The General's Genius Daughter

Zhuo Hua - 灼华

Chapter 327 - The Origin of the Hare

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Chapter 327 The Origin of the Hare

Tianci tugged at the hem of Hua Qiyue's robe and looked at her piteously. There was longing in his eyes that Hua Qiyue had never seen before.

Yun Shimo just remained silent. Sometimes, the more one said, the more mistakes he would make. Thus, he just stared pa.s.sionately at the woman he hadn't seen in more than two years.

For more than two years, he had been engaged in comprehension and meditation. He had let go of the distracting thoughts in his mind, but there was always a woman deeply rooted in his heart.

After comprehending the Heavenless Book, he came all the way here non-stop, never resting for days and nights.

The whistling of the autumn wind sounded like her voice.

The caress of the autumn wind resembled that from her white hands.

He wanted to be near her all the time, but he was full of fear. He was afraid that Hua Qiyue wouldn't want to see him and would ask him to leave.

However, he went to her anyway and decided that he would never leave her and Tianci again.

“Mom, agree. Mom!” The little fellow had been tugging at Hua Qiyue's hand, and his voice was full of supplication.

Hua Qiyue puckered her lips and cast the silent Yun Shimo a glare. They hadn't seen each other for two years, but now the man was not only thin but also unshaven, looking ten years older.

In fact, Hua Qiyue could almost dream of Yun Shimo every night. She dreamed that he only stared at her silently, his eyes full of supplication.

There were several nights that Hua Qiyue dreamed of Yun Shimo coming and holding her tight. But in the dreams, she had no strength to resist and was held tightly and forcibly kissed by him, and then, he took further steps.

When she woke up from her dreams, Hua Qiyue felt ashamed of herself.

She hated that man so much, but she actually had such dreams, which really made her unable to forgive herself.

Now the man was genuinely standing before her, and she felt a little guilty. She lowered her head and took Tianci. “Mom is hungry. Let's go home.”

Tianci gave Yun Shimo a quick wink, beckoning him to follow them. An idea came to Yun Shimo, and he followed them in silence.

Hua Qiyue ignored Tianpi and Sun Moon Deity, who were fighting fiercely. She performed the Mourning Steps and soon returned to the Ice Palace.

Yun Shimo followed them to this place as well. He pulled a long face when he saw the vast and magnificent palace. It should be Tianpi who had prepared the palace, and they had lived here for more than two years. When Yun Shimo thought that Tianpi had coveted Hua Qiyue all day long, he was not pleased.

“Qiyue, Tianci, you're back. I have lunch ready for you…”

A baby-faced man came out of the palace merrily, but before he could finish his words, he choked. Hua Zun stared at the strange Yun Shimo, with a hint of menace in his eyes!

“Tianci, Qiyue, who is he?”

“He's my daddy!” Tianci answered swiftly. “Daddy, this is Uncle Hua Zun!”

At the same time, Yun Shimo looked at Hua Qiyue coldly. He had thought that only Hua Qiyue and Tianpi stayed here, but suddenly, a man called Hua Zun appeared.

Although Hua Zun was not as handsome as he was, his white, round babyface was very pleasing, and anyone would like to pinch his face a few times.

“Dad?” Hua Zun watched Yun Shimo in shock. For more than two years, he had imagined Tianci's dad countless times. Now he saw Yun Shimo at last. Yun Shimo was very close to his imagination of him—his features were as deep as those of the ice sculpture; he was handsome, tall, with an air of indifference between his eyebrows; his whole body flowed with an intense regal aura, which made anyone dare not look down upon him.

Such a man was one in a million. Tianpi's devilishly masculine beauty was just the reverse of this man's beauty of indifference.

But the beauty of indifference stirred a desire to conquer. Was that why Hua Qiyue loved this man?

There was a strong sense of displeasure in Hua Zun's heart. Without another word, he hit Yun Shimo with a blow.

He was not so thoughtful as Tianpi had been, and he had no regard for Tianci's feelings. After all, Hua Zun was far more jealous than Tianpi was.

Yun Shimo was shocked inwardly. Hua Zun, who looked like 17 or 18 years old, actually had reached the great completeness of Great Deity, which made Yun Shimo unable to make light of him.

Yun Shimo's figure flew suddenly away from the front of the palace, afraid that their fight would hurt Hua Qiyue and Tianci.

“Hey, Uncle Hua, don't fight. It's my dad…”

“Tianci, Uncle Hua Zun merely wants to test your dad's Qi Art, so don't be nervous. Let us dine inside first,” Hua Qiyue said indifferently.

Without looking at them, she stepped into the palace. Tianci was bewildered. Why was Mom not happy when she saw Dad?

Because Tianci had eaten too much in Ice City, he really could not eat much for lunch, so he finished eating his lunch quickly. The fighting outside continued throughout the meal. Given the rumbling sound, the fighting should be quite violent.

Tianci put down his bowl and chopsticks and ran away as fast as he could.

Hua Qiyue dined at a leisurely pace, but her heart was full of waves of complex emotions. Yun Shimo must have made up his mind this time, hasn't he? He came here and probably wouldn't leave.

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Hua Qiyue felt nothing but vexation. She clearly hated the man who had destroyed her in that way, but when she saw Yun Shimo, she hated him so much and yet loved him so much. Those two complex feelings were entwined in her heart and made her heart ache.

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