The Brilliant Fighting Master

Zhang Muzhi - 张牧之

Chapter 1510 - Demonic Bats

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Chapter 1510: Demonic Bats

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The first miserable scream echoed out, and this meant that someone had died.

They were facing the third batch of demons without the a.s.sistance of Jiang Chen’s Buddhist Light, and it was inevitable that they would suffer some casualties.

Jiang Chen wore a stern look. The Great Celestial Demon hadn’t killed him because he disdained to attack, and he wanted to leave him until the end.

However, if Jiang Chen released the Buddhist Light, the Great Celestial Demon would almost certainly attack him.

What was more crucial was that the sole person that the Great Celestial Demon took seriously was the heavily armed man.

Demons were cunning, and the Great Celestial Demon wanted to exhaust the t.i.tled Martial Artist before fighting him.

A bunch of demons attacked the heavily armed man together. They weren’t Earth Demon Kings, but Earth Demon Emperors.

However, he still had the upper hand, and the Earth Demon Emperors, as well as more than 100 human demons, couldn’t approach him.

But the price he had to pay for this was the intense consumption of his power.

In the end, when most of the third batch of demons had been exterminated, the heavily armed man and the willful woman were left exhausted and gasping for breath.

Jiang Chen and the people near him didn’t fare any better, and their casualties surpa.s.sed half of their number due to the 108 earth demons.

“As long as we can kill this Great Celestial Demon, we can escape.”

The survivors didn’t give in to despair, and their ferocious gazes were fixed on the sole Great Celestial Demon.

The heavily armed man looked toward Jiang Chen and gave him a meaningful glance.

“He, he.” The Great Celestial Demon laughed in a scary way. He discerned clearly the crowd’s aims, and this was why his gaze became ice-cold.

The Great Celestial Demon didn’t say anything. He just spread out his arms and raised them high, as a large amount of black gas appeared behind him. This demonic energy went through a transformation, and it turned into many bats.

“Demonic Bats!”

Hope was already a scarce commodity in the people who were still trapped, but now their expressions changed drastically, and their hearts sank. They thought that they were doomed.

They were facing a Great Celestial Demon that could summon demonic bats that possessed great destructive power.

“Charge him!”

The heavily armed man realized that this was a matter of life and death, and, if he didn’t take any risks, he would die here along with the princess.

“You should stand beside the princess and cast your Buddhist techniques,” the heavily armed man shouted at Jiang Chen.

“If you had made up your mind earlier, wouldn’t it have been better?” Jiang Chen muttered to himself, while he followed the man’s instructions and flew to the princess’s side before he released the Buddhist Light once again.

Jiang Chen didn’t really want to protect the princess, and he had done so just so that the heavily armed man could fight without any qualms.

His magical clone would shortly achieve a breakthrough, but he still mustn’t place all his hopes on it before it occurred.

“You are courting death!”

When the Great Celestial Demon saw that Jiang Chen still dared to use the Buddhist Light and provoke him, he flew into a rage, and all his demonic bats flew toward Jiang Chen.

Those demonic bats’ power was on par with an earth demon. But their numbers were in the thousands and tens of thousands.

The heavily armed man who was about to commence on a great battle became worried about the princess, and he turned his head to take a look at her.

“Everyone, you should all go there and form a protective ring. As for the Great Celestial Demon, just leave it to me,” the heavily armed man instructed them.

His power was the greatest here, and this was why people obeyed his instructions.

All of the remaining people rushed toward Jiang Chen and the princess, and they counted on the Buddhist Light to resist the demonic bats.

“General Numa!”

At this moment, the princess realized the gravity of the situation, and her face became filled with worry.

“You shouldn’t cower and hide here. Go and help General Numa,” the princess glared angrily at the people around her and shouted.

If the people in the vicinity hadn’t noticed that a worried and helpless look was plastered on her face, they would have surely given her two slaps.

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