The God Virus


Volume 1 - 8 Ella 1

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While Virus was driving with the golden beauty on the streets when finally she couldn't control her curiosity "Where are we going Master?" She asked with a little blush like she was a little expectant of the answer, like she was waiting for her master to say something.

Looking at the golden beauty's face for a second then turning his eyes again to the lines on the street Virus said "Didn't I tell you already? we're going somewhere so I would get laid."

"Yeah... but where... and with whom... you're gonna... you know?" she asked again with red blush going down to her neck.

"Well, we're going to a party, and with who I'm gonna do it, you will know it soon." Virus said like he was telling her to wait for it.

"okay master." she smiled sweetly full of hope that she would be the person her master wanted to do it with.

After 15 more minutes of driving they finally arrived to their destination. On the way lot's girls and boys kept staring at the car with their eyes s.h.i.+ning, even a beautiful girl came beside the window of the driver behind red lights and tried to talk to Virus and after seeing him and being stunned by his looks she tried even more, but without looking at her or reacting in anyway Virus just continued on his way after the lights turned green. The place they arrived was to a house in a warm looking neighborhood, the sound of songs and music were coming outside with cheers and screams heard from inside.

getting off from the car Virus started walking towards the house with the golden beauty walking a little behind him being focused for any possible danger that might risk her master, as Virus had told her to walk a little behind she was a little behind so it didn't seem they were together.

after getting to the front of the house's door Virus opened the doors and went inside, the sounds, screams and laughters increased when he opened the door but the moment he stepped inside almost everyone and everything went quiet, except the sound of music that is.

Some randomly looked at the person who had come inside the person but those who looked were stunned and gone, they couldn't take back their gazes from the person who had just entered the house, those people seeing those stunned people curious also looked at the place those stunned people were looking but they too couldn't come back to themselves, and just like that, like a domino effect, everyone was looking at that person silently.

every girl blushed seeing him, they were all wis.h.i.+ng he would approach them and talk to them, while they were fantasizing of talking to him. The person everyone was looking at and stunned with started walking towards a direction where a group of girls were standing.


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'my heart was going crazy and I couldn't take back control no matter how hard I tried because someone had just entered the house, I swear! he was the most charming and handsome person I've seen in my life, he had eyes of which colors I couldn't seem to recognize sometimes it felt like it was golden ans sometimes limpid blue and sometimes even grey, his hair was silver, wavy, and messed up attracting anyone to it, and his height was really tall, I couldn't help myself but to thing how good it would be if this person would just hug me and prince carry me everywhere for the rest of my life with that tall and fit body of his, his eyelashes were really long too, longer than a girl's and his skin color d.a.m.n, it was a killer a korean white, it felt like K-POP star was in front of me except the star would be nothing beside him. every small detail in his body was beyond perfect, like G.o.d had put most of his focus creating him only.'

As I was thinking these different things inside my mind that person shockingly started walking towards me and my friends and even more shockingly he stopped in front of us and said "h.e.l.lo, I'm AI V, who are you?"

I felt like he was talking to me but that was impossible so I looked around me to see if any of my friends was beside me, seeing that no one was beside me I was sure shockedly he was talking to me so after being stunned for a little while more I answered with nervousness " I'm... I'm Ella." my voice was even shaking a little.

"You have a beautiful name Ella, Nice to meet you." he said similing while he brought his hands to front wanting to shake hands with me.

But me and my friends were too shocked by his smile as he changed 180 degree to another kind of being handsome, if before he was handsome and charming now he was devilishly handsome with naughtiness, s.e.xiness and a lot more features suddenly turning dominant, making him another kind of heaven blessed perfection, as when he smiled dimples began to appear on his face making people want to just die for him, the kind that makes everyone fall in love at first sight. and then his eyes which seemed to be smiling with him also made people speechless making them wonder how can such a smile exist.

Finally coming to myself I said "Nice to meet you too Ai Vee... you said you were called Ai... why is that? are you from j.a.pan?" I asked trying to continue the conversation, never wanting it end.

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