Sword God

Liao Dao Chen Lun - 六道沉沦

13: Enhancement

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“Hold still. Why did our coach ask you to do it alone?”

Chen Zuoyi, Chen Wu and some other clan descendants stopped Chen Zong and harshly questioned him outside the dwelling area when he was about to leave.  

“Speak quickly.” Chen Wu urged him.

“It is none of your business.” Chen Zong glanced at them and responded with apathy, neither cringing nor arrogant.

“You…” The faces of Chen Zuoyi and his followers turned angry. Chen Wu even tightly held the sword handle by his right hand with a fierce look.  

“You want to fight?” Chen Zong spoke sharply.

“Group stage is coming twenty days later. I hope you can keep your arrogance then.” With great with anger, Chen Zuoyi spoke coldly and then left.

The clan had its regulations that the task for the newcomers without Qi and Blood Condition of level four like them was to practice diligently and strive for becoming a warrior, so private compet.i.tion was not allowed, and their stage was only available in group match, which took place once a month. The violation of the rules would cause terrible results.

“Group match for the first place…” Chen Zong smiled faintly with a piercing stare. “I will let you know how sharp my sword is.”

Chen Zong lived a regular daily life.

Every morning Chen Zong practiced Tiger-Roaring Knack in his room. Every afternoon he left for Chen Chuyun’s courtyard to practice the Foundation-Eighteen Types and his fastness, accuracy and stability. Every evening he practiced the Tiger Fist, Eight-Types of Real Sword, Shadow Broken Swordsmanship, Willow Flicking Swordsmanship and Eagle Striking Swordsmanship.

Chen Zong found his performance of four swordsmanship pertaining to basic martial arts was different from his past performance: in the same realm every movement, gentle or fierce, was increasingly mellow, natural and smooth in a free-flowing style. It was on account of his vigorous endeavor or Foundation-Eighteen Types. He was not very sure of this.

Chen Zong was finally convinced that the Foundation-Eighteen Types were of some help in cultivating his swordsmanship after his repeated contrasts. It constantly increased his control over his sword.

It had been thirty days, a full month after Chen Zong came to the clan.

Chen Zong was practicing in Chen Chuyun’s courtyard.

The black metal plate tied on his right arm was under the sleeve, which was no longer five kilograms but ten. His right hand tightly grasped the sword handle and raised the sword horizontally. The sword and his right arm formed a direct line. A ten-kilogram iron ball hung from the other end of the sword.

Chen Zong looked straight ahead, standing like a fixed timber pile. His outstretched arm remained absolutely motionless.

One minute!

Two minutes!

Three minutes!

Five minutes elapsed very quickly. Chen Zong still held his sword up still.

Seven minutes pa.s.sed. Chen Zong’s arm trembled lightly, but he refused to stop.

Eight minutes went by. His arm muscles felt a terrible pain that suggested a rupture.

Nine minutes pa.s.sed. His arm completely went numb and lost consciousness.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed. It was the limit. Chen Zong had no choice but to stop. He lowered his right arm slowly in order to be nourished by Qi and Blood for recovery.

At the beginning, the sheet iron tied on his arm was five kilograms and the iron ball hung on the sword tip was five kilograms as well. Chen Zong could hold on no more than five minutes. At present, the weight of both sides had been increased to ten kilograms and he could hold on for ten minutes. Obviously, Chen Zong had made a remarkable progress. 

When his right arm was recovering, his left arm held the sword handle horizontally to practice. 

Chen Chuyun didn’t teach him to do so. It was a sudden idea that cropped upg in recent trainings. 

A swordsman held his sword mainly by his right hand usually, but his capability would suffer a huge loss if his right arm had no chance to carry the sword due to injury or some other reasons. Why not train left hand meanwhile?

Thus, Chen Zong began to pay attention to his left arm training. It created great difficulties for a man who was accustomed to using his right hand from childhood, but Chen Zong could overcome them.

Challenging the same weight by his left arm apparently showed the difference: the left arm was weaker than the right arm. Seven minutes was the ultimate limit, which prevented him from continuing his practice.

Right now, his right arm was ready to train again.

One hour later, his arms recovered. Chen Zong carried his sword to practice Foundation-Eighteen Types. An alternation existed between his left hand and right hand. Chen Zong was clear that his performance of the Foundation-Eighteen Types by his left hand was much weaker than that of his right hand that demanded more efforts although there were seemingly no distinct differences. 

In front of timber beads, his unbending position showed his ease. His right arm swiftly waved with a dim light flashing after drawing his sword. A bead of egg size trembled lightly and showed a hole in the center. It indicated that Chen Zong gradually embarked on his real acquirement of fastness, accuracy and stability.

Another flashing sharply appeared again. The second biggest timber bead received a slight quiver and a hole as well.

The third biggest timber bead!

The fourth biggest timber bead!

The fifth biggest timber bead!

The sixth biggest timber bead!

When Chen Zong deliberately stabbed towards the seventh biggest timber bead, the sword tip streaked across its surface and sliced a tiny cut.

Chen Zong took his sword back for position adjustment and then drew it to stab again!

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When his right arm felt aching and limp, his left arm took turns.

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