Supreme Uprising

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Chapter 570 - What's Mine Will Be Mine

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Chapter 570: What's Mine Will Be Mine Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

There was no way to resist such a vast, ma.s.sive power!

This sort of sensation was very uncomfortable. A cold glint flashed across Luo Yunyang's eyes as he stared at the countless overwhelming figures that had revealed themselves.

Luo Yunyang was definitely raging. However, what he felt was more of a desire, a cold ambition that was surging in his heart.

He swept his eyes across the void, but none of the Supremacies were looking at him except for an extremely arrogant man who was wearing a long robe, a high hat, and broad girdles.

Compared to the Supremacies, the man looked humble. However, as his eyes turned towards Luo Yunyang, his gaze was piercing cold.

The last blood seal imprint had been placed by him!

The decree that had striped Luo Yunyang off his current position as the City Lord without any explanation wouldn't have formed if it hadn't been for the last seal.

This was the Cloud Sea Saint!

The moment their eyes met, Luo Yunyang confirmed the ident.i.ty of this person. Only the most senior disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy was able to represent the Celestial World Supremacy by using his own blood to imprint the last seal.

A small fist-sized seal stone flew rapidly out of Luo Yunyang's body and shot towards the ma.s.sive Samsara Wheel.

Given Luo Yunyang's cultivation, he only had to stretch out his hand to cover the distance of a mere 100 feet and take that small seal stone into his palms.

However, Luo Yunyang knew clearly that it was impossible, as the seal stone had begun to fuse with the Samsara Wheel.

Unless he had the power to break the Samsara Wheel, he had no other way of breaking the seal from the wheel at the moment.

Plus, who knew how much power was required to break it?

Luo Yunyang believed that even a Supremacy wouldn't be able to break it.

In an instant, the seal stone was crushed into countless light spots that fused into the Samsara Wheel rapidly.

The Samsara Wheel glowed even brighter. It was actually so bright that the silhouette of a token with seven rays of light could be seen.

That particular Samsara Token had a special name on the Sky Vision. It was called the Ultimate Samsara Token!

This allowed 10 reincarnation cycles of the highest level in the Samsara Wheel. It could be considered the best and strongest opportunity provided by the appearance of the Samsara Wheel.

Now, this opportunity had been stripped away along with the City Lord's seal, leaving Luo Yunyang forever.

"Junior Brother, what isn't yours will never be yours!" The faint sound rang in Luo Yunyang's ears.

The person who had spoken was the Cloud Sea Saint, who stood tall like a divine figure in the void as he tried to spite Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked towards the void and said icily, "What's mine will always be mine. n.o.body can take it away from me!"

"Ha ha ha! That is a really funny joke, Junior Brother. Did you really think that you'd be invincible after helping Master obtain the Samsara Bodhi Fruit?"

The Cloud Sea Saint then added sarcastically, "Let me tell you something, Junior Brother. You're far from invincible!"

"Let's forget about the powerful Celestial Domain-Grade experts first and just focus on the people that are on a similar level with you. You're nothing compared to the invincible existences that are coming out of their seals."

"Do you know Blue Lotus Daozi?" the Cloud Sea Saint said in a clearly provoking manner. "If you don't, your dear Senior Brother can tell you about it." [1. Daozi has no clear translation, but its literal meaning is probably something along the lines of "son of Dao"]

"Blue Lotus Daozi and the Blood Lotus Supremacy came from the same origin and should have become Supremacies together. However, Blue Lotus Daozi felt that his cultivation method was flawed, and hence decided to seal himself and wait until the Samsara Wheel and the highest level Supremacy Samsara Token appeared."

"Even if you're a genius, you're still only a genius within your generation. What makes you think that you're worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as someone like Blue Lotus Daozi?"

Luo Yunyang looked at the Blood Lotus Supremacy and began to understand the reason for the gathering of the Supremacies.

Powers from the four factions were present. There were a dozen Supremacies around!

The Supremacies were the chess players. At the moment, he was merely a chess piece before them.

"We shall see if I'm able to get it back." Luo Yunyang was in no mood to continue his conversation with the Blood Lotus Supremacy. Thus, he turned and walked towards his residence.

The Cloud Sea Saint smirked more arrogantly as he watched him leave.

Samsara Star City had become the focus of attention since the appearance of the Samsara Wheel. Meanwhile, the news of the high profile arrivals of the various Supremacies had quickly spread across the Sky Vision.

Every faction was quaking in fear!

Even Universe-Grade elites would feel afraid of the overwhelming might of all of these Supremacies.

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This incomparable fear made people shudder from the bottom of their hearts.

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