Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru

Suzunoki Kuro

Chapter 107.1

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Episode 107: No Touching

“Was that the source of the rumor; the soldier or servant who was sticking to the escort? Or the servant of the mansion?”

“No, the source seems to be the servants who were working in the grain fields. The other day, we started harvesting a month earlier than usual, but the growth of the surviving crops is remarkable, and the amount is almost the same as last year’s harvest. It seems that rumors began to spread at that time.”

“Is it the same amount as last year? Then there is no point in making rumors …”

The fertilizer I sprinkled was diluted to 1/50 of the normal amount, but it still seemed to be quite effective.

Most of the crops far away from the rivers and reservoirs on the north and west sides were dead and did not recover, but the crops on the south and east areas are still alive.

Although the crops themselves were severely damaged, the yields from the surviving crops in the fertilized area seemed to be quite high.

Moreover, it would’ve been a difficult situation if the yield from the entire field was about the same as the previous year.

Kazura briefly explained to the servants why they were fertilizing, but he wouldn’t have dreamed of such a result.

It was natural to feel like it was a magical or miraculous event.

“That doesn’t seem to be the reason. When Kazura explained the work in the grain field, one of the servants could barely speak the language of this country. It seems that rumors have been raised. The rumors may have rekindled due to the recent harvest.”

“…Hmm? What do you mean?”

Unsure of the meaning of the explanation, Kazura asked back.

“Even those who don’t understand the language heard and understood Kazura’s explanation, so it seems that it was no wonder. I also neglected to check the hometowns of the servants…”


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“How did you do?”

“(…are you serious?)”

Apparently, Kazura’s words could be understood by anyone, even if they didn’t understand this country’s language.

Come to think of it, Kazura was able to understand Narson and Zirconia when they spoke to him in multiple languages.

At that time, he should have expected the possibility of an event like this.

“But for now, the rumor… it seems that only a few people think that Kazura is Master Gracior. At least the craftsmen say that the growth of crops and the development of tools are the results of technical cooperation from allies. I don’t know the feelings of other people.”

“But it seems that rumors that I’m Gracior will spread through those servants …Even if I’m not revealed, it would be strange if there was widespread recognition that Gracior was in the village of Grisea, which carried out the fertilizer.”

“Is that so? Grisea village is a land where the legend that Gracior originally appeared remains, so it should be no problem if we let the rumor spread around that the surrounding forest has soil with a strong power of blessing, there should be no problem.

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