The God Virus


Volume 2 - 98 Immediate Effects

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Afterward, looking at the Island ugly, Virus opened his mouth asking about a matter the Island ugly had notified him before, "So, you told me you couldn't find the Stabilizer Rapid Essence even with the Scanner anywhere, right?"

The Island ugly replied after seeing his master's attention was now fully on him, "Yes, master, I even looked at the approximate locations you told me they would probably exist at, but I couldn't find it anywhere..."

'Hmmm... why does it cannot be found? Maybe... it still doesn't exist at this time? Or maybe all of it was gathered by someone else?' These thoughts went through Virus' head after hearing the response.

Then, when his deliberation was over, he spoke, "If that's the case... we can only replace that with something else... something that is very similar to Stabilizer Rapid Essence..."

'Hmm... let's search for something similar then...' Deliberating in this line of thought, he started searching for anything similar which can be found and in less than a second, a result showed itself in his mind as the most similar result with almost the same properties.

'I see, Brisk Balance Fruit... so this is the most similar thing to Stabilizer Rapid Essence... however, I found this in the Cultivation Multiverse of Qi database... it seems I would need to go on another trip.' Virus concluded inside.

"I know another replacement very similar to it... from now on, you don't need to be worried about this matter anymore, because I'm gonna go find it myself." Virus uttered after making the decision to go look for the material himself, he was doing this because even if he went looking for it, it wasn't clear how much time it would take for him to find it, but he knew he would be able to find it much faster than the other uglies.

And, he was in a hurry to find it as quick as possible, because it was something essential for his cultivation to continue.

"Yes, master. When are you leaving? And... will I be following you?" The Island ugly asked.

"I'll leave soon, but first, I need to go back and finish some matters and give some new orders before leaving. Also, you won't be following me on this trip, there are lots of things for you to do here." Virus continued, "Now, putting that matter aside, go and bring me one of those High-Frequency Vibration Ring Weapons."

"Yes, master." Obeying his words without any kind of questioning as to why he needed it, the Island ugly left for a short period of time before returning with a ring in his palm.

"Here it is master." After coming back with the ring, he presented it to him respectfully with two hands.

After the ring was delivered, the party of four left for the airport, and from there, the golden beauty and Virus left promptly without any delay.

Inside the private jet, Virus finally had the time to start checking the immediate changes that had occurred on his body now that no impurities were left in his body.

Beginning from the first level, he focused all of his attention on his skin trying to remember how it felt before and after the cleansing. Quickly, he realized the difference easily, he felt his skin could now breathe and feel the air much better than in the past. And with the first and tenth level complementing each other, this feeling intensified even further.

Every move he made with his body felt like he was being ma.s.saged by someone or as if he was stretching his body in pleasure, every move he made with his flesh and muscles was just filled with pleasure.

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His organs were all working a little better than in the past, for example, his lung could absorb oxygen more.


Virus was currently inside his car driving toward Ella's university together with the golden beauty, because he wanted to see her and notify her of the news of his departure in person.

Before moving, he had checked Ella's location and witnessing her exact location, he started driving there.

After arriving at the university, he and the golden beauty got off the car as they started moving toward her current cla.s.s. Because it was the cla.s.s period for most students, the campus was a lot emptier than the usual, however, there were some male and female students here and there pa.s.sing by or sitting somewhere.

Expectedly, those people all stopped in their tracks and even their thought process froze as their focus and attention were all targeted at these two charming and beautiful people.

One of the more confident girls who was walking toward the two even stopped and tried to start a conversation with Virus, but without any change on his walking speed whatsoever, Virus pa.s.sed by her together with the golden beauty.

Only after they had walked away from her and were some steps further, did he respond with, "I have a girlfriend." Then no longer wasting any more thoughts on her, he continued his way.

When they were finally in front of the cla.s.s Ella was currently at, he looked at the golden beauty by his side and mumbled, "You wait here and keep watch lil Belle, I'll be back soon."

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