The Emperor’s Strategy

Qing Yao

Chapter 3

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Scene 3: I won't take offence at women


  So the scene starts with Su Li Li being worried about Uncle Cheng's sickness.



  Although Mu Tou did not say anything, he took over a large part of Uncle Cheng's tasks, every day he worked from morning to night in the courtyard. Su Li Li started to teach him how to use a fengshui ruler to measure the dimensions of the coffin properly, what were the auspicious measurements and what were the inauspicious measurements.



  Mu Tou asked, "Even if the measurements were inauspicious, can it still hurt a corpse?"


  Su Li Li profoundly shook her head, "It can't hurt a corpse. If the coffin's measurement is inauspicious, the corpse can become a zombie."


  Mu Tou in a voice that was not warm nor fiery, "If you don't dig it out, even a zombie corpse cannot do anything."


  Su Li Li rolled her eyes and did not say anything.


  Mu Tou seeing that Su Li Li had nothing to say, his interest was provoked, he casually picked up a long piece of corner material, he straightened into a position, and slantingly hit her forehead. Su Li Li only felt wind blowing between her eyebrows, before she could react, she felt her gaze become blurry, and Mu Tou had already "swoosh swoosh swoosh" with one move touched the twelve main meridians on her whole body. Each meridian was a point that was fatal, and at each point he had just stopped half a cm away*.


  In an instant, Mu Tou resumed his position, Su Li Li stood dazed like an idiot.


  Although Mu Tou's expression was quite satisfied with himself, his face was still stiff, he restrainedly nodded his head then with a flick of his hand, the wood piece flew back into the material stack.


  Su Li Li suddenly awoke, she was furious: "If you have this capability to show off in front of me, then why were you chopped into several little pieces last time, such that I had to spent so much effort to join you back into one person again?!"


  Mu Tou's voice was deep and cold, "Why don't you ask how is the person who injured me?"




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  "Dead." Mu Tou lightly said it then turned around to saw the wood.

  Su Li Li gazed at his eyes and noddingly said, "If that is so, then I must as well hit you."


  She grabbed some wood shavings and threw it at Mu Tou's head. Mu Tou's sleeves seemed to carry the wind, with a swish, the wood shavings flew back onto Su Li Li's body. Su Li Li threw again, Mu Tou swished his robes again.


  After half a day, Su Li Li cried, "No more, no more. Look it's all on the floor."


  After another half a day, Su Li Li cried, "Mu Tou, if you still mess around, I will be angry!"


  Mu Tou kept his hands, Su Li Li didn't bother that her whole body was covered with wood shavings, she grabbed a handful of wood bits and threw it straight on his face.


  In a moment, the yard was as if snow was flying in June, the floor flowering with explosions, bits and pieces, laughter all around.



*Ahahahah, this made me laugh a lot.

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