The General's Little Peasant Wife


Chapter 961

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The housekeeper suppressed the displeasure he felt, and looked at Mu Xue seriously after neither an obsequious nor supercilious bow.

“This old slave doesn’t dare to do that, but most of these things are imperial gifts. Although they are for the Prince or belonged to the Prince, Princess, you mustn’t ruin it. If the Emperor ever finds out, he will blame everyone in the residence. Who will bear the brunt then?” The housekeeper said coldly.

His words were not alarming. Initially, Xiao Qi Feng often rewarded Xiao Qi Tian with many things. Some of them were placed in the warehouse by Xiao Qi Feng, while other things were asked by Xiao Qi Tian to be placed as decorations.

The servants who cleaned the place daily were very cautious because they were afraid of accidentally knocking these things down. But now, the Princess actually smashed so many of the Prince’ decorations. So, if the Emperor found out about it, even if it would not matter much, he would definitely be unhappy.

Mu Xue’s face stiffened, not expecting that these seemingly unremarkable things were all given by the Emperor.

Despite some fear she felt, it was Mu Xue’s pride that still made her try hard to restrain from showing any flaws.

Mu Xue’s body was trembling slightly, with obvious fear in her eyes. If Xiao Qi Feng found out, he would definitely hate her even more.

Although Xiao Qi Tian would not do much to her, but Xiao Qi Feng was different. If he decided to set up another marriage for Xiao Qi Tian, then, it would not do her any good.

Having this thought, Mu Xue felt that the things she did today were really inappropriate. But it was already too late to regret now.

“What are you doing there? Quickly, clean up this place.” Mu Xue commanded while she stared angrily at the servants standing at the door.

The housekeepers looked at Mu Xue and felt disgusted. Mu Xue not only acted arrogantly but was not even willing to accept her mistakes.

The Princess was a very good person at first. She was well-educated, well-balanced, gentle and virtuous. How could she become like this now. It was like the opposite poles.

If it were not for the Prince and Little Heir’s sake, the housekeepers really wanted to tell her how to behave so that she would know how to restrain herself rather than bother the Prince.

Mu Xue left the room when they started cleaning, she walked out quickly, looking like a figure trying to escape.

Mu Xue wandered aimlessly in the residence. The home she once had, had completely changed. Those respectful servants were rude to her now, and her relatives were ignoring her. Even her child was being raised in the palace.

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This home used to be so warm, but it felt very empty now. This emptiness made Mu Xue feel a little cold.

“Relax, I don’t have any other conditions. I just need your help to look for the entrance of Tong Bao Zhai.” The other party said casually to Mu Xue and laughed.

Mu Xue frowned. She glanced at the person opposite her. Did he want to attack Ning Meng Yao and the others?

“I don’t remember anything, and they won’t tell me.” Mu Xue said while lowering her head. She was a little angry talking about this.

The man gave Mu Xue a disdainful look, but he soon hid it away.

“As long as you stop acting arrogantly, go back to how you were before, gentle and virtuous, they will regain their trust in you sooner or later.” If he still needed to teach her how to act properly, then he would have to really doubt himself. Could it be possible that he had gotten the wrong person?

Mu Xue bit her lips. She frowned tightly, then she looked up at the other party.

“Do you have any way to bring Qi Tian back to me and love me like before?”

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