The God Virus


Volume 1 - 4 The Golden Beauty

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'It's finally ready.' [Virus] thought excitedly looking at the hovering stunning G.o.dlike body inside the gla.s.s tube on the top floor of his 4 Times Square building.

The stuff inside the top floor of [Virus]'s building were almost the same except there was one more bed like thing placed there now, more specificly a baby incubator like thing but bigger, fitting for adults, and in simpler words it looked like a black coffin with red light lighting inside it.

Couple months pa.s.sed from the time the terror attack of 9/11 happened, when finally [Virus]'s body was ready.

"Congratulations master! now you're gonna have your own real body... that's sooo nice!" a lively young beauty by the side said. She seemed to be around 18 years-old or even younger, She had golden eyes with curly golden blond hair. her skin was snow white, with long golden eye lashes, a small nose and small lips redder than red with plump chests obviously hardly fitting inside her clothes and her height was 157 with a fit slender body , a truly beautiful girl by any standards.

"Thanks lil beauty." a face appeared and talked inside the hovering 3D screen of one of the computers, the face looked similar to the face of the hovering body inside the cylindrical gla.s.s tube filled with now transparet colorless liquid, the difference was that the face inside the 3D screen was the cartoonish version of the face of the body.

There were 4 other males wearing suits and black by the side just standing there like statues. Unlike the girl which was a true heavenly beauty these four male bodygaurd looking people were very bad looking. looking uglier than even people others consider ugly, it was like G.o.d had first created the girl and put all His ideas and enthusiasm on the girl while after that he had gotten to the creation of the other four males but had run out of ideas, so He had randomly created them, thus the random ugliness.


In the past year or two since [Virus] had bought the 4 Times Square there were lot's of people curious about what exactly was going on here on this building, there were also lot's of attempts trying to blend among other workers for spying on the goings-on inside the building, but weirdly they were all dumped outside without an exception even before getting to the elevator, there was even a person trying to sneak inside from above the building but when that person got to the roof she saw that the security was waiting for her there beforehand ready to escort her out.

Reporters, government people and people from different organizations were trying to figure out what exactly was going on inside.

They even attempted to bribe the workers inside the building, but the only reaponse and thing they got from the bribed people was that they were gathering different material from all around the world or that they were putting different materials together to build something but they didn't know what and that was truly all they knew.

They couldn't even name and tell the materials used in the things they were making or how or what things they have put together to make what as they had done a little of something before pa.s.sing it to the next group. What was even more weird is that those workers who were bribed and said anything were fired the next day without exception no matter how much secretive they were, it was like the owner of the building had ears and eyes everywhere which shocked those curious people even more.

Everything except the name of the owner of that building was a mystery which made everyone even more curious.

Everyone was especially curious about the ident.i.ty of this person called Victor Goodwin.

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Those in the government trying to figure this person's true ident.i.ty and background were all met with a single result in all their data base : TOP LEVEL CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION.

In these past couple months [Virus] wasn't lazing around doing nothing, after the 9/11 terror attack especially, [Virus] started to get busy as the material gathering workers around the world started moving for materials.

And finally the coffin like thing was built, which's function was to add 100 percent human flesh and skin to robots. As [Virus] was soon going to have it's body and was going to go outside, it couldn't take the five robots outside with it as that would be to shocking and eye catching, so [Virus] decided to humanize them.

And so [Virus] started placing the 5 robots inside it one by one, first [Virus] placed the only female gender robot inside the coffin like device it was very enthusiastic about it almost like it was designing its own body, so it put lot's of effort in making it considering and rejecting lots of ideas. it thought what kind of body it would've created if it had chosen to be a girl and in the end that golden curly haired beauty was created, but after creating her [Virus] suddenly got bored very much, so he just started designing the bodies of the other four bodygaurd looking males completely randomly and haphazardly, thus the pettiful four robots had turned to four ugly males.

In the end the five robots were humanized but they were only empty controlled by [Virus] itself, which made them very boring to [Virus] as time pa.s.sed as they couldn't compare to his real body, also eventhough [Virus] liked controlling the Golden Haired robot, it quite disliked controlling the other four ugly male robots, so it decided to fill the empty with artificial intelligences which listened to [Virus]'s orders only.

So the computers started automatically writing codes of unrecognizable language for 12 hours, the first 11 hours took [Virus] make the first Artificial Intelligence which was of the highest quality with female tendencies, [Virus] placed it inside the Golden Haired Beauty.

The next one hour was spent making the other four AIs which were of medium quality and after they were finished [Virus] randomly put one inside each of the four ugly male robots impatiently. And afterward [Virus] turned all it's attention again to the Golden Haired Beauty no longer giving any more second of its attention to the four other ugly males.

Finally [Virus] turned the AIs on. without looking at the other four AIs, completely focused on the golden beauty, some seconds later the golden beauty slowly opened her long golden eyelashesh with golden irises, looking confusedly at everything around it.

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