Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 644

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Chapter 644: A Clash of True Power

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The defeat of two Universe-Grades, Xin Jinlong and the Forsaken Desolation Saint, totally shocked the Four Great Factions. They were all trying to guess what sort of technique Luo Yunyang had used that could wreck the internal universe of a Universe-Grade.

If this sort of internal universe could be wrecked easily, then the reputation of Universe-Grades would fall tremendously.

However, after countless people partic.i.p.ated in discussions, they discovered that the internal universe of a Universe-Grade practically didn't have any great flaws.

Even though there were some cracks, they might only be displayed during a fight between Universe-Grades.

Luo Yunyang wasn't a Universe-Grade, yet he had ripped through two peak Universe-Grade powerhouses' internal universes in no time.

“After this time, I'm afraid that no Universe-Grade powerhouse will let Luo Yunyang enter their internal universe anymore,” commented a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse. This comment was laced with envy.

No one could refute his opinion, as it was largely true.

Xin Jinlong's failure might have been considered a coincidence. However, the Forsaken Desolation Saint's defeat meant that it had been no fluke.

A third Universe-Grade would definitely not fall for it. Although no Universe-Grade would allow him into their internal universe, fights between Universe-Grades didn't rely on their internal universes.

“Luo Yunyang is charging towards the Purgatory Army!” News appeared once again on the Sky Vision.

In many people's opinion, the Purgatory Army was very powerful. However, these aggressive, truculent forces suddenly fell silent.

Practically the gaze of every member of the army was focused on the Beheading Light Saint. Although the Beheading Light Saint's cultivation base couldn't compare to the Forsaken Desolation Saint's, he was now the backbone of this army.

“Luo Yunyang mustn't be allowed to continue advancing. We can rush to your position in an hour.” This was the message Blue Lotus Daozi sent to the Beheading Light Saint.

The Forsaken Desolation Saint was a prideful Universe-Grade powerhouse. Unlike the Forsaken Desolation Saint, he wouldn't allow Luo Yunyang into his own internal universe. However, he believed that he wouldn't be a match for Luo Yunyang just by relying on his Universe-Grade strength.

“Luo Yunyang, the Purgatory isn't a place where you can run rampant.” The Beheading Light Saint glared coldly at Luo Yunyang, who was charging in his direction.

Luo Yunyang's lips curled up when he saw the Beheading Light Saint. “Are you going to take me into your internal universe too? Go ahead, I won't resist.”

The Beheading Light Saint gritted his teeth. The favorite move of a Universe-Grade Saint against people of a lower level that offended them was to suppress them in their internal galaxy and deal with them leisurely.

However, this method, which could make lower-grade martialists pale just by hearing about it, was no longer of any use.

The Beheading Light Saint didn't dare use this method to deal with Luo Yunyang. Therefore, the Beheading Light Saint smirked. “I don't know exactly what sort of cheap tricks you used to surprise the Forsaken Desolation Saint, but I won't let you get the chance to succeed twice.”

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly when he heard the Beheading Light Saint say the word ‘twice'.

The Beheading Light Saint knew that he had said the wrong thing when he saw that smile. Xin Jinlong and the Forsaken Desolation Saint had unfortunately let Luo Yunyang succeed twice already.

“We are not Universe-Grades because we rely on our internal universes to oppress others. Today, I shall show you the true power of a Universe-Grade.”

The Beheading Light Saint was a smart person. He knew that now that something had already happened, it couldn't be allowed to drag on.

Thus, he slowly raised his fist after he said this. As his fists were brandished, a dazzling glow similar to a scorching sun appeared behind him within the void.

Actually, it had to be an expanse of universe. It seemed as though endless planets were rotating in this void.

An internal universe was way more powerful than the absorption of Heaven and Earth powers in the area, as there was a limit and some constraints of time. When it came to one's internal universe, the power just belonged to oneself.

The larger an internal universe, the stronger its power.

In just an instant, the Beheading Light Saint had already gathered the power of his internal universe into one fist.

As this power gathered, the Sky Vision, where some discussions regarding the two had still been taking place, fell silent.

Actually, the people discussing the Beheading Light Saint went quiet. After all, they sensed that they would be witnessing an actual attack by a Saint.

Both Xin Jinlong and the Forsaken Desolation Saint had lost very miserably. Their internal universes had collapsed, so they had paid a great price.

However, the two of them hadn't gotten the chance to exhibit their true strength during the prior exchanges. Although the Beheading Light Saint's reputation wasn't as great as theirs, he would be displaying the true strength of a Saint now.

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Would Luo Yunyang be able to take this strike?

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