The Almighty Martial Arts System


Chapter 138

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Store system on?

Jiang Fei was confused by the sudden news. He didn't expect that at all.

The opening of the store system means that he can buy all kinds of medicines, weapons and martial arts scripts like the system completely like in the game now?!

This is … too powerful!

 At that time, what was the specific situation in the game of “Xia Ke Xing”? Jiang Fei can't remember it now. I don't know if there is a character whose level must reach level 3 before opening the store system. Because in the game, the initial upgrade is too simple. From level 0 to level 10, you can upgrade your Kung Fu in one day at most. Do some mainline tasks, fight monsters and so on, and you can upgrade at will.

But not in real life. We have to rely on the long experience of various life sub skills slowly. It will take two months to upgrade to level 3.

But now Jiang Fei can't control so much. First, she took a deep breath in the eyes of Lin Moli, a woman who is very strange and looks like a madman, and forced to contain her excitement and surprise. When she returned to the villa, she immediately said, “suddenly, I had a little experience and a little understanding. I'm going to write a diary. Don't disturb me! “

Then Jiang Fei quickly went upstairs and locked himself in the bedroom.

With a trembling, trembling body, Jiang Fei again from the mind of the character attributes of the interface, first paying attention to his character attributes. When it reaches the third level, there are naturally two more freely a.s.signable attribute points, and the basic attributes increase 0.2 again without any difference.

As for the experience value column, Jiang Fei found a relatively surprising situation. His current experience value is 2 / 3600. In other words, it only needs 3600 experience points to upgrade from level 3 to level 4. 1600 more experience points than 2000 points of level 2 and level 3, instead of directly doubling to 4000!

That is to say, later upgrade to the later experience value. It's not a direct doubling!

This is really good news. If the experience value has been doubled and upgraded since then, it's too cruel for Jiang Fei. The front levels are OK. But the more you get to the back, the more you want to upgrade, the more experience you need for each promotion, which is equal to more than all the experience you earn in the front!

Think about it. If you keep doubling, when Jiang Fei reaches level 10, you need experience value of 256000 to continue upgrading!

What is the concept of 250000 experience value? It's a horrible number! Jiang Fei felt that he had spent years. I don't have to earn so much experience value. It's terrible to think about it!

What's more, it's just upgrading to level 10. What if I upgrade to level 20?


It's 260 million experience to erase the change!

This number, do not want to upgrade, just wash and sleep.

Even if Jiang Fei regards the world as his single game, it's impossible to earn so much experience! So if the experience of each promotion keeps doubling, Jiang Fei will not want to upgrade after several promotions. Step in the same place honestly. It's estimated that all kinds of martial arts scripts have no chance with you.

Fortunately, the system doesn't have such a hole. Now, after upgrading to level 3, the rule of doubling the experience value of each level has been broken.

When he found this exciting situation, Jiang Fei quickly suppressed his inner excitement. They are not busy opening upgrade packages or allocating their own property points.

But slowly opened the top right corner of the flash, very conspicuous shop like icon!

What's good in the store of this system?

What do you need to buy to sell?

Is it the gold coin in the game? Where is he going to get gold coins for shopping now. Is it difficult for him to go directly to the real world to buy gold, and then make gold coins to buy things? If so, it would be too luxurious!

So far, Jiang Fei doesn't have the money to play like this.

A lot of confused thoughts flashed in his mind. After a short second, like a system buffer, the interface of the system mall finally appeared in Jiang Fei's mind!


Jiang Fei looked at all kinds of colorful and blinking objects that could be taken out at any time in a small grid similar to the frame.

This kind of picture is similar to that of Jiang Fei when he was playing the game. But after all, it appears in my mind, so it looks more real. When these things shine in all colors. When you keep flashing, you can put the Buddha at your fingertips. It can be pulled out at any time.

The first page appeared in front of Jiang Fei, the column of medicine.

The top layer is all kinds of overpowering drugs.

Inferior ones such as * soup, Qiyin Hehuan powder, I love a piece of firewood, etc.; higher ones such as Shixiang soft tendon powder, sad and crisp breeze.

Jiang Fei looked at the items in the first column and immediately became Spartan.

d.a.m.n, are you sure the system is correct?

How can I get these things on it? What's more, the painting style is obviously different!

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Shixiang rujinsan and beisuqingfeng are high-level drugs. They are orthodox drugs in Jin Yong's martial arts novels.

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