The 99th Divorce

Wan Lili - 万里里

Chapter 1581 - In Prison (2)

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Chapter 1581: In Prison (2)

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Lao Zhou’s gaze drifted over. When her eyes landed on Ye Youyou, she seemed to lightly laugh. Just as quickly, her eyes flitted away. She turned toward w.a.n.g Zhuang and asked, “Do you have a cigarette?”

w.a.n.g Zhuang laughed and waved her hand. Immediately, someone who had been following behind her walked forward. The woman took out a pack of cigarettes and retrieved a cigarette.

Lao Zhou didn’t bother with courtesy. She bent her head down to look. Without any warning, she s.n.a.t.c.hed the whole pack.

The female lackey following w.a.n.g Zhuang panicked and automatically looked toward her.

When w.a.n.g Zhuang saw her expression, she rudely teased her, saying, “Look at how useless you are. Is Sister Zhou not allowed to take the whole pack of cigarettes?”

The girl lowered her head and replied, “Of course she is.”

w.a.n.g Zhuang reached out and patted the girl on her shoulder. She said, “In the future, address her as Sister Zhou. With Sister Zhou protecting you, the world in here will be your oyster.”

Lao Zhou lit a cigarette and burst out in an open-mouthed laugh. Balancing the cigarette between two fingers, she took a long puff and said, “Why are you being so courteous? In the future, just remember to bring me everything that is tasty and fun, and anyone who is f*ckable and easy to bully. I, Lao Zhou, declare you as my sister!”

w.a.n.g Zhuang seemed very happy and replied, “But of course! Given our relations.h.i.+p now, there’s no need to stand on ceremony at all! In fact, lately, I discovered a woman that’s really fun and interesting.”

“Really? What’s she like?” Lao Zhou asked.

“She’s a prost.i.tute. She’s been sent here for rehabilitation. Given that huge a.s.s and t.i.ts of hers, as well as that small and smooth face, she’s one high-grade chicken!” w.a.n.g Zhuang lit a cigarette of her own and smiled l.u.s.tily. She gestured to one of her lackeys and said, “Bring that chicken over. Let Sister Zhou take a look.”

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Lao Zhou’s interest was clearly piqued. Her eyes scanned the crowd.

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