Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 699

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Chapter 699: Stars Fall Like Rain

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In the DemiG.o.d Tribe, a teenager was browsing through the Sky Vision. He had a stunning cultivation base of a Star-Grade, even though he was still very young.

“He he… Seems that the entry requirements have been lowered greatly. I think I have been admitted to…” A piece of news popped out suddenly in his mind as he was muttering to himself.

It was a piece of news brought by the people on the Sky Vision.

“I am back—Luo Yunyang!”

The teenager was stupefied when he saw Luo Yunyang's name. As a DemiG.o.d Tribesman, he knew about the Extreme Wicked Roll.

“This guy is back. Wait, I think it's just a prank.” The teenager concluded after looking at the unfamiliar number.

Even so, he still replied to the post arrogantly. “Are you back here to die?”

Like the teenager, most people did not really care about the news when they saw it.

In a beautiful palace, the Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden were in the midst of a discussion. However, they looked a little more depressed than they should.

Today wasn't a good time for the two of them to meet up, yet the unhappiness in their hearts had brought them together.

“Supreme Daozi is an *sshole!” The Brilliant Sun Sage clenched his fists tightly as he continued to snarl. “I've spent countless hours and effort in order to find the Divine Alloy Fluid, yet he took it away just because he said he liked it! Unreasonable! What an unreasonable pr*ck!”

The Soliciting Moon Maiden did not respond to the Brilliant Sun Sage's complaints. She pondered for a moment before replying, “Just endure it in the future!”

Despite telling the Brilliant Sun Sage to calm down and let bygones be bygones, she couldn't contain her anger either as she punched a huge rock.

The jade-white rock shattered instantly.

“When can we stop enduring this? I'd let it slide if Supreme Daozi wanted the cultivation materials for himself, but how could he take away something that our tribe has bestowed on you for that lowly Sky-Winged Tribeswoman?” the Brilliant Sun Sage shouted out loud.

“Enough!” The Soliciting Moon Maiden interrupted him impolitely. “I'll smack you if you continue speaking all this nonsense!”

The Brilliant Sun Sage chuckled as he watched the raging Soliciting Moon G.o.ddess. “I have always thought that you're exceptional in tolerating nonsense. Seems like you aren't as good as I thought.”

“So what about it?” The Soliciting Moon Maiden took a deep breath and sighed. “We can't beat him.”

The Brilliant Sun Sage finally calmed down completely. Although the Brilliant Sun Sage was very unwilling to accept this fact, he still knew clearly that what the Soliciting Moon Maiden said was true.

He was merely complaining a little.

“Why didn't Luo Yunyang kill him once and for all back then? d.a.m.n it, he should have eliminated another scoundrel for us!” The Brilliant Sun Sage lamented.

Just as the Soliciting Moon Maiden was about to speak, her communication device suddenly rang. She frowned and exclaimed when she saw the message, “The person you have been looking for has appeared!”

She tapped on her communication device to enlarge the contents of the message. Then, the sentence was projected onto the palace hall.

The Brilliant Sun Sage was shocked when he saw the words. However, he immediately grinned disdainfully.

“He he… Yet another prank, huh? Who knows where Luo Yunyang is hiding? I'm afraid he's not going to come out of hiding before becoming a Supremacy first.”

The Brilliant Sun Sage turned gloomy after saying that.

All along, he had thought that he was a peerless genius whose cultivation goal had been to become a Supremacy.

However, he doubted that he could even become a Universe-Grade Saint now.

“If Luo Yunyang becomes a Supremacy, it'll be a huge blow to our tribe.” The Soliciting Moon Maiden then added, “It's a pity that becoming a Supremacy isn't an easy task to achieve. Although Luo Yunyang…”

Suddenly, the projected image on the Sky Vision started shining brightly before she could even finish her sentence.

Countless meteors fell like rain amid the bright light!

At first glance, one would find the sky insanely beautiful. However, the Soliciting Moon Maiden grimaced after studying it carefully.

“This is the Divine Descending Star Domain. It's the Divine Descending Star Domain!” the Soliciting Moon Maiden screamed in fear.

The Brilliant Sun Sage, who had been preoccupied by his resentment, was staring in disbelief at the shattered sky. His face had turned very ugly as well.

Although they hadn't been born in the Divine Descending Star Domain, they knew that the Divine Descending Star Domain was a vital region of the DemiG.o.d Tribe.

It could be said that the Divine Descending Star Domain was one of the DemiG.o.d Tribe's foundations. They provided the DemiG.o.d Tribe with superior support annually.

Unfortunately, this Star Domain was currently in flames. Countless planets were burning while s.p.a.ce turbulence was surging through the seemingly endless void.

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“How… How is this possible?” The Brilliant Sun Sage was shaking as he spoke.

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