Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 680

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Chapter 680: The Burial Plateau

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Everything afterward went extremely smooth for Luo Yunyang. Because they were subordinates in Long Xinyue's team, they received their seals rather smoothly.

The martialists unable to join the combat teams helmed by the various geniuses from the great sects were all striving for the sake of obtaining a placing to enter the Burial Plateau.

“Seems like my insight is still rather great. You are indeed living off a woman!” Mo Yunying, who was also under Long Xinyue, said sarcastically.

Mo Yunying had always remained polite to Luo Yunyang in front of Yin Feihuan. However, her sharp barbs would appear the moment Yin Feihuan wasn't around.

At first, Luo Yunyang didn't care about Mo Yunying and her poisonous tongue. However, upon realizing that she wasn't willing to curb her jabs, he asked snidely, “Do you really wish to let my Junior Sister marry your Senior Brother?”

“It's not just my wish. They are a match made in heaven,” Mo Yunying said while pointing in the distance.

Yin Feihuan and Mo Yunshen came together from a distance. Appearance-wise, they looked rather compatible.

Luo Yunyang, who did not wish to continue bickering with Mo Yunying, sneered. “You don't say.”

“No way, Junior Sister Yin Feihuan is the partner master has arranged for me. According to the rules, she cannot be married off.”

He watched Mo Yunying's eyes widen in rage before continuing. “Then… you tell me. How much do you want to see the two of them become a match?”

“Extremely!” Mo Yunying said resolutely. “Don't hang on to any delusions, got it? Only my elder brother can match someone like Sis Feihuan.”

She then said in a threatening tone, “If you dare interfere flagrantly, don't blame the Irregular Star Sect for taking this into its own hands.”

Luo Yunyang shook his head. “How can I stop it? Aren't I helping you come up with a plan? Look, Junior Sister Feihuan was the match set for me by the master, so your brother's wish to marry her is a little difficult to fulfill. I do feel that we could try out an idea that could help your brother achieve this. This plan would ensure that I don't end up old and lonely either. Let me know what you think. I might as well swap a bride. Feihuan will stay with your brother and you will be with me!”

“What are you saying?” Mo Yunying, who was embarra.s.sed and angry, looked as if she was about to explode.

“I think I put it rather clearly. The two of us are rather compatible too.” Although Luo Yunyang was smirking inwardly, he kept a straight face.

“I will kill you, you pervert!” Mo Yunying, who was agitated upon seeing Luo Yunyang's absurd att.i.tude, rushed haphazardly over at him.

Mo Yunying's cultivation base simply wasn't enough in the face of Luo Yunyang's. However, her tremendous howl was very powerful.

There were over 1,000 elites from various great sects in Long Xinyue's team. They had all gathered and become subordinates of Long Xinyue for a variety of reasons.

Because Long Xinyue was on the beauty charts, more than half of these people were women.

It could be said that this was a dazzling troop.

After just experiencing the incident with the Lianhua Sky Sect, the entire team was very sensitive to the word pervert.

Over 100 people enveloped Luo Yunyang at practically the moment he evaded Mo Yunying's attack.

Some of their auras were like blazing suns, while others were like raging gales. There were even some that were like chilly long swords cutting through the sky.

Luo Yunyang regretted joking with this b*tch that had been annoying him all day when he felt all these waves of energy!

Little chili-like Mo Yunying was really intense.

“What's going on?” The fairy-like Long Xinyue floated in the sky. Although she had a calm demeanor, the pressure she exerted as she descended made the atmosphere seem to condense.

Mo Yunying attacked Luo Yunyang wantonly. In order not to seem too conspicuous, Luo Yunyang kept evading her.

From everyone else's point of view, he looked like a spent force.

“Stop!” Although she knew that her Ancestral Master was fine, Yin Feihuan still rushed over quickly and blocked Mo Yunying.

Mo Yunsheng also obstructed his younger sister and glared at Luo Yunyang murderously.

This low-life had actually dared to take liberties with his pure little sister!

This was unacceptable!

If it had not been for Yin Feihuan and Long Xinyue, who was standing aside, he would have definitely slain this annoying fellow with his sword right then and there.

“Yunying, what's going on?” Long Xinyue asked calmly while she looked at Mo Yunying.

Although the difference between a martialist like Mo Yunying and Long Xinyue wasn't quite large, this was the first time Long Xinyue had called out Mo Yunying's name.

Mo Yunying glared at Luo Yunyang furiously. She wished to say something but couldn't find the right words when she opened her mouth.

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“Yunying, voice any grievances you have to Fairy Long. Fairy Long will definitely help you solve them,” Mo Yunsheng said as he shot Luo Yunyang a cold stare.

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