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Chapter 607

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Chapter 607: The Blade Demon

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The seven swordsmen were all leaders of the younger generations of disciples in the Heaven Sword Sect. Thus, they were always treated with reverence and respect, no matter where they were.

The Third Princess was even more respected. She was already a royalty to begin with, she had been clever and quick-witted ever since she had been young, and she was beloved by the current Emperor. Luo Yinglu and the others were all equally remarkable in their own manner and received similar treatment.

All of them could be considered a prideful, influential group.

Now, as they were on their way to subdue the demon, everyone had an air of justice about them. It was extremely hard for them to accept such a derogatory insult straight to their faces.

Not only was it difficult for them to accept it, but their subordinates also had ugly expressions on their faces.

There was no better time to confirm the following saying: the servant served with his life when his master was humiliated.

“Blade Demon, get out here!” someone snarled angrily. “You scoundrel! Come out if you have the guts!”

“Ye Tian, you killed your master and exterminated your sect! You deserve to die 100 times over, you d*mn b*stard!”

“Come out if you dare, Ye Tian! Don't make us look down upon you!”

In a moment, all sorts of taunts and shouts rang over and over, as if this was a crusade.

Even though the Third Princess and the others had yet to speak, they were actually enjoying the scene.

The shortest swordsman said coldly, “I'll strike first when the Blade Demon appears. After cultivating the Light Condensing Sword for years, I finally broke through. This will serve as the perfect opportunity for me to test out my skills.”

Even though he was talking to his fellow brothers, his tone was prideful. Anyone could hear that he was, in fact, announcing his breakthrough.

No one said a word. Although Luo Yinglu was unhappy, he knew that he was far from comparable to that short swordsman.

This was a technique only an Earth Celestial could master!

The Unique Fairy from the Three Deity Island of the Eastern Sea, who might be stronger than this swordsman, only smiled softly, as though she was oblivious to this domineering declaration.

Meanwhile, the Third Princess continued to chuckle in a calm, light fashion.

As all this hooting was going on, a figure suddenly emerged from the outer hall and started walking towards the group. It was a young man in blue robes with a blade hanging by his waist.

The blade looked ordinary. The scabbard, which was made from deep green python skin, was worth about 10 or 20 pieces of gold in the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

However, the blade gave off a depressing feeling as it hung from the waist of the figure who was walking towards the group.

Even Cheng Xiuyun, who had seen Luo Yunyang previously, thought that this person was a total stranger.

She didn't know how to describe it. If ​​the former Ye Tian, had been a gleaming piece of gold, then the current Ye Tian was a piece of beautiful jade. A piece of warm, but unfathomable jade that she could not see through.

The Ye Tian of the past had bewitched her. However, this Ye Tian exuded an aura that made her involuntarily feel reverence.

Yes, reverence. Complete and utter reverence welled from the bottom of her heart.

The people who had originally been lashing out at the figure suddenly shut their mouths. They had no idea why they stopped doing so when it was time for them to perform.

It wasn't because they wanted to stop. They had stopped involuntarily.

Even the expressions of the seven swordsmen had changed drastically and the swords on their backs had started to buzz.

The Seven Superior Swords had been the primary weapon of Bai Jingtian's seven personal disciples when they'd reached the Man Celestial. In the Sky Sword Sect, the Seven Superior Swords represented their up-and-coming power, as well as their status as personal disciples.

The seven swords, which possessed a huge amount of spiritual influence, were actually having difficulty getting out of their sheaths now.

“Ye Tian, you should know why we're here. News of you killing your master and slaughtering your sect have spread everywhere. However, we are kind people and we would like to present you with the chance to defend your actions,” said the Third Princess after taking a deep breath.

The Third Princess had originally wanted to spring into action straight away, yet she had changed her mind the moment she had seen Ye Tian.

Generally speaking, most powerful figures were similarly unyielding. An outstanding person should be taken in as a subordinate.

n.o.body objected to what the Third Princess said, as most people were intimidated by Luo Yunyang's aura. They didn't want to act rashly without knowing Luo Yunyang's abilities.

“I just came to take a look at the people that are going to die here.” Before he had even finished speaking, a blade-light shot directly out of his body.

The blade-light, which contained razor-sharp intent, enveloped everyone.

The seven swordsmen and the Unique Fairy from the Three Deity Island stiffened as they realized that Ye Tian was even more powerful than they had imagined.

He was merely standing there without doing anything, yet they couldn't even attack back.

Actually, they didn't even have the chance to do anything.

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This was a blade that seemed to destroy the sky and earth. It was the World Obliteration Blade!

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