his sister as a stepping stone could be clearly seen in his eyes more intensely than ever.

Just the thought of another person being in the limelight by dimming her sister's s.h.i.+ning light was making him extremely furious.

"What's that b.a.s.t.a.r.d called??" He questioned with a louder and chillier voice.

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