Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 730

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Chapter 730: Difficulty Reduction

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The Divine Sacred Hall was really huge and intimidating.

From the outside, the Divine Sacred Hall and the Divine Martial Hall didn't seem to have many differences. Luo Yunyang believed that the procedure after entering it would be similar to the Divine Martial Hall, yet the situation he faced was very different.

Although he had thought that it would be just like the Divine Martial Hall, the smart voice that operated the Divine Martial Hall didn't speak.

The huge Divine Sacred Palace was devoid of sound.

However, Deep Profound Zongzi's expression was calm, as if everything within the Divine Sacred Hall was under his control.

“Although the opportunity at the Divine Sacred Hall is great, there is also considerable danger. If we aren't careful, we may end up falling here.” Deep Profound Zongzi's gaze was on Luo Yunyang when he said that.

“Disciple Yunyang defeated Lu Fengjie, so he is the strongest after the three of us. This time, we will have Junior Brother Yunyang enter the 13th floor first.”

Sky Origin grinned slightly when he heard Profound Calm's words.

He was aware of the situation in the Divine Sacred Hall. Every level would contain a different treasure!

The 13th floor was the most dangerous floor, but it was also the place with the most treasures. Although Profound Calm's choice wasn't wrong, normally, the person going in first was used to clear the path.

Although those behind would a.s.sist him, the person clearing the path would still be in great danger. If the people behind weren't able to save the first person in time, they would fall immediately.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the still Profound Calm Zongzi. Although he had entered the Divine Martial Hall, he still understood too little about it and didn't know which path to take.

He only knew that the arrangement between Profound Calm Zongzi and Sky Origin Zongzi wouldn't be ordinary. Profound Calm definitely wouldn't try to help him.

While he had these thoughts, Luo Yunyang looked at Wise Elegant Zongzi. Although he had never interacted with Wise Elegant Zongzi before, his gut told him that the relationship between Wise Elegant Zongzi and Profound Calm Zongzi wasn't very good.

Wise Elegant gave him an unrevealing smile in return.

A smile could mean different things in different situations. Now, Wise Elegant Zongzi's smile was telling Luo Yunyang to be careful.

Luo Yunyang looked at Profound Calm Zongzi and said with a faint smile, “Zongzi, I still don't really understand the situation in the Divine Sacred Hall too well. Shouldn't Zongzi explain a little to help me understand more about the Divine Sacred Hall?”

“That can be arranged.” Profound Calm Zongzi didn't have much of a reaction to Luo Yunyang's words. He tapped his finger and a pure white-jade piece flew towards Luo Yunyang.

Information about the Divine Sacred Hall quickly flooded Luo Yunyang's mind. Luo Yunyang frowned a little when he saw these records.

According to the records within the piece of jade, his fate would be rather miserable compared to his fate in the Divine Martial Hall.

The Divine Martial Hall had a system that let it operate according to its own will, but the Divine Sacred Hall operated according to the rules set by the Almighties.

According to the information Profound Calm Zongzi gave Luo Yunyang, the Divine Sacred Hall hadn't originally been in the Pure Sun Great Cosmos. It had been forcibly seized from a smaller cosmos and brought to the Pure Sun Great Cosmos by a few top Heavenly Venerates.

For the sake of training their disciples, these Heavenly Venerates had made the Divine Sacred Hall a training ground.

The treasures inside were more than the treasures the Divine Sacred Hall had originally had. However, what attracted people the most was still the inheritance within the Divine Sacred Hall.

A few Heavenly Venerates had originally wanted to forcibly extract this inheritance, but they had discovered that there was a self-destructive function within the Divine Sacred Hall.

Once the last inheritance of the Divine Sacred Hall was forcibly taken out, then the Divine Sacred Hall might no longer exist.

Therefore, those top Heavenly Venerates could only give up on the idea of forcibly extracting the inheritance and just amend some small rules.

Amongst these amended rules was a three-person subst.i.tution technique.

This so-called three-person subst.i.tution meant that three people could try and break through the 13th hall of the Divine Sacred Hall.

Thus, when a person found it difficult to progress, they could still make a subst.i.tution. This method implied that the last person who broke through the Divine Sacred Hall's obstacles would receive the inheritance.

Luo Yunyang felt somewhat irritated when he saw this rule. The three-person subst.i.tution technique meant that the third person would gain from the sacrifices of the first two.

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“Disciple Yunyang, the path to the Divine Sacred Hall's inheritance is extremely arduous. Over 1,000 years have pa.s.sed since the Divine Sacred Hall was seized by the Heavenly Venerates, but no one has been able to obtain the inheritance inside.”

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