Supreme Uprising

Jewelcat - 宝石猫

Chapter 651

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Chapter 651: A List, Discuss It If You Want

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“Dahai Saint, I think that you are falsely reputed to be the leader of the Divine Union!” These words were said straight to the Dahai Saint's face.

The Dahai Saint was the Patriarch of the DemiG.o.d Tribe, so his cultivation base was at the Universe Grade and he was a top-notch existence.

Although he generally never made any moves personally, he was still among the peak ent.i.ties of this realm. He was the undisputed leader of the DemiG.o.d Tribe whenever the Supremacies weren't involved.

n.o.body within the Divine Union dared to be rude to him.

However, the person speaking had not shown him any respect. Although he was deeply angered, he could only swallow his anger.

After all, he was helpless against the Feiya Demon King, one of the three great Demon Kings of the Purgatory. Within the Purgatory, his status was similar to the Dahai Saint's. The Feiya Demon King, who was also a peak Universe-Grade, had fought with the Dahai Saint many years ago.

The Dahai Saint was displeased as he watched the Feiya Demon King, whose eyes were burning red with anger. However, the Dahai Saint still maintained his poise.

“Feiya Demon King, you must also know what sort of person Luo Yunyang is. What do you want me to do at such a time?”

“How could I not know? It is because I know that I am taking with you,” the Feiya Demon King said coldly. “The Purgatory has already suffered great losses. Do you wish for us to continue suffering losses?”

At this point, his gaze swept across the two others who had been standing quietly in the vicinity. “In that case, we can only make something false true. What do you two think of that?”

His words made the Dahai Saint grimace.

Right now, three great armies were putting pressure on the Divine Union. The Dahai Saint knew that they might seem harmless, yet if they were to attack, the Divine Union would suffer immense losses.

Although the Divine Union would be able to bear these damages, they would still cause them a headache if this went on.

“I think that this isn't out of the question!” replied the Third Consul of the Machine Empire, who looked like an exceptional, perfectly-proportioned man.

The Machine Empire had the best mechanical body frame and plating. Given the frame of the Third Consul, even an ordinary Universe-Grade powerhouse would find it difficult to penetrate it.

Although the beautiful Bug Race Queen only smiled silently, the Daihai Sant could actually see a threatening intent in her eyes.

The saying that “barking dogs never bite, but the ones that never bark do” applied to this situation. The Daihai Saint eyed the beautiful Bug Queen apprehensively before saying, “Please don't get impatient, everyone.”

“Our Divine Union is doing its utmost. However, all of you should understand who we are dealing with. If Luo Yunyang listened to the commands of the Divine Union, I could order him to withdraw immediately. Unfortunately, he simply doesn't listen to our commands.”

The Dahai Saint then reached out with his hand and said, “Even if everyone invaded our Divine Union and gained a large portion of benefits, the people held captive by Luo Yunyang wouldn't be able to return!”

When the Dahai Saint finished speaking, the beautiful Bug Queen giggled. “Since Dahai has put it this way, you ought to give us a way to resolve this.”

The Queen's soft voice seemed to contain a weird charm that would make anyone listening feel an urge to agree with her.

The Dahai Saint naturally understood that this sort of impulse was actually a very powerful elusive technique. However, he still unconsciously enjoyed this feeling deep down.

“I can't reject the Crystal Queen's suggestion. Our Divine Union is partly responsible for this matter after all.” Then, the Dahai Saint added unhurriedly, “I'm afraid that Luo Yunyang also understands the reason for this whole fiasco.”

“In my opinion, everyone should offer him some benefits to save the captives from him. Of course, our Divine Union is willing to cough up a quarter of the required resources.”

The Dahai Saint's tone was full of sincerity, especially when he suggested providing a quarter of the resources.

The reason he had been so forthright wasn't because he had been enchanted by the Crystal Queen's beauty, but because doing so was the only way to show that the Divine Union was sincere enough.

The lady known as the Crystal Queen smiled slightly. She was clearly pleased with the Dahai Saint's stance.

However, the Feiya Demon King, who was extremely displeased, slammed his hand against the table. “We have already lost the Blaze Fire Star System and the Violet Gold Star's wealth of resources, yet you still want the Purgatory to provide a quarter of the resources? Do you think that the Purgatory would not dare get hostile?”

The Machine Empire's Third Consul and the Crystal Queen didn't say anything. Evidently, they were satisfied with the Dahai Saint's proposal.

The lack of pressure from these two allowed the Dahai Saint to relax completely. He looked at the Feiya Demon King and said casually, “If the Demon King feels that this suggestion won't do, we can continue discussing this.”

“However, Luo Yunyang isn't someone who acts according to common sense. We aren't going to be held accountable if he continues invading the Purgatory.”

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The Feiya Demon King glowered. If looks could kill, the Dahai Saint would have been killed many times over.

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