The Emperor’s Strategy

Qing Yao

Chapter 5

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Scene 5: Don't Carve My Name


   Falling straight asleep upon hitting the pillow, she had a dreamless night, she only awoke when the sunlight had reached the third stem of the window sill. Su Li Li felt that she had slept an extremely deep sleep, when she awoke her whole body felt lethargic, she straightened her clothes and headed to the toilet. 


  Walking under the eaves of the roof, Mu Tou walked face-on towards her, and greeted her with a "So you awoke". Su Li Li's body may be awake, but her brain wasn't, she numbly replied, "Yes", and brushed by his shoulders. 


  On her way back, she saw that early in the morning the yard was already stacked with waste wood material, one floor full of wooden shavings. Su Li Li's hair unkempt, she gave a yawn, and pointed to the floor and said, "You carved these all this morning?"


  Mu Tou made a sound indicating yes.

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  After speaking finished, Su Li Li didn't even wait for Mu Tou to reply, she drowsily washed her face, pulled up her hair, and went to the kitchen to forage for food. Uncle Cheng was sitting on the table drinking soya bean milk. Su Li Li grabbed a piece of fried dough, tore a piece and threw it in her mouth, she heard Uncle Cheng say, "This kid, even before the morning arrived, he was already in the yard working, I don't think he even slept last night."


  Su Li Li idly replied, "Maybe he drank too much tea last night and couldn't sleep." But her lips couldn't help being pulled up into a curve.

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