The Divine Martial Stars

Luan Shi Kuang Dao - 乱世狂刀

Chapter 749 - Beginning of a Killing Spree

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Chapter 749 Beginning of a Killing Spree

The pract.i.tioners who showed up around the Heavenly Fox Temple today were all masters from the Heavenly Fox Clan and the Heavenly Deity Clan.

Since these two clans knew that the Lady of the Clouds would try to break into the Heavenly Fox Temple again, they kept the Heavenly Fox Temple under close guard to prevent others from entering it.

The tens of king-level masters in the sky were highly recognized and well-known among the pract.i.tioners of the two clans. They were all high-status, G.o.dlike masters. However, when they faced Li Mu, a descendant of the so-called sinners, they appeared too weak. Li Mu killed all of them very easily as if he were chopping cabbages on the roadside—no, even if he were chopping cabbages, it still seemed impossible for him to do it so quickly.

At that moment, the pract.i.tioners of the two clans felt like their worldviews had been overturned.

“It turns out that those masters in the King Realm are so weak. How could it be?”

The understanding of Bai Yuanshou, the Pontifex Vulpes of the Heavenly Fox Temple, had also been changed.

He had never expected that Li Mu, who managed to escape death, would become so formidable after getting out of the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm.

“Is he really invincible in the King Realm?

“He doesn’t appear to be bragging.

“We’re in trouble now.”

Li Mu walked toward Bai Yuanshou in the air, holding the broadsword in his hand, and said, “From today on, I will fight to the death against the six major clans. I will never forget my ancestors’ blood feud. As long as I’m alive, I’m surely going to wipe out the six major clans. Mr. Bai, you and I met once at the banquet. It’s fortunate that we haven’t become enemies, and you have raised Daji. Therefore, I will launch only one strike at you today. If you can take it, I won’t kill you today. If you can’t… you’ll only have your bad luck to blame.”

He stood still about 10 meters away from Bai Yuanshou. His aura soared like a rising mountain, and a strong surging force burst out.

Bai Yuanshou felt a tremendous force.

Li Mu’s Qi had locked onto him, making it impossible for him to dodge or speak. It seemed that if he made any move, that earth-shattering broadsword would slash down and smash him.

Therefore, he could only run his power and gather his strength to face Li Mu head-on.

A deathly silence filled the s.p.a.ce between heaven and earth.

The pract.i.tioners and people of the two clans on the ground held their breath and watched the two figures in the sky.

The ambush was supposed to work well. Unexpectedly, however, Li Mu showed up and gained an overwhelming advantage.

Everything had changed.

Bai Yuanshou felt that an invisible force was surging like a flood in front of him, while he himself was the dam. He had no idea how long he could hold on.

He had never had this feeling in several hundred years.

Since he became the Pontifex Vulpes, he had gained great power, authority, and strength and encountered some strong enemies, but none of them had ever exerted pressure on him as Li Mu did today.

“What on earth has happened to Li Mu in the Heavenly Fox Secret Realm?

“He was indeed powerful when he attended the banquet that day, but he was definitely not as powerful as he is now.”

Bai Yuanshou took a deep breath. He knew that he could not wait any longer.

When Li Mu built momentum to a certain point, he might really be unable to take Li Mu’s strong slash.

“Kill… White Fox Under the Heavens. White Fox Sword!”

Bai Yuanshou drew his sword, gathered all his demonic power, and made the most powerful move that he could make.

At the same time, Li Mu thrust his broadsword.

The silver-white light of the broadsword flashed even more brightly than the sun between heaven and earth.

At this moment, everyone was awed.

“What a mysterious strike!”

When the white light disappeared and the vision returned to normal, all pract.i.tioners immediately looked up at the sky.

Plink! Plink!

Blood dripped from the Samsara Knife.

Plink! Plink!

Bai Yuanshou’s face was pale. He held his left shoulder with his right hand. His entire left arm was dyed red with blood.

“You… you…” Bai Yuanshou’s sword had been knocked off his hand, and he was losing vigor rapidly.

The sleeve on Li Mu’s right arm was fluttering. His white robe was cut open, but that was all. He was not injured.

The result of the fight was clear.

At that moment, the pract.i.tioners, masters, and armored guards of the White Fox Tribe felt like the sky had collapsed.

The Pontifex Vulpes had been defeated.

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The Pontifex Vulpes had really lost the fight.

He sent a secret message.

However, there was no movement from the tactical deployment that had been arranged.

Li Mu turned around and said, “The young master of the Heavenly Deity Clan is already on his way to another world… Mr. Bai, you’d better behave yourself.”

Bai Yuanshou’s heart felt as cold as ice. He knew that this ambush had probably fallen flat.

However, if Li Mu and Hua Xiangrong left like this, how could he explain to the ancestor when they came out?

“Kill them. We have to kill them. We can’t let them run away.” Bai Yuanshou suddenly stepped back and said, “I’m going to ask the ancestors to come out. Follow my order. Everyone, this fight is related to the fate of the Heavenly Fox Clan. We can’t let Li Mu escape. Kill him.”

After a short period of silence, the people and shocked silver-armored guards of the Heavenly Fox Clan, despite the awe and fear lingering in their hearts, rushed forward like tides.

The sense of obeying the Pontifex’s order was deeply rooted in the soul of each pract.i.tioner of the Heavenly Fox Clan.

Li Mu drew his long broadsword, glanced at Hua Xiangrong beside him, and said, “Follow me.”

“Since you want to die, don’t blame me.”

Li Mu went on a killing spree.

The Heavenly Fox Clan was one of the clans that betrayed the Dark Yellow Army back then, and there would be no possibility of its reconciliation with the Dark Yellow Army in the future.

Therefore, he decided to kill all of them and let blood flow like a river.

He should have sought vengeance for what they had done to his compatriots a long time ago.

Like G.o.ds descending to the human world, Li Mu and Hua Xiangrong rushed forward to fight the enemies.

Blood began to flow.

Death came.

The broadsword and sword reaped lives.

Li Mu’s eyes flashed with fierce coldness.

Hua Xiangrong was also like a Killing G.o.d of Sword now. She no longer hesitated as she did before.

She had long thought it through. She decided to follow the one she loved, not only physically, but also mentally. To stay by Li Mu’s side all the time, she had to keep up with his pace. After becoming a powerful master, she had cultivated a state of mind that matched her power.

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