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Chapter 632 – Third

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Chapter 632: Third-Level Samsara Divine General

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The Samsara Seal that the Samsara Wheel spoke about landed in Luo Yunyang's hands easily. As Luo Yunyang studied this Samsara Seal rapidly, hoping to discover something peculiar, the voice that belonged to the Samsara Wheel was heard again.

“Samsara User, you are the 103rd Samsara User to obtain the Samsara Seal in this Great Samsara. Now, you will enter the 13th endowment land and gain the Samsara Divine General's inheritance.”

The mechanical voice of the Samsara Wheel once again rang out in Luo Yunyang's ears.

The Samsara Divine General's Inheritance? Wasn't he supposed to become a Samsara Controller? That voice, which seemed to have sensed the doubt in Luo Yunyang's heart, said again, “The Samsara Controller wields the Samsara Wheel. Samsara User, given your current strength, you still have a long way to go.”

“The Samsara Divine General is the first step to becoming the Samsara Controller. Only by becoming an actual Samsara General will you possess the qualifications to become a Samsara Controller.”

As this voice spoke, Luo Yunyang discovered that he was now at the entrance of a humongous shrine.

This shrine appeared dull gray. However, upon taking a closer look, Luo Yunyang discovered that the colors of the shrine were constantly changing from white to black and black to white.

“Stop right there! This inheritance is mine. You wait outside!” Luo Yunyang suddenly heard a voice behind him as he was about to step into the shrine.

Luo Yunyang was displeased when he heard this. Although he didn't know whether entering earlier or later would make any difference, one thing was for certain: entering early wouldn't be bad.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyang was now the 103rd Samsara User. Feeling miffed, Luo Yunyang turned his head over to the person who had called out to him.

He froze as soon as he looked over. The person who had appeared beside him was a person.

Or rather, the person before him was a human!

It was a two-meter youngster who seemed to have a perfectly proportioned body. He had flowing golden hair and a handsome appearance. His body seemed to emanate a glow that was like a blazing sun.

Luo Yunyang clearly sensed an aura that only a Heavenly Venerate could possess coming from this youngster's body.

Upon confirming that he was the 103rd Samsara User that had obtained the Samsara Seal, Luo Yunyang had believed that he definitely wouldn't be the only one who had become a Heavenly Venerate.

Now, the appearance of this youngster affirmed his speculation.

“Who are you?” The young man's eyes were fixed on Luo Yunyang. The hallowed glow coming from his eyes turned into golden marks that seemed to shackle Luo Yunyang's body right there.

Luo Yunyang was already slightly displeased to begin with, yet now the other party was using this method on him. Luo Yunyang huffed and an incisive blade-light sliced up whatever was trying to restrict him.

“And who are you?”

Luo Yunyang's retort made the young man scowl. He replied with a snort, “Are you from the Golden Sun Great Cosmos? I never imagined that a talented individual would be hidden in the Golden Sun Great Cosmos.”

The Golden Sun Great Cosmos?

Luo Yunyang went through the names of 36 Great Cosmos in his head before he discovered the Golden Sun Great Cosmos.

Ever since he had accessed the training facility, Luo Yunyang had realized that human history definitely wouldn't be as simple as the Milky Way system's records presented it to be.

However, besides the Milky Way's Human Tribe, there hadn't been any other humans in the Divine Union. This made Luo Yunyang think that there were only so few humans because of a great calamity the Human Race had experienced a long time ago.

Now, this person had just mentioned the Golden Sun Great Cosmos. He had mentioned the existence of other humans, which made Luo Yunyang get excited.

Although he knew very well that one couldn't rely on anyone but oneself, Luo Yunyang still felt that fellow humans would probably be more reliable than the Divine Union.

“Who am I? Are you actually asking who I am? It's not like you don't know me. How dare you disobey me!”

As the young man spoke, his hands moved. A treasured cauldron formed between his two palms and smashed towards Luo Yunyang.

Although this treasured cauldron didn't have a physical form, Luo Yunyang was able to sense a divine power of law contained within it when it took shape.

Luo Yunyang didn't fear this sort of attack. He was also currently a Heavenly Venerate. He immediately came to a decision and used his hand as a blade to cut at that person.

The Sky Blade Origin Cleave technique of the Sky Blade Seven Cleaves, in combination with his current cultivation base, could be considered extremely overpowering.

When the blade-light and the treasured cauldron collided in the void, the cauldron was immediately sliced in half.

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Luo Yunyang, who knew that the golden-haired man would look down on him even if he spoke nicely, immediately decided that he would teach this person a lesson first. He believed that they would be able to speak nicely after this was over.

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