The God Virus


Volume 1 - 16 Potential Opening

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"Do you want to be strong too?" Virus asked after a little while of silence.

"Yes, I want to be strong so I could stay by your side and help you!" she said seriously with the light of strong determination s.h.i.+ning inside her eyes.

"Well, with me here you won't stay weak like this, as even if you didn't say this I wanted to make you more powerful to be able to at least defend against normal people like those trashes we faced today." Virus said as he suddenly got up leaving the confused beauty for a little while before coming back with an injection like things that seemed quite out of the world like those injections in those science fiction movies of future.

Seeing the strange thing in Virus' hands Ella asked curiously.

"This is [Potential Opening] Injection, this makes the person injected with this thing a lot more powerful with no side effects as it taps on the absolute potential a human body is capable of and it comes with no outward physical changes like muscles bulging, even though this won't turn as powerful as the lil beauty you will be quite more powerful as at least I won't need to be keep worried about your safety." Virus explained.

"Wow, I've never heard of such a thing existing in real life other than inside movies." Ella said amazed.

"Well, it doesn't to everyone else but me." Virus said smiling while acting proud again.

"You hypocrite!" Ella said jokingly seeing him acting proud and then she continued suddenly getting serious "But if I'm not as strong as the golden haired beauty will I be able to help you?"

After a little while Virus said honestly "Well, for now you can't as you won't be strong enough and I also don't need any help as lil beauty can deal with everything, but that might change in the future."

Then he continued, "but don't worry this is just temporarily, I have something else for you which I will give you later after I'm done with some things first I need to do and make sure first, which will make you even stronger than lil beauty if you put enough time in it and if you're determined enough to get strong."

"Okay... " Ella replied only with this as she thanked him no longer as she also truly felt like she was his woman and belonged to him.

"Then let me inject you with it, don't worry it won't sting." Virus said as he approached her and just connected it to her right arm as it automatically injected itself.

"Done, how do you feel?" he asked.

"Well... nothi... oh... I'm starting to feel something... if feels like... it feels almost like ... spring, it's so refres.h.i.+ng, like I wouldn't need to sleep for the rest of my life." Ella said amazed at how she was feeling.

"The feeling will go away soon." Virus replied.

After 5 more minutes the feeling disappeared as Ella said talking very quick, in only half a minute "WOW, even though the feeling disappeared everything seems to be slower."

But Virus still understood her words as he said looking at the coffin like thing with which the robots skin was made "That's normal too but it won't pa.s.s like the feeling, you need to get used to it. Also try your strength, lift this device here, it weighs more than two tons."

"Will I be able to lift that?? I mean I read somewhere the strongest man ever in all history lifted around 2.8 tons... I mean it's true I feel strong but..." As she was talking Virus interrupted as he said "Just try!"

"Okay... " Ella said as she went beside the coffin like thing and put her arms around it, with little effort from Ella's part the coffin thing started to be lifted slowly until Ella completely stood up.

"Wow, I can lift two tons and it was quite easy!!!" She said excitedly.

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"Okay now... put it down." Virus said as she put it on the ground on the same place again.

The Government and the Police were left without any lead of where they had gone to or whom had kidnapped them.

Everyone was shocked by the thousands of missing people and lot's of people started going home earlier at nights scared of being kidnapped.

These news not only shocked the people of Newyork but it also reached to the people outside New York to other cities and countries too as it shocked them greatly of how can just thousands of people disappear like it was nothing.

And this news also had a major negative impact on the reputation of New York.



One month had pa.s.sed since Virus had ordered the four uglies to do different tasks and duties.

In the past two weeks Ella never came by to Virus' building to see him as she knew he was busy with some things for now.

She just got Virus' phone number and just called sometimes to hear his voice when she missed him, and sometimes Virus called when she came to his mind.

And today finally a new company called [Virus] released different kinds of highly advanced phones.

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