The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady


Chapter 168

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Chapter 168


Push Him into the Water

As night fell, Murong Ye ran into Falling Snow Pavilion with his head covered in sweat . His jet-black eye pupil glowed with intense excitement, “Xun Feng’s swordsmanship is so good . With his advice, my technique has improved a lot in just a few hours . . . ”

Good advice was beyond all price . Murong Ye had now understood the truth meaning of the words .

Murong Xue looked up to heaven, speechless . From Murong Ye’s return to the mansion until now, he had been discussing swordsmanship with Xun Feng . He didn’t eat breakfast and only had a plate of cakes for lunch . He was really diligent and learned to forget all about eating and sleeping . Was he trying to make up for the time wasted by his incorrigibly obstinate years?

 “Where is Prince Ouyang?” Murong Ye looked from left to right but could not see Ouyang Shaochen, so he couldn’t help asking . Ouyang Shaochen was the reason why he could get Xun Feng’s guidance…

 “He had something to deal with and went back to Lord Freedom Mansion!” Murong Xue said faintly, looking up at him, “It’s getting late, we could discuss these later, now wash your hands and have some food first!”

There were five or six small dishes on the stone table in front of them . The aroma was overflowing, making people salivating . Murong Ye suddenly felt hungry, realizing he didn’t eat much the whole day and smiled unnaturally, “Awesome!”

Putting the sword on the chair beside him, Murong Ye quickly washed his hands . He sat down at the table, picked up the bowl and chopsticks, and ate the food gracefully and quickly . After eating a few mouthfuls, he found that he was the only one eating . He couldn’t help raising his head and looked at Murong Xue puzzled, “Sister, why don’t you eat?”

 “I’ve already finished my meal, these are specially prepared for you . ” Murong Xue said flatly, pushing the dishes toward him, “Enjoy your meal . ”

Advertis.e.m.e.nt “Okay!” Murong Ye nodded and ate slowly . Looking out of the corner of his eye at Murong Xue’s bright little face, he thought for a moment, and then said casually, “Sister, I heard you broke off an engagement with Ye Yichen . ”

 “Yes . ” Murong Xue nodded . It was not a secret and had long been known to the public . So it was not surprising that Murong Ye heard the news in the barracks .

 “I feel happy for you . The ruthless guy Ye Yichen is not worthy of you at all . . . ” Murong Ye was indignant and felt injustice for her . His eyes flashed and his voice was lowered, “What is your relationship with Ouyang Shaochen, sister?”

 “Just friends!” Murong Xue answered softly .

 “Just friends?” Murong Ye raised his eyebrows and looked at her, obviously not believing her words .

 “What do you think?” Murong Xue looked up at Murong Ye .

He thought Ouyang Shaochen would be his future brother-in-law . After all, he shared a room and a bed with his sister . That was the intimacy between husband and wife .

If Ouyang Shaochen became his brother-in-law, he could take good care of his younger sister and often teach him sword moves, which served double purposes…

But his sister seemed not having that kind feeling for Ouyang, but how could she let Ouyang sleep in her room?

Murong Ye was puzzled . Just as he was about to ask her politely, a servant came up at a brisk pace and said, “Young master, please go to the front hall and have some talks with your second uncle . ”

Murong Jian’s command was definitely not a good thing!

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Murong Ye curled his lips and said casually, “What’s the matter with him?”

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