The Gate Of Good Fortune

Goose Is Old Five - 鹅是老五

Chapter 0786

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As soon as this voice emerged, people didn't have to look at the words on the screen. They all instinctively knew that it came from Booth 19. Most cultivators here didn't expect that Booth 19, after Ning Cheng's face-slapping incidence, would still come up with such a quote.

But everyone also understood the reason for this quote. After all, the cultivator sitting in Booth 19 was a late-stage Life and Death cultivator. If he wanted to advance to the Eternal Realm, he naturally would need the Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s.

Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s was such a precious item that even Eternal cultivators would find it difficult to obtain. With Ning Cheng forcing Booth 19 to lose all face, coupled with the urgent need for the Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s, the owner of the booth wanted to use this opportunity to restore some pride. Moreover, cultivators who knew about the background of the person sitting in Booth 19 wouldn't offend him for a Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s.

“Booth 19 bids 3 million Permanent Essence Pills, is there anyone here offering a higher price? If no one else puts in a higher bid, you might lose the chance to refine this Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s into an Eternal Emperor Continuance Pill to Booth 19.” Shui Wuchang did not rush to call it at this time. Giving that person some face last time was already the limit. No matter the background, the auction house wouldn't always show the same respect to someone.

Shu Wuchang, as the person in charge of the auction, naturally didn't need anyone to teach her this lesson.

“4 million Permanent Essence Pills….” A new price immediately wiped off the bid of 3 million Permanent Essence Pills. It felt as if the person who placed the new bid treated the previous threat as just a fart.

Even after the owner of Booth 19 wanted to get this item, someone had still increased the price. Moreover, someone had increased it by a million Permanent Essence Pills, an equivalent to a fierce slap on the face. No matter who put in the bid, they would incur the wrath of Booth 19.

Everyone immediately shifted their focus to the screen, wondering who wanted to look for a fight.

But when everyone saw the line in front of the quote, the whole venue erupted in noises once again. The screen showed, “Row 40, Seat 163. Bid: 4 million Permanent Essence Pills. Item: Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s.” The current highest bid for this item.

The bid of 4 million Permanent Essence Pills wasn't an unusual number, as this auction venue seated many rich and wealthy cultivators. But the cultivator who placed this bid was someone from an ordinary seat in the lobby, not one from the private booths.

The Life and Death cultivator in Booth 19 shivered with rage. He never expected cultivators sitting in the lobby would time and time again treat him with such disrespect. Did these people hit their head before coming here and thought that they could bully him around? He already lost a lot of respect before. Moreover, the only reason he hadn't taken revenge on the spot was that this place was the auction venue, not because he did not dare attack.

These village b.u.mkins most likely came from other stars, to not even know his ident.i.ty.

“I would like to negotiate with Row 40, Seat 163.” The words immediately baffled others. Booth 19 once again voiced the intention of negotiating with the bidder in the hall.

This time Shui Wuchang did not answer directly but pressed a b.u.t.ton.

A few breaths later, the same voice echoed within the auction hall once again. “Allow Booth 19 to negotiate with guests seated in the lobby for no more than half a quarter of an hour. At the same time, this auction house will announce another thing. After this auction, our auction house will no longer allow any private negotiations. If you want the auction items, speak with your bids.”

Because 'negotiations' happened twice in this auction, the higher-ups of Ash PaG.o.da Chamber of Commerce decided to abolish this problematic rule once and for all. Usually, such a thing never happened in any of the previous auctions, but that didn't mean it would happen at all. Today was the prime example. Unfortunately, they couldn't get rid of this rule today. They could only agree to the request of negotiation put forth by Booth 19.

No one here liked the actions of Booth 19 in this auction. But they understood that if it wasn't for the background of the owner of Booth 19, the auction house might have already refused this request.

The door of Booth 19 opened once again, but the late-stage Life and Death cultivator seated inside held up his hand to stop his remaining servant from going out. From the looks of it, he already learned a lesson from Ning Cheng, so he planned to negotiate by himself.

Seeing the man in Booth 19 walking towards Row 40, everyone in the venue silently gave their condolences to the cultivator in Seat 163 of Row 40. Being rich wasn't wrong, but not having a discerning eye would always result in downfall. This person had personally come out to negotiate, which was, in a way, a means to get back some of his lost pride.

Ning Cheng felt somewhat speechless. He hadn't even placed his bid when Duan Gantai reeled in the fellow from Booth 19. This fellow might have reached the late-stage Life and Death Realm, but it still wasn't enough to contend against Duan Gantai.

“I know you're also a Life and Death cultivator, so I'll not let you suffer. You will give me the Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s for the same price.” This Life and Death cultivator walked up to Duan Gantai and spoke with an indifferent voice.

He didn't do what the others thought he would do; that is, restore some of his pride and then return. Instead, from the looks of it, he truly wanted the Starry Sky Radish Gra.s.s. Otherwise, this person would never use such a tone for negotiations. Moreover, his words weren't utterly unreasonable, considering his background.

Duan Gantai slowly stood up, just staring at the cultivator without speaking.

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The Life and Death cultivator from Booth 19 frowned slightly on seeing the look in Duan Gantai's eyes and said, “I'm from….”

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