The Brilliant Fighting Master

Zhang Muzhi - 张牧之

Chapter 1576 - He Is a Lunatic!

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Chapter 1576: He Is a Lunatic!

“Father, what are you…what are you doing?”

Cheng Gong walked over to her father as if she was a zombie.

She was proud. She thought of herself as better than others, especially in this Realm of Nine Heavens.

All of her pride was based on her father.

She thought that her father was a gorgeous man who was strong enough to have instructed Jiang Chen.

However, she had just realized that her whole life had been based on a lie.

“Hong, come here. Kneel down.”

Cheng Renlong recalled what his daughter had said. He was sure that she must have verbally offended Jiang Chen. Shaking, he hurried to pull Cheng Hong over to force her to kneel down on the cold ground.

Gazing at the woman’s expression, Jiang Chen shook his head.

Since he’d now been recognized, he didn’t have to go on disguising himself. He recovered his real looks in front of everyone.

“Jiang Chen!”

The folks living in the Sacred City knew him very well. The whole city went into an uproar after they had seen his face clearly. Noise soared into the air.

“Ha, ha, ha.” Nan Gong laughed brightly and clearly.

He still remembered the day when he had brought Jiang Chen to the Dragon Field from the Fire Field. It seemed as if it had just been yesterday.

Jiang Chen had achieved such a high state before you could say Jack Robinson. It was really incredible.

“He…he is Jiang Chen?”

Cheng Hong wasn’t dumb. Seeing this, she realized right away what had happened.

No wonder Jiang Chen had been wandering outside the Gao Mansion.

No wonder Jiang Chen had been speaking to her father in a sarcastic tone.

Recalling the scene in which her father knelt down on the ground, Cheng Hong realized everything she was proud of was fake.

She came to herself. The others on the scene also realized what this was all about. They started to gossip.

“Father, I hate you!”

Cheng Hong burst into tears. She felt really ashamed. She got to her feet and ran away.

She was trying to push her way through the crowd as she always had done, but now no one in the Sacred City would make way for her.

Cheng Hong found she was stuck in the crowd. The sarcasm and disdain on everyone’s faces were exactly what could usually be seen on her face.

She felt dizzy. Then she fell and fainted.


Cheng Renlong was extremely anxious. He wanted to go to check on her, but he didn’t dare go because Jiang Chen hadn’t said what he was going to do with him.

“Go and see to her. Don’t forget to move out of the Gao Mansion,” said Jiang Chen.


Cheng Renlong looked up. He couldn’t believe what he had heard.

Jiang Chen…Jiang Chen let him go so easily?

“What? Do you think I’m a heartless and cruel devil?” Jiang Chen asked, amused.

“No, no, no, of course I don’t think so.”

Cheng Renlong hurried to shake his head. He didn’t look like the same majestic person that people used to know at all.

He hurried to run up to his daughter and picked her up.

“Make way. My daughter needs some air.”

Cheng Renlong started to shout at the crowd anxiously.

But soon, he found no one was moving out of his way. This also reminded him of the current situation.

“Guys, please. Please do me a favor!”

He stopped being so arrogant.

So, the folks of the Sacred City didn’t make things more difficult for him. They made way for him one after another.

“Jiang Chen. He is Jiang Chen.”

In the excited crowd, there were two pretty women who were feeling the most happy about Jiang Chen’s return.

They were Ying Wushuang and Yin Shuang.

They recognized Jiang Chen immediately. Then they walked up to see him.

However, after only a few steps they stopped.

It had been almost three years!

It had been almost three years since they had last seen Jiang Chen!

The current Jiang Chen was so extraordinary. Would he still remember them?

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Even if he remembered them, would they be as close as before?

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