The Amber Sword

Fei Yan - 绯炎

Chapter 625

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“How long are you going to pretend to be asleep, dear sister?”

The young man stood at the edge of his cousin's bed, tilting his head. He had stared at her for quite some time before commenting. His soft voice was sweet as honey, but the sarcasm in his tone was chilling.

Dilferi coughed softly and a sickly blush bloomed beneath her white cheeks. Her lush lashes fluttered open, revealing a pair of bright, clear eyes staring at her cousin. Her eyes revealed her feeble state, but a burning hatred resided in the depth of her eyes.

“What do you want, Akel.”

“You heard what I said earlier. You know what I want, don't you?” The young man leaned down and peered into his cousin's eyes, “If you hand over the Ring of the Broken Sword from Yanbao, I'll let you off the hook today.”

“And if I say no?” Dilferi averted her eyes fearfully.

The young man smirked and grabbed her by the chin, wrenching her face back. He leered at the face in front of him, a face that belonged to his cousin, “Do you think I wouldn't touch you, dear sister?”

“You're crazy!” Dilferi detected the fervent possessiveness in her cousin's eyes. She didn't know whether to tremble in fear or in anger. All the blood seemed to drain out of the young girl's pale face. Her face had almost become transparent, like a beautiful piece of jade.

“You're truly a masterpiece. It's a miracle that old, blind uncle of mine was able to give birth to a daughter like you.”

The young man smiled sardonically, moving one hand to press against her chest. “On the count of three, tell me where the Ring of the Broken Sword of Yanbao is. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude.”



The Countess trembled slightly, but she stubbornly closed her eyes. She knew very well that her cousin was by no means the kind of gentleman who kept his word, and if she opened her mouth here, a miserable end would be waiting for her.

“Don't you dare touch me, Akel, or you'll never touch that ring for the rest of your life.” Dilferi replied icily, forcing herself to calm down. Yanbao's Ring of the Broken Sword was a token of the Count of Yanbao that had been pa.s.sed down from generation to generation since the Seifer Dynasty. This ring was to the House Yanbao as the Sacred Lionheart Sword was to Aouine and the Flaming Blade Oderfeiss was to the Kirrultz Empire. Without this ring, the Count of Yanbao cannot be legitimized.

“Wrong answer. Three.” The young man smirked, “My dear sister, you've got one thing wrong. Do you really think this ring is so important to me? Sooner or later, the position of the Count of Yanbao will be mine. It doesn't matter whether I have these superficial tokens or not. In comparison, I'm more interested in you!”

With that, he popped open the first bra.s.s b.u.t.ton on Dilferi's shirt.

“Ah-!” Dilferi felt a breeze on her chest; A patch of her snow-white skin was exposed. She couldn't help but scream, “Akel, you're mad!”

Fear finally settled into the Countess and she started struggling violently. Her reaction only incited a maniacal response from the young man. “Yes, I'm mad. However, my dear sister, you have brought this upon yourself!”

He pressed the limp and weak Dilferi onto the bed. “I'll give you one last chance, Dilferi, the ring of Yanbao,” Akel growled.

“I won't give it to you even if I die, Akel.” The Countess wept weakly.

“Then you shall die.”

But just when he finished that sentence, an icy voice replied, “Yes, I too think a certain beast should just die.”

“Who is it!”

The sudden sound made Akel turn back in trepidation, but all he saw was the door being shredded like a piece of paper and the black longsword that stabbed through it being retracted. In the next second, the longsword had already arrived in front of his nose.

“No!” The handsome boy let out a wretched scream, “Anurek, where the heck are you!”

Niya immediately recovered after a brief period of unconsciousness. She felt like she was slowly waking up from a long dream. All she could remember was a vague nightmare of the devil she didn't want to see.

Her head seemed to clear up, and she could hear a conversation near her.

“Brandel, after we deal with this stuff in the Ampere Seale, I'm going with you to Trentheim.”

“Your Highness…”

“What's the matter, am I not welcome?”

“No, I'm just a little confused. Why would Your Highness want to go to that remote village in the middle of nowhere all of a sudden? To be honest, I'd rather stay in Ampere Seale if I could.”

“Because I have a best friend there who got kidnapped by a certain lord. She's my best friend and was injured because of me. I must go see her.”

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The man coughed awkwardly.

The other one would be the Holy Cathedral of Fire. However, because the use of demonic spells could be a serious issue, the Holy Cathedral of Fire wouldn't slap itself in the face at this point in time. Besides, they wouldn't use such a shameless method of kidnapping a n.o.ble. If word of this ever got out, the Holy Cathedral of Fire might as well close down.

Then all that would be left would be the people within the Yanbao family struggling for power. In fact, back when he first encountered Dilferi by sneaking into the manor, Brendel realized that something probably happened in Yanbao, otherwise they wouldn't have let a girl like Dilferi come to such a place representing the Count of Yanbao. They even brought along some of the strongest warriors within Yanbao.

However, he hadn't expected that those ungrateful n.o.bles had come to cause him trouble right after the Ampere Seale War. Furthermore, they even dealt a direct attack on Dilferi.

The anger in Brendel's heart flared.

“The lady is in her room on the second floor, and someone is trying to harm her-!”

“Which one is her room?” Before the female knight could finish her words, Brendel interrupted her. The young lord's icy tone startled Niya slightly as she did not understand why he was so angry.

In her opinion, Brendel was one of the culprits that caused Dilferi to be in the state she is now. She hadn't thought very highly of Brendel. However, this time, she replied meekly, “On the second floor, third room down on the left. Please, Count, help the lady…”

Before the female knight could finish her words, Brendel's Halran Gaia had already come out of its sheath. Its dark, heavy blade reflected the slight chill in her heart. She fully felt the killing intent emanating from the young lord, and in the next moment, Brendel disappeared before her.

The Kirrultz people's Flash Strike Sword Art.

Brendel used that very same Flash Strike Sword Art. He swung a backhanded swing at a pillar on the overhanging cloister of the second floor, severing it with his sword and then pa.s.sing through it, and landed steadily on the cloister.

The door to Dilferi's room was already in front of him.

It was at this time that Brendel's keen sense of hearing allowed him to hear the last exchange between Akel and Dilferi. He would've been better off not hearing it, as this almost made him go mad.

Is he even human?

He knew about the unpleasant rumors among some of the n.o.bles in Aouine, but it disgusted him seeing that an older brother would do this to his own sister. It was absolutely unacceptable in Brendel's mind, contradicting both in his modern beliefs and his world view as a simple young man from Bucce.

His heart turned cold; The only other time he had felt such rage was when he witnessed what Graudin had done at Coldwood Castle. The s.p.a.ce Elemental Power solidified along with the fury of its master, and before Brendel even struck out with his sword, a white frost centered exploded outwards from him with 'boom.'

Brendel thrust his sword forward.

The door splintered, and he saw a startled and bewildered face. Though the young man was physically handsome, his actions made him uglier than a devil.

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