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Chapter 621

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Chapter 621: If I Fight, I Fight The Strongest!

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The Sky Sword Sect was a place that belonged to the sword. There was never a time when there was no whistling or clanging of swords.

Ever since Bai Jingtian had swept everything with his sword, the Sky Sword Sect had become the Holy Land of the sword. No one had dared to challenge the Sky Sword Sect for many years.

However, when Luo Yunyang carried the broken blade and appeared soundlessly outside the Sky Sword Sect, a depressing feeling that felt like a black cloud crushing upon them filled the hearts of almost all the Sky Sword Sect disciples.

Regardless of whether they were cultivating or meditating, all of them felt a huge pressure that made them breathless. Under this pressure, some people could not even draw their swords.

The Blade Demon had arrived!

n.o.body knew who in the Sky Sword Sect spread this news, but although the whole Sky Sword Sect had the intent to fight, no one really rushed out.

In the entire Sky Sword Sect, only Bai Jingtian could deal with an ent.i.ty capable of killing the Holy Divination Emperor.

Therefore, every member of the large Sky Sword Sect had their eyes focused on Bai Jingtian's seclusion ground. They were waiting for Bai Jingtian to come out and fight.

As the sect master of the Sky Sword Sect, Ruan Shenhui felt that he had a heavy burden on his shoulders.

Although he had already made preparations, he still felt unable to bear this sort of pressure.

“Senior Brother, it should be here!” Ruan Shenhui was standing at the base of an inconspicuous mountain. There was a cave dwelling on the mountain whose owner was a Sky Sword Sect disciple who wasn't very famous.

Although this disciple wasn't so outstanding, he had been in seclusion for many years and had not appeared since the day he had entered seclusion.

Judging by the circ.u.mstances of this investigation, this person was probably the last reincarnated embodiment of the Blade Demon.

In the past, he had been so ambitious that he had wanted to destroy his opponent's greatest support on behalf of his master. However, this situation was like a hot potato, so it was very difficult for him to decide.

“Where is he?” Ruan Shenhui did not mention the reincarnation embodiment. Instead, he asked about Luo Yunyang's movements.

“Outside the sect!” a voice answered stiffly.

Ruan Shenhui took a deep breath. He wanted to deal with this matter, but he knew that it was already beyond his abilities.

If something went wrong, he would certainly die!

Of course, the Sky Sword Sect wasn't afraid of fighting. However, at the moment, the only person in the entire Sky Sword Sect who qualified to be that person's opponent was Bai Jingtian.

“I am going to seek an audience with the master,” Ruan Shenhui said while heading towards the most central peak of the Sky Sword Mountain.

However, he stopped after just taking two steps. He had seen a figure.

A figure that appeared like an illusion. However, when he saw this figure, Ruan Shenhui was sure that he wasn't mistaken. This was his master's silhouette.

“Is the Master out of seclusion?” someone asked Ruan Shenhui quietly.

After two confident glances, Ruan Shenhui shook his head and said, “No, this is just an embodiment of him.”

Given Bai Jingtian's cultivation, an embodiment was often able to annihilate a whole sect or destroy a great family. It was even able to cause ma.s.sive, permanent damage to the environment.

However, Bai Jingtian had sent out an embodiment to fight the Blade Demon Ye Tian this time. Even his most trusted disciple, Ruan Shenhui, did not believe that he could win.

After all, the opponent was a powerhouse who had killed a Sacred Celestial.

“Go! Follow it and observe it,” Ruan Shenhui said softly, although he had already made a vague guess.

Thanks to Ruan Shenhui and the others' speed, it took them just a moment to follow Bai Jingtian's embodiment and leave the Sky Sword Mountain.

Bai Jingtian's embodiment did not seem any different from the real person. The only tell was that Bai Jingtian's embodiment ignored all his disciples.

“Ye Tian, ​​I will call you Ye Tian for the time being. That should probably be right.” Bai Jingtian's embodiment looked at Luo Yunyang and spoke in a calm voice.

The reason why Luo Yunyang did not charge straight into the Sky Sword Mountain was because he felt that dauntless Sword Qi and Bai Jingtian's imposing aura envelop the Sky Sword Mountain the moment he arrived.

He felt even more strongly that Bai Jingtian wanted to come and see him.

Therefore, he did not enter the Sky Sword Mountain right away and didn't do anything but stand outside the Sky Sword Mountain. He was like a huge mountain compared to the disciples of the Sky Sword Sect.

A mountain that was crushing the spirits of all the disciples of the Sky Sword Sect, making it difficult for them to breathe.

“That's right.” Luo Yunyang was extremely calm as he replied indifferently and watched the silhouette enveloped in a layer of sword-light.

“I hope you will not disappoint me after three years,” said the embodiment of Bai Jingtian.

After saying that, the embodiment turned his gaze towards Ruan Shenhui and the others. “Brother Ye may walk freely in the Sky Sword Sect.”

With that, the silhouette turned into Sword Qi and disappeared without a trace.

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Ruan Shenhui and the others watched in disbelief. However, they also knew that there was absolutely no one on the Sky Sword Mountain who would dare pretend to be their master.

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