Taming Master

Park Taesuk

Chapter 565

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Chapter 565: The Last Preparation 2

The Guardian Mask like the Orb had two unique abilities.

It was superficial, and it was quite hard to say that the mask had two unique abilities.

The second unique ability of the mask—'Spirit Mask'—was actually a combination of four skills.

‘I'll have to stay calm.'

Depending on the attribute of the masked spirit, the ability of the ‘Spirit Mask' was to activate four active skills.

Ian thought that using that such an ability would be the key to pa.s.sing the test.

The whole test thing seemed like a questionnaire of some kind.


As the battle began, the whole energy of the duel had changed.

All that was because the momentum of Syarlion had changed completely.

“I hope that you won't disappoint me.”

“There is no way that would happen.”

Ian, who had received the provocation of Syarlion, quickly moved forward and summoned the fire bow.


He started to shoot his arrows in the direction of Syarlion who was just standing still.

Ping- Piping-!

The arrows, which had left the bow, went to the spot where Syarlion was standing.

However, Ian thought the arrows wouldn't hit Syarlion.

The reason being was that the trajectory of the arrow was too perfect.

He didn't want to hit him at all.

‘I'm still just looking into things, anyway.'

Unlike the battle with Ralph, Ian was still in the dark about Syarlion and his abilities.

At first, it was necessary to draw out and take a look at the unique abilities of Syarlion.

That way, he could probably think of the appropriate ways to play and respond.

It was not different from attacking a boss monster.

Ian focused his eyes on Syarlion and had no intention of missing even a single shot.

However, after a while, Ian couldn't help but panic.


Of course, Ian was under the impression that Syarlion would move to avoid the incoming arrows, but he didn't even move a single step.


Nervous, Ian focused on Syarlion's movements.

The next moment, he couldn't help but feel surprised.


Shortly before the arrows reached Syarlion, his whole body got wrapped in a blue light and disappeared.

[‘Infernal Fire' missed.]

[The ‘Fire Longbow' summon has been canceled.]

However, the surprise of Ian didn't last long.

Syarlion, who looked like a summoner, used magic to move, and it was an unexpected situation. However, Ian was already keen to deal with the unexpected situation that he might encounter.


Ian's head started to work.

Syarlion's ability was obviously the magic skill, Blink, which allowed its caster to move somewhere instantly.

If one used Blink to move to another location on the map, the most likely place for one to move to was behind the enemy.

Once Syarlion moved behind Ian, he would surely attack Ian with his magic relentlessly.

Ian's prediction was right.


With a heavy force, the magic sphere started to form toward the back of Ian.


Ian, who checked it out in an instant, swapped out his weapon and took out the b.l.o.o.d.y Revenge.

[Unlocked the item ‘Guardian Orb'.]

[Item ‘b.l.o.o.d.y Revenge' has been worn.]

Even before checking out what was behind him, Ian activated the unique ability of b.l.o.o.d.y Revenge.

[Unique ability ‘Blood Split' has been activated.]


In a split second, Ian's whole body began shining in red light.

The direction where Ian ran to was the opposite direction.

The magic spheres, which was flying in the direction of Ian, were forced to lose its target.


Syarlion, who directed the magic spheres, was fl.u.s.tered to an extent.

‘What is this…!'

He was rather shocked at the blow; he quickly figured where Ian was trying to run to.

The most remarkable thing in the scene was the response of Ian.

‘I couldn't even check it with my eyes…!'

Syarlion gulped and moved his cane to the front.

Apart from his admiration, Ian's attack had to be stopped.

With the staff which Syarlion had moved forward, a white shield spread out.


And the next moment…


With a huge crash, the figure of Ian bounced back.

[Dojo master Syarlion triggered ‘Reflecting Shield'.]

[Taken damage of 1,274.]


Ian bounced more than five meters above the ground.

Ian lost his balance due to Syarlion's unexpected defense.


If his summons could have been summoned, then s.p.a.ce distortion could have been used, but with the constraints that were placed on the quest, it was impossible to do such things.

Syarlion wasn't going to miss the opportunity.

Pang- papang-!

With the shield in place, Syarlion moved his staff and two to three magic spheres began to rush toward Ian.

The place where the spheres were shot at was where Ian would land.

Ian had no intention of taking in that damage.

[‘Spirit Mask' unique ability has been triggered.]


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A smoky sound resonated and a golden wave began to swirl on Ian's mask.

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