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Chapter 612

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Chapter 612: Wailing Swords

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No one present was able to describe what sort of sword-light it was. However, the expression of all the Sky Celestials changed dramatically.

They were unable to resist the sword-light. Almost all of them felt the same way⁠—they were just like ants in the face of this formidable sword-light.

Tiny, insignificant ants that could be eradicated by the sword at any time!

Everyone present had expected Ning Shenxiu's power to be overwhelming. However, it was far beyond anyone's expectations.

Lu Bingyue was hurt. She knew that the reason for this pain was because her cultivation base was not enough to withstand the might of that sword-light.

If Ning Shenxiu were to walk towards the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace and execute the same sword-light, then the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace would cease to exist in this world!

Lu Bingyue, who had initially been very confident about her cousin, suddenly felt worried. Her confidence also started to crumble along with the appearance of that sword-light.

Although her cousin wasn't weak, this sword was just too overwhelming.

All the Sky Sword Sect disciples almost felt their eyes pop out of their sockets. The majority of them didn't have cultivation bases comparable to Lu Bingyue's. However, they were able to see the sword-light clearly because they cultivated similar techniques.

Many of them already felt some self-satisfaction regarding their cultivation. However, they could be secretly ashamed in their hearts.

The gulf between them and Ning Shenxiu was just too great. If Ning Shenxiu's sword-light was likened to the sky and earth, they were just like the minuscule ants that lived between the two.

Within the great hall of the Tianyunshen Dynasty, a mirror suspended in mid-air shattered violently as razor-sharp sword intent rushed out of it and descended towards the Emperor, who was seated on the throne.


Hundreds of elites came roaring in from every direction. However, even though they were fast, the sword-light was faster than them.

In an instant, the Emperor was about to be killed by that sword-light. The Emperor's eyes were filled with horror.

Bang! A shriek was heard from the palace as an old man who wore a high crown and had an illusory face appeared in the sky.

The might exuded from him was far stronger than the Emperor's. As he stood in the sky, he made the emperor feel like an insignificant being.

“Greetings, Patriarch!” The Emperor, who had been frightened to death, was obedient and respectful when he saw the old man.

“Why are you even watching the battle between two powerhouses when your cultivation base is so weak? If it weren't for my self-defense jade, you would have been dead by now!”

That voice seemed to be full of reprimand. However, even so, the Emperor still did not dare make a sound.

After all, he was far too inferior to the elder in front of him.

“Patriarch, I know I'm wrong. I just didn't know that Ning Shenxiu had become so strong,” the Emperor said nervously. “Patriarch, do you think Ning Shenxiu will win?

The old man shot a glance at the Emperor and replied indifferently, “Is this even a question?”

When these five words were spoken, everyone present instantly calmed down. They knew that what the Patriarch said actually represented the outcome of the battle.

Without a doubt, Ning Shenxiu was going to win!

“I had originally thought that it would be difficult for Ning Shenxiu to cross this hurdle, as he was too arrogant. It seems like he has Luo Yuanchu to thank for that,” the old man lamented with slight envy and bitterness.

He was obviously bitter because he hadn't achieved what Ning Shenxiu had accomplished.

As the Emperor trembled in fear, a man browsing through books seemed to sense something.

He looked up at the sky with a glum expression.

“Ning Shenxiu, is bitter cultivation much better than reading?” The guy sighed before returning to his books.

However, after browsing through them a few more times, a book ignited suddenly and was burned to a crisp in an instant.

The seemingly ordinary middle-aged man had a grave expression on his face as the flames from the burning books illuminated his features.

He waved his sleeves and a picture scroll appeared out of thin air. It was the image of the sword strike executed by Ning Shenxiu.

As he watched this dense sword intent, the scholar's expression changed. In the end, he had the same look of resignation as the old man who had appeared in front of the Emperor.

“I can't do it either!”

However, just as the scholar started feeling dejected, his eyes lit up slightly and he immediately shifted his attention onto Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang's display had made him feel that this was inconceivable.

Luo Yunyang's figure looked puny under that crushing sword-light. However, when the sky and earth became discolored, the smile on his face remained as calm as ever.

Perhaps, most people would think that Luo Yunyang was petrified. However, only an existence like this scholar could understand what was going on with Luo Yunyang.

His self-confidence was tremendous. He had the sort of confidence of someone who had secured victory.

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Sure enough, just before the sword-light reached the peak where Luo Yunyang stood, he moved. He raised his blade and swung it lightly.

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