Terror Paradise

San Tian Liang Jiao - 三天两觉

Thriller Paradise Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: Going Up (14)

Translator: Lonelytree  Editor: Millman97

The three teammates turned to look at Brother Jue and then followed his gaze and looked up. A howl came from far to near, and on the painted ceiling, a blot of red and silver suddenly appeared. Those two colors were rapidly spreading at an incredible speed.

Several seconds later, two shadows burst out from the ceiling, and like a falling meteor, they crashed into the swamp.


The crash caused a large 'mud wave' to rise, and it ravaged the entire sixth floor. Due to the limited s.p.a.ce, there was no place for them to hide. The players who were dozens of meters away from the landing spot could only stand where they were and try their best not to fall into the swamp. Being splashed with swamp water, Feng Bujue used his hand to wipe his face, and then he saw something startling. At the center of the landing spot stood a person.

Her hood and mantle were red as blood, and underneath that, she wore an Amazonian outfit, with a leather sling across her shoulder, a snake-skin belt across her waist, and deerskin leather on her feet. Complimenting this outfit was a short blade, hammer, and daggers that were shining coldly…

Red Riding Hood floated in the air with an empty gaze. She looked about thirteen and was ghastly pale. An invisible power blossomed from her body and formed a circular forcefield that caused the swamp underneath her to curve inward. Theoretically, that appearance and status was enough to have Ambitionist drop his gla.s.ses and his other teammates drop their eyes.

But there was more…

At that moment, Red Riding Hood was holding the dead body of Tinman with her seemingly weak and slender arm. Tinman's limbs had been torn off, and half of his head was missing. There were countless holes and cracks on his body. In the swamp near the landing spot, one could see some tin pieces sinking into the ground. Feng Bujue managed to make out a part of what seemed to be an axe, a tin hand, and something that looked like the caterpillar track of a tank… In any case, all those things eventually sank into the swamp and disappeared.

“I say… little girl…” Feng Bujue tried to talk to the girl.

“Who are you calling a little girl? You b*stard.” Red Riding Hood cursed like an adult, and she sounded like one who had been through years of experience. She made it sound like Feng Bujue deserved to be scolded.

When she spoke, with an easy fling of her left arm, she flung the tinman's heavy body away. In a flash, the blade around the girl's waist left its sheath. Before the players realized what was happening, the tinman's body fell into the swamp, and at the tip of the blade there was a bleeding heart.

“You are not to talk to me without permission,” Little Red Riding Hood said as she slowly descended from the sky with a murderous presence. “Do you wish to die?”

“Great one, please forgive me!” Feng Bujue got down on his knees immediately and gave the girl a sound kowtow.

“Such a cheap move…” Autumn Zither mocked.

“Yes, as a man, how can you bend so easily to brute force,” Weighty Words added.

“Such lack of honor,” Ambitionist added.

Little Red Riding Hood looked at Feng Bujue's head for few seconds and scoffed. Then she moved her eyes upward to scan the other three. “You dare to look down on me? Such insolence…”

Another three men then surrendered their knees.

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“I'm sorry…”

She stepped on Feng Bujue's head.

“Especially you… sc.u.m, what have you told him?” She hissed angrily at him. “He is now munching on Don Quixote's body, and after that, he will go to Little Jack's home…”

“What!” This truly was out of Feng Bujue's expectations.

“Creatures in this dimension, whenever they kill or consume another creature, they will become stronger. Killing will grant them new power, and they will become more malicious and blood hungry.” Little Red Riding Hood raised her blades and plunging the heart on the tip into the swamp. “After the tinman killed the witch and the tiger, he gained great power. After he chopped off Don Quixote's head, he gained even more power and grew a pair of tin wings. Tinman then got the idea to challenge the 'boss'. He flew past the fifth floor and into the sixth floor… where I had no choice but to eliminate him.”

At this point, she moved her feet away from Feng Bujue's head. Then, she yanked him up by his collar, but since she was only 1.5 meters tall, even in this position, Brother Jue's feet had not left the ground.

“Who would have thought you bunch of idiots created a new problem for me when I was gone?” Red Riding Hood huffed. “I placed that werewolf on the fifth floor as a watchdog and had him eat all the monsters that attempted to come up to the fifth floor.”

Her eyes scanned the three remaining players.

“Since you are the boss' guests, he didn't dare do anything to you, so he let you past. Humph… But you have told him things that you should not have. Initially, all I needed to do was finish Tinman and return to chop down the beanstalk, but now… I have to personally chase after the monster, one that is extremely cunning.” Red Riding Hood raised her arm and tossed Feng Bujue away like she was venting.

Feng Bujue was flung away by a large force and slammed into the stone path on the wall. He knew that if he knocked right into it, he would die. But as someone with Soul's Eye, he had the chance to save himself. He turned his body in midair to a.s.sume a very strange pose. He opened his arm to buffer the speed, and his feet kicked against the air to slow the acceleration. Like paddling in the water, he borrowed the suction of the swamp to pull away some of the energy before he slammed into the wall.

But Little Red Riding Hood was so powerful that even after everything Feng Bujue had done, he still lost forty-two percent of his Life Points.

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