The Anarchic Consort


​ Chapter 444.5

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Chapter 444.5: The Prince With No Respect

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"Good!" The Fifth Prince exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement from showing on his handsome and youthful face.

Yun Biluo laughed along as well and said gently, "There are no secrets that cannot be unearthed in this world after all. A woman's heart is unfathomable. There is no need for us to stir up trouble behind His Highness' back anymore. Let's just wait for Helian Wei Wei to raise a ruckus... "

"Miss Yun is right." The Fifth Prince sneered and continued, "If it wasn't for her, my mother wouldn't be banished to the Cold Palace. She is merely an orphan without the support of an influential family. Yet, she dares to behave like a tyrant in the palace even after committing evil deeds? Haha, this is amusing! No matter how much the Imperial Grandfather pampers her or Baili Jia Jue, the Emperor will still stand on my side…"

However, this was not the only thing that the Fifth Prince held a grudge on.

As long as Baili Jia Jue existed, there would always be a thorn in the Emperor's heart.

It was because his son had more prestige and fame than him.

To be honest, if it was not for Baili Jia Jue's keen mind and ruthless measures, the Emperor might have eliminated him long ago.

However, the four influential families were acting as his st.u.r.dy shield.

The inner Royal Family was helpless in the face of this contradictory situation.

It was clear as day to everyone that the Emperor was partial to the Fifth Prince.

Otherwise, there was no other explanation for the Emperor to not punish the Fifth Prince after that huge incident. Even if Empress Murong had wanted to overthrow him, as long as the Fifth Prince steered clear of such actions, the Emperor evidently would not harm his beloved prince.

The Fifth Prince knew it too, therefore he fearlessly planted a spy beside the Retired Emperor.

Even if something did happen one day, the Emperor would still protect him as he was on his side.

However, he could have never predicted that the Emperor, who was currently in the alchemy room, now had the intention to eliminate him!

The Emperor threw the letter across the wooden table. Both of his eyes were filled with anger as he listened on about the current situations of the Fifth Prince. He knew every move the Retired Emperor made like the back of his hand, let alone his son... The Fifth Prince had obviously overstepped his boundaries.

As the Emperor listened till the end, the teacups and refreshments in his hands were crushed by his gripping fist.

Baili Jia Jue, who was sitting beside him, remained unnerved and unfazed. He gently twirled the teacup in his hand as if none of these matters bothered him.

The Emperor knew that he owed Baili Jia Jue an explanation. In the past, he would have put on a show while covertly shielding the Fifth Prince whenever such matter arose.

However, the Emperor was not doing it for anyone else now. Rather, it was because he felt that he had raised an ungrateful soul.

Just as the others had reported, the Fifth Prince even dared to record every single word that the Retired Emperor uttered. Needless to say, he would do the same to him too.

Such behavior was simply a threat to his royal throne!

"Bring the Fifth Prince here!"

Every servant in the palace shivered as a teacup was flung from the Emperor's hand.

Everyone thought silently to themselves, realizing that the palace would undergo a ma.s.sive transformation this time. Fortunately, they had stood on the correct side. Accompanying a king was indeed as dangerous as accompanying a tiger.

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No one could have foretold that the entire Murong clan would crumble at the beginning of spring.

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